Rain and hail caused serious harm to the Georgian villages in Kakheti

Heavy rain and hail, which was held on Monday night in Georgia, have caused serious harm some regions of Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), as well as the resort suburb of Tbilisi, the capital transfers emergency services.

Heavy rain and hail lasted for half an hour, during which time settlements Gurjaani district were breached roofs and even destroyed the walls of houses. As a result, destroyed 50% of crops and crops, orchards damaged many fruit trees.

"The castle was so strong and big that instantly brought down the roof of our house, in the morning we noticed that the car in the yard was also damaged," — said a local resident, another "Rustavi-2".

As deputy governor of Kakheti, Giorgi Sibashvili already set up a special commission to calculate the damage element.

As a result, rain and hail also hit resort suburb of Tbilisi — Kojori and Kiketi which flooded the first floors of many houses. All night working on the site of the rescuers.

In the emergency service received more than 100 calls from Tbilisi, mostly from areas where there are houses in disrepair.

Firefighters had to pump water out of basements throughout the night.

In July, a strong hurricane hit the eastern region of Georgia, injuring thousands of families. Elements caused damage in excess of 100 million lari (about $ 62.5 million).

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