Rebel forces — as Trishkin caftan

Rebel forces - as Trishkin caftanNotwithstanding all the support that the richest and most influential gentlemen of the world provide Syrian rebels under the guise of "democracy assistance", their strength — as unfortunate Trishkin coat of fable: in order to fix a hole in the elbow, the arm should be cut, but in order to fix the hose, you need to whittle down coattails.

And at the Syrian rebels. Announced they had another "critical Coming" on Aleppo — and at this time in other places successfully Army thrashes them. Even in the town of Homs, in which, they believed, allegedly forever sown terror and nightmare — and it has become a lot safer. They drew off from the town of Homs and his strength, threw them on Aleppo — and now residents can at least breathe freely.

In Homs Youth held a march and rally under the title "Syria construct their own hands." These activities, which not so long ago it was impossible to imagine in Homs, held by students of the Institute "Baath", joined by the residents.

Yet only recently on the streets of this town reigned terror. Shooting was heard without interruption. And even in those neighborhoods, has not reached the bandits, people still could not relaxed to the streets — in the middle of nowhere could hide a sniper. I beheld a man in an urban clinic which just went to buy bread and was severely wounded in the stomach — he could not wait for the bullet catch up with it in a relatively non-hazardous area of Homs. And how many such cases have been! How many people are not lucky, and they were killed or injured stray sniper bullet!

Now the young people of the town can conduct legitimate action under the banner of the municipal and adjoin people of all ages. They clean the streets from the accumulated garbage, planting trees and decorate Homs Syrian flags. Yet while the wounded, city vorachivaetsya to normal life. The governor of Homs Ahmad Munir Muhammad thanked the young people for their initiative, saying that such actions are the best answer to all the aggressive forces.

The militants are not up to Homs — their forces left to Aleppo. You can ask a question — but there is something in them something out? After all, with any noise and aplomb announced the coming of the decisive! Promised, or take Aleppo, or die.

Yet, if the promise is made, and then only partially, precisely, in its second part. The Syrian army is cleaning their street by street. Destroyed many of their asylum confiscated weapon supplied by the rebels from Turkey.

The inhabitants of Aleppo are actively assisting the military. Thus, the Kurds, who live in the town, gave stern rebuff the rebels, not allowing them to even come close to his own quarter. And in the area of Al-Azizia accomplished mass demonstration in support of the army, whose members hot thanked soldiers and officers for performing their duty to defend the homeland. And the people came out, even despite the fact that a few days back such a demonstration in the area of Marjah was fired brutalized by bandits. What remains rebels?

Just lie, lie and lie again.

This they are doing.

They said, as if they were able to kill military helicopters at the airport Aleppo. But the message was obvious lie, like almost all of their previous propaganda.

Then they cut off the back of the coat-tails of his own "Trishkina coat", tried to attack the airfield "Taftanaz" in the Syrian province of Idlib.
The terrorists had a huge amount, they were fire on troops guarding the airport, with mortars and machine guns. How did this attack is completed? Yes, all these same — the attackers were beaten. Several 10-s terrorists eliminated, along with their equipment and instrument.

And only comes out at the "fighters for democracy" that the peace lyudom fight al-kaidovskimi dastardly ways. Here on this and they are capable of — so gangster car bomb detonated in the town of Al Qamishli. As a result, four civilians were killed citizens, many wounded. Caused great material damage to homes and buildings.

And in the province of Daraa sappers found two explosive devices planted in the school. Terrorists are not going to spare the kids and …

But such acts of terror against the civilian inhabitants — is a manifestation of their agony. It's just anger of powerlessness.

Do patrons rebels abroad also still can not get on a revolt in Syria, and they resort to the obvious and primitive heresy and very frank and void rigging.

On the TV channel "Al Arabiya", belonged to the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, have expressed loud-pregromkuyu sensation! Well, just information bomb destructive act, revealing and Syria, and Russia!

It turns out, according to the TV channel, when Syria first hit of the summer Turkish plane that violated its air space, its two pilots managed to survive. And they are catapulted into the hands of the Syrian army. And then — please! — In the investigation there is a Russian trace. Frame, President of Syria thought and thought that after all to do with the captured pilots, but here he got a call from the Russian Federation and recommended to shoot them. And holed riddled bodies were dumped into the sea, where they later found a Turkish rescuers.

Well, just a political detective Action! Scandals, intrigues, investigation?

But even here, many Turkish newspapers have rebelled and characterized psevdoreportazh "Al-Araby "as openly lying.

The Turkish media noted that the channel "Al-Arabia "has not once been involved in heresy. For example, the influential newspaper" Milliyet "remembered provocative information channel that Tipo fled from Syria Vice President Farouk al-Shara. Yes, just soon he appeared in public, one denying its origin "Al-Arabi".

And now that TV shows absurd material, regardless even with the fact that there is an evaluation of medical experts, examines the body of pilots. This document is absolutely contrary to the version of the Saudi TV channel.

Another Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet" also showed up this version. Creator editorial accused the Syrian rebels, who, according to "Al-Arabiya", provided the documents in which this is said, tried to set up Turkey even more firmly and militantly on otnoosheniyu to Syria.
But it is clear that the rebels themselves are unlikely to have such smart enough. Just intelligence agencies of Western countries, and standing behind the anti-Syrian militants and behind the same owners "Al-Arabia, "heads to run the" information bomb "to undermine the Turkish public opinion and provoke a war.
Only now instead of the big information bomb went informational noise grenade — a lot of noise and thunder, but no good there.

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