Record cold weather recorded in southern Brazil

The lowest since the beginning of the year the temperature recorded in the south of Brazil, said the country's National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet). According to authorities, over the weekend in the mountains of the southern state of Santa Katarinastolbiki thermometers at night dropped to the level of -7.9 degrees Celsius in 26 villages have been recorded the lowest temperature values from the beginning of the year.

In the neighboring state of Rio Grande do Sul also recorded freezing temperatures (up to -2.8).

Meteorologists attributed chill with the coming cold polar air masses from Antarctica. This phenomenon is characteristic of Brazil in the winter (winter in the southern hemisphere runs from June to September).

In Rio de Janeiro on Sunday also marked the coldest day of the year. The air temperature does not exceed 19 degrees Celsius, and the ocean beaches of the city observed a typical winter storm — wave heights of three and a half meters.

According to forecasts of Inmet, in the coming days the influence of the polar air the weather in the south and south-east of Brazil to continue, and we can expect new records cold.

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