Register of protected trees will create in the Ulyanovsk region

Ministry of Forests, Environment and Ecology of the Ulyanovsk region is unique registry tree species in the region, said on Tuesday in the regional government.

"In the Ulyanovsk region will establish a register of unique trees, which will be given the status of protected natural areas. This will create a new tourist routes," — said in a statement.

To become a recognized nature sanctuary, the tree should be old growth, his name may be associated real historical events and legends. The tree can grow in just a symbolic place of the city, town or country, as its decoration, says the government.

"Assigning the status of specially protected natural areas provide tree protection and timely health and recreational activities, and fully preserve the trees from logging," — said the Minister of Forestry, Environment and Ecology of the Ulyanovsk region, Dmitry Fyodorov.

Research will lead representatives of Ministry of Environment of the Ulyanovsk region, district and school forest.

To date, known a few places where there are like trees. So, in Pavlovsk near a 300-year-old oaks and pines eight, whose age, as the experts, more than 250 years.

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