Relatives of political prisoners asked Putin to intercede

On the eve of the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Minsk members of the initiative "Liberation" appealed to him to "take concrete steps to contribute to the release of Belarusian prisoners of conscience."

An invitation letter sent March 14 to the Russian Embassy in Minsk, reported BelaPAN Olga Bondarenko, wife trustee of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, Dmitry Bondarenko.

"Today the whole world, including Russia, condemned the political tyranny and lawlessness committed by the Belarusian authorities. March 15 you are going to visit Minsk. During the visit, not excluded your meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. As the political leader of a great country, we urge you take concrete steps to contribute to the release of Belarusian prisoners of conscience. Today, not only we, their exhausted relatives, but the whole world is looking forward to you as a person who can stop the implementation of Lukashenko massacre of political opponents and force it to respect the basic human rights " , — The letter said.

Relatives of political prisoners believe that Putin may intervene in order to "save lives and to confirm that Russia — is really friendly country, which can not remain on the sidelines when tyranny reigns in Belarus and lawlessness."

The Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Minsk Vadim Gusev BelaPAN has confirmed the receipt of the letter.

"He was transferred to our office. Report back after the it will look and will give further guidance," — said Gusev.

Vladimir Putin plans to visit Minsk fifteenth

Civil Initiative "Liberation" was created at the end of last year relatives of the defendants criminal case about the events of December 19.

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