Residents of hundreds of homes were evacuated because of flooding in the UK

Employees rescue UK residents evacuated hundreds of homes in several cities in the country, where a day with a small monthly rainfall fell, leading to flooding, pass the British media.

According to the British Met Office, over the past 48 hours in many parts of the United Kingdom have been heavy rains in the squally wind, in some places, they are still going on and the outlook remains poor.

Worst-affected north-eastern England and southern Scotland. British media show pictures of the cities where entire streets have turned into streams of water, houses, offices and business facilities are under threat of flooding.

A total of about 300 people evacuated homes in various locations. Blocked traffic on roads and railways, have been subjected to flooding. In particular, on Tuesday did not go all day trains between York and Newcastle on a railway line, linking London and the city of Scotland. Because of the rampant disaster people were forced to leave their cars caught in the flood zone.

Durham police in the north-east of England has threatened to impose sanctions for drivers who violate the ban on traffic on closed roads.

"We have received signals of the impatient drivers who shift the fence to drive on closed roads. This is reckless and dangerous. Police will take action against those who would be seen for such a move," — said the representative of the Durham police.

In the coming days is expected to shift the zone of low pressure, which led to binge element, in the central, southern and south-western England.

Agency for Environmental Protection UK has issued about 200 warnings of bad weather and the threat of floods and urges the people of the country to follow the news in order to prevent an emergency.

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