Residents of several cities in the United States evacuated because of forest fires

U.S. authorities have evacuated residents of a number of small towns and cities in New Mexico due to the upcoming residential areas in forest fires, said on Sunday, Reuters.

Forest fires that started in the mountains in New Mexico and neighboring states, covered about 520 square kilometers. In extinguish fires involving 580 staff fire services. Firefighters are not yet able to cope with the fire element, as a strong wind quickly spread the flames into new areas.

"The fire spread so much on the eve of what we had to withdraw settlements from the area of fire. Because of the strong winds this afternoon as the day before, we expect increased fire," — said the officer, fire service staff Dan Vee.

At the moment, the U.S. Midwest is dry and hot weather, wildfires raging in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Utah.

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