Residents of the first in the Novosibirsk region of energy-efficient homes, received the keys to the apartment

In the village of Maslyanino Novosibirsk region built the first energy-efficient house, residents got the keys to the apartment on February 26.

As the press service of the Governor and the Government of VAT, house 18 apartments of 657 square meters. m was built in six months at the federal and regional budgets.

According to the press service, the source of thermal energy for heating, ventilation and hot water in the house are the solar power plant, the geothermal heat pump and gas-fired condensing boilers. The house is equipped with a weather-regulation.

In the boiler room, each heat source, and the output from the boiler are heat registers. All radiators are equipped with automatic temperature control with thermostatic elements. At the outlets in each apartment fitted appliances for individual heat metering.

"I think saving the consumption of resources can be as high as 40-45%. A few months later analyze the results of this pilot project, and then be able to take a decision on the construction of energy efficient homes in other parts of the region, "- said the Minister of Construction and Housing VAT Denis Vershinin.

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