Reymunda Aguilera vision of global earthquake.

Visions of the American clairvoyant Raymond Aguilera (1991) appeared to him by God himself (from his "Book of Prophecy").

Tectonic cataclysm: "What I'm saying is. You will be horrified. You're scared, because the climate of the world will always change. It will change when the time for the cold, will not be cold, it will be hot. When it should be hot, be cold.

When should the rain, it will rain when you do not expect rain. Will the storm. Will storms around the world. They will be very heavy, very heavy. You can not hide. Because something is going to happen is going to happen …
Now the beginning of time, just as it had begun earlier in the Bible, but it is time to begin to earthquakes, to storms, to climate. With a climate that will change. When you do not think that it will change, it will change. It will be cold and hot and cold and hot when you do not think that it should be.

And all the ice north and the south will move. He moves. Ocean will be walking up and down and up and down, the whole world moves. You will not be aware of. Do you think that this would be so, but it will not be. It will be something else. You are scared, because everything, all presidents, kings, people, rulers, all who think they know it all, they too will be afraid.
Because they know that I am the God of all the stars, and the world, and all that is and will be. Because I was scared of all those who do not believe in the Bible, and they want to, they want to dig a hole and hide. Because of all that happens, I am telling you now, they dig a hole to hide.

Yes, yes. Wind, wind storm coming, and you will not know when. It's just a start, just to start, My Sons and Daughters. All that is in the world, and the storm destroyed homes, it will destroy everything, and no one will stop the storm. Storms scare you. Earthquakes scare you, because now all started that I said …

1. Vision of June 18, 1992 because, because. Water, of which I speak will come, will come. It will be a storm, and the storm burst and scatter all over the place. The water will go up and down a great height as Mt. Yes, Reymundo. It's true. I can not tell you the exact date, but it is very close, all that I told you. (Understandable tongues?) Ark. Ark. Ark.

2. July 3, 1992 Ark. Ark, My son. The earthquake that hit California, it frightens everyone because it will destroy the strength of many things, homes and businesses, and many will die. I tell you what will happen before it happens …. What a shame …
I told you what would happen, and you're not listening. You plug your ears with their hands. You close your eyes with their hands, and you bury your head in the ground. Everything that I say to you, there will be …

3. Vision from July 4, 1992 In this vision, I saw the Earth from outer space. The axis of the planet moved, she leaned more than ever before.

4. July 16, 1992 "… what happened to the cities in the Bible, the earthquakes will happen to California. Earth will open and it will eat all that is dirty, as long as the stench of bodies does not cause your nose to hide the smell of the dead. "

5. May 9, 1997 Vision of a world map, and then the bloody knife cut the card. Planet earth, but the earth's surface looked like the surface of the human brain. Part of geological plates Pacific Coast, the area between the states of Washington, Oregon and Northern California, they looked as if they break or separate. Then I saw a river of lava, and the river of lava, I saw three callers Golden Bells.

6. Vision of March 29, 1999, "All that was, all that will change in 5 hours. All the strength of the world moves to the right — and then shift to the left — and then moves to the right — and then shift to the left. Then things will change in 5 hours. Because our time has come to clean out all the dirt and sin. Plosive sound will sound at 5 pm on the day of the big bang. When will the New Moon. "
Given the time difference between the geographical locations in Moscow horrific series of tectonic cataclysms will begin at 6:00 in the morning — note SV

7. May 17, 1999 Then the Lord gave me a vision of a crack forming on the ground. The water began to fall in this crack. It looked like a long waterfall on both sides of the crack in the ground, where the water was trying to fill the opened ground. Then the Lord gave me a vision of a man, who looked to the east. He opened the big metal shutters of a large building. Then, when the light began to pass through the opened shutters, Eastern man fell to the ground in terror. He was horrified by what was outside.

8. August 9, 1999 Yes, Reymundo, I know everything. I know everything! Now is exactly the day when the earth gets going with the Power of God. Yes, my son, it's an earthquake — an earthquake of God, with the power of God. People think that all will be saved, but the fact that I, God, the One who made everything — I know I saved, and what not!
Yes, here comes the earthquake with the power of God! Here comes the blood of all those who have sins, aimed to the abyss. «Ay Caramba» (Spanish word for "my God"), what a shame! What a disgrace to the day of the earthquake!
But I know that people will not believe you, Reymundo. They think you're crazy! They do not know what you aim for heaven, to my Son Jesus! But that's what — they will suffer, but you're not. Because you're in My Hands with the Power of God. But it is an earthquake because of the people who have a tight head, which a hard heart, and hands are clamped his eyes and ears. Ah-ah-ah, what a shame! They think they know it all and they do not know! Here comes my hand directly and precisely, without question. Here comes the earthquake. Yes, my son, here it comes.

9. January 24, 2000 I saw the earth move a wave to me. Land looked much the same as if it was the movement of water.

10. August 1999 the Lord gave me a vision of divergent land. It broke up at 1 or 2 miles. It was a deep rift, it has spread, and the bottom of the fault, I saw the human skeleton.

11. October 26, 2000 During prayer the Lord showed me a beautiful little place between two small hillsides. I could see the green grass and a few tall trees behind. Then suddenly the ground began to shake and went in different directions, leaving a big crack in the ground. Then I saw this crack running under a crooked creek or stream. "

12. November 23, 1999 How many times I have to tell you — There will be a revival in the city of San Francisco, only death and destruction. I tell you again, if you value your life, leave the city by the bay …. I'm telling you, if you live in San Francisco, leave or die. I can not express it more clearly. Because the city of San Francisco will be completely destroyed by Hand of God. Let it be so …

In addition, Paris is not Paris — it will also be destroyed by Hand of God.

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