RGS allocated 5.5 million rubles for the preservation of rare species of cats in Siberia

Russian Geographical Society (RGS) will allocate 5.5 million rubles for implementation of the "Wild Cats of southern Siberia 'for the study and preservation of rare species of cats — snow leopard (snow leopard), Pallas and lynx, said Tuesday the project member State Nature Reserve" Khakassia. "

"Part of the money will be spent on modern means of recording and animal observation, tracking and communications, photo and video equipment, field equipment and transportation that greatly facilitate research on the study of the spatial structure of populations, and will help to identify ways of migration and dispersal of animals between scattered foci of their habitat, "- said in a statement.

The project, designed by June 1, 2013, attended by Biosphere Reserve "Sayano-Shushenskaya" (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Biosphere Reserve "Uvs Nuur Basin" (Tuva), State Nature Reserve "Khakassia" and the Federal Reserve "coveted" (Khakassia ). There is already organized the first field expeditions in the reserve "Sayano-Shushenskaya" and preserve "coveted."

Among the objectives of the project — the study of nutrition, monitoring and holding prey zoological veterinary examination of natural populations of wild cats. Scientists also hope that the project will attract the attention of the local population to maintenance of unique animals.

Snow leopard (ounce) is an endangered species. The Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and was awarded the first category — "look, which is under threat of extinction at the limit of the range." According to scientists in Russia is home to the northern group of the snow leopard population. It inhabits the mountain ranges of South Siberia (Altai and Sayan mountains, mountains of Tuva), its size is 100-150 individuals. Pallas Cat in the Red Book of the Russian Federation referred to the rare animals of the third category — "a rare species, which has a small population and distributed in a limited area." Lynx though is more common inhabitant wildlife country compared with other cats, but refers to a vulnerable mind with declining species.

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