Roerichs heritage. Predictions of Helena Roerich

In 1980, the most famous XX century prophetess Vanga said that the paintings by Nicholas Roerich encrypted. They contain special revelations and important predictions for the future of humanity. And the Nicholas Roerich is not just an artist, and an inspired prophet. There will come a time, and the younger son of Nicholas Roerich — Svetoslav try to uncover the hidden meaning of the teachings and paintings of his father.

The share of Svetoslav Roerich had the difficult job to transfer to his home in good hands, all that stuff, which for over 40 years, collected by his father — a great artist with a world-renowned archaeologist and social activist Nikolai Roerich, his mother — a philosopher and mystic, author of the doctrine Helena Roerich, and brother Yuri — naturalist and anthropologist, an expert on Buddhism.
Roerich family went through wealth and poverty, fame and honor, oblivion and exaltation. Their way lay through Tibet and the Himalayas, he was a thorny and complex. But the fact that they were carrying the secret knowledge, and were at the origin of the universe, no one doubts.
At the heart of this film — the story of origin huge legacy Roerich, who traveled the world for 45 years.

Predictions of Helena Roerich

The letter was written July 5, 1941
"Mankind has entered a new phase of World War II, and this phase will bring many surprises. I know about the final victory of my country, but I know, and the difficulties that she would have to move more. Putting all the prophecies of our elders made in the past and in the present century, they all unanimously point to the great war, the "great Gob funeral" after which shine "Abode unprecedented." And the prophecy of the death of Hitler, after he rushes to Russia, must be fulfilled. first part of the prophecy, for all contracts, has been executed, the second turn. Much will change this gigantic battle. Where is the mind of the Earth, who can tell now how the rest of the world map for the next decade? One undeniable — there will be plenty of surprises, and the measure will bring disaster purification of the spirit, which needs Now all mankind without exception. Namely, everything will be as it should. Karma World has long been folded into the Higher Worlds. Explicitly Armageddon ends in thunder and lightning, and the closer to the deadline, the fiercer the struggle becomes the Forces of Light and Darkness. After the great Baptism of Fire is time of new construction on the basis of better cooperation among the nations in the name of all mankind, not racial cultures. "
Helena Roerich Letters to America. In 4 volumes (1923-1952). — V.4 — M.: Industry, 1999 s.235

Helena Roerich: Rays of the New Light-best assistant for the recovery of the atmosphere. They can remove all the garbage, not only here but also in the entire solar system.

Agni Yoga: a miracle of God, the resurrection of the dead Russia! As Lazarus Christ raised from the dead, and Russia will rise from the dead in the unprecedented power under the rays of the Second Sun. These rays Christ-Maitreya will focus on the broken Russia!

Helena Roerich: Who is the danger of giant space attraction, passing near our solar system. What it can cause perturbations in the entire solar system? Yes, it is truly a new heaven and cause terrible panic!

Mahatma Letters: This is old Raja (King Star) is located just behind Jupiter, which no mortal has seen the physical eye during that our circle. If it could be found, it would seem the best telescope in the power of increasing the diameter 10,000 times still small, immeasurable point brightness darkened any of the planets, yet the world is a thousand times greater than Jupiter.

Ancient apocryphal: see or could see rising above the world of the Great Light of the End, waiting from day to day, which shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven.
Helena Roerich: Verily we do not know the day nor the hour when the powerful rays of Stars New unexpectedly and in no time will invade our lives.
Helena Roerich: strikes Space Time, and our earth is updated under the rays of the New World, is approaching our solar system. He sprinkled the powerful rays and revive our Earth, which will turn into a fairy garden. The moon will rise, too. Of vegetable life on the moon is very bright and lush. Color change of the Moon: Will the red-brown …

Helena Roerich prediction of the invisible sun.

Helena Roerich prediction of the appearance of the invisible Sun "cosmic phenomena it will soon become visible … This phenomenon will be visible for a few moments, but will continue for seven days." (EI Roerich From a letter dated 6/21/52, the)
"Half of the sky occupied by the unusual banner. Nearly invisible light as a vast circle shine, beams run along the edges of it. Furies of terror moved back to the caves, strangled glow sign …
This phenomenon will be soon. Invisible Light — is the new sun, which will pass through our solar system, and for a moment we seem to hide billions of years prior to his most recent visit.
But you can imagine what will make these perturbations appear in the atmosphere is not only the nearest stars, but also in the entire solar system! ". (From a letter EI Roerich was 06/12/48).
"The revival of Russia is the revival of the world. Russia is the death of death around the world. Someone is beginning to realize it. Although more recently, everyone thought the opposite, namely, that the death of Russia is the salvation of the world. (…) Russia is a great challenge and a lesson she had learned earlier than many others. " (EI Roerich From a letter dated 17/12/35.)
"I believe in the Slavic world and believe in victory, judgment, suffering country. Rainbow shining over it. " (EI Roerich From a letter dated 19/11/48).

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