Russian inhabitants of the island received new apartments

Keys to the apartments in two new buildings in the area of the village on the island of Russian Channel were 23 families whose homes fall into the zone of construction of the summit — the Convention Center and the future of the Far Eastern Federal University.

New homes rose for a short time in one of the most picturesque places in Russian, with a view of the sea. It is a modern comfortable accommodation, furnished with all utilities.
As for the size of the apartment — the people have equal value accommodation, with some families moved from the dilapidated barracks in bright, warm apartment with a full range of amenities.
In the area of construction of the University in the village of Ajax residents got more than 80 apartments, with most of the families wished to move to Vladivostok. But there were also those who did not want to change the habitual residence. Administration of Vladivostok took an active part in the negotiations with the residents and making steps to resettle families from the village of Ajax into new homes in the village of Canal.

As commented by the First Deputy Head of the Administration of Vladivostok Alexey Sukhov, these two houses — just the beginning of a new settlement on the Channel: in the near future, it will be built school for 120, as well as low-rise residential buildings with 130 apartments. Will and other necessary infrastructure. Passing near the road that connects the channel with other Russian towns will be rebuilt and transformed into a modern highway.

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