Salvation from Armageddon

In 2012, people wait for the end of the world, so it is important to find salvation from Armageddon.

The strongest instinct, which lies more in the nature of man, is the instinct of self-preservation. But the very nature at the same time constantly tests the strength of man, that is, its ability to survive. At a time when natural disasters occur, and continuously increasing day by day in a geometric progression, the question of the end of the world is still open. If what is happening is only a warning of the impending disaster that is destined to the Bible, where and how will still save humanity. The answer to this question is hidden from the people of the nature of the end of the world. Currently represented by the mass of doomsday scenarios, each of which is accompanied by a detailed instruction on survival.

The first scenario — a meteorite fell to Earth. This scenario is rejected immediately, as it is unlikely in the near future, especially in 2012.

Second scenario: the deluge.
We have in mind not only the abnormal rainfall and devastating tsunami. In the area of such a risk would be, all of which are located on the coast. Depending on the location of a tsunami and its direction can submerge such a huge city like Buenos Aires, New York, London, Washington, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, and others. Can be washed to the ground entire state. Therefore, following the instructions as soon as possible to leave the coast, absorbed into the mainland. And the safest will be those areas which are far away from the water. An excellent cover of the mountain will be the highest point above sea level. By asking the question, but from what may still be a devastating tsunami? The answer is simple-the earthquake under water, or, eg, from collapsing into the ocean island of La Palma.

The third scenario — the numerous earthquakes. Everyone knows that there are certain plants safe zones in which people can hide in case the earthquake they would find there. But when it comes to the destruction of global earthquakes, which have the force of twelve points on dvenadtsatibalnoy scale when building a crumbling like a house of cards, turn to dust, it is best to flee as far away from the buildings. Need to escape into the open space, which is far from the high-rise buildings, constructed of reinforced concrete, to such human creature comforts in an instant without giving his heavy weight. Geographically, the best place to live in the West Siberian plate, as this does not happen nearly plain earthquakes.

The fourth scenario — solar storms. Scientists project that in 2012 will occur as never before solar storm on Earth, which can cut down all the electronics and Electric on the planet. By following the instructions, you must not fly airplanes, stuffed with electronics for the movement to stop using elevators, refuse to air conditioners, refrigerators, not to use the light. Need to make stocks of canned food, candles, wood, or leave their city where a lot of drinking water and can grow fruits and vegetables, both in the barn and in the garden. This scenario provides an important opportunity to survive humanity. But from what is almost impossible to escape. At risk is primarily made up of people who have patients with cardiovascular system.

The fifth scenario — is a big storm.
After all mankind from destabilized the atmosphere annually receives a kind of "gifts" in the form of unprecedented tornadoes, rain, hurricanes, droughts that destroy everything on Earth. The only way to escape this cataclysm — bunkers, which are directly under the ground. But bunkers, unfortunately, there was not enough …

The sixth scenario — a temporary loss of the magnetic poles of the Earth or the Earth's magnetic poles change.
This means that the planet from time to time may lose its protective shield, which protects everyone and everything in the world from the destructive effects of radiation such as soltse planet. But one of them may be the result of temporary stop Earth's core (hence the magnetic sphere disappear and come down to earth not only the whole space cold, but sizzling solar wind), and the second — in the form of changes in the Earth's poles. And if the first — it's just awful weather, the second — it is almost a fait accompli, as the south magnetic pole is moving toward Australia, and North, in turn — in the direction of Russia. It only means that the bare patches become a hotbed of solar radiation on the Earth. It has already happened to our planet in the past. Instructions on how to survive in this case, unfortunately, not for the simple reason that there is no means of combating the sixth paragraph of the script. Perhaps we will find salvation only in bunkers, but they are considered still imaginary panacea in saving humanity from the end of the world.

A list of such scenarios could be even longer … but better not.

The whole problem is that the choice of the appropriate script can be very wrong. Suppose those who wait tsunami in quiet village in the mountains of Tibet, may in turn be the center of crustal faults in the earthquake that we can not totally do, if you do not want to die. At the same time bins in which people wait out the mega-storm that could be fatal for them, as they can bury them in "mass graves". The same thing happens to people if it turns cold space with a temperature-273S. These bunkers just turned into a big freezer, freeze to death of people waited in their Armageddon. And those who spryachatsya the West Siberian plate earthquake, can be washed out by the Kara Sea, which come out of the coast during this apocalypse.

Therefore, a reasonable question arises: where should we hide and what did people do? The answer to this complex question with no humanity. Most likely, there will be appropriate generic advice that effectiveness in any of the previously described doomsday scenarios: keep the human face, and in any case, do not panic. The most important thing — you need to be close to family and loved ones, seeking salvation with them, and if there is no place to escape all the same, at least to the end of the world you will find there.

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