Satan. The enemy is he God?

Quick question: Who is Satan? — And the short answer is: Jesus gave two names — "the prince of this world" (Ioan.14: 30) and "the enemy of man" (Mf.13 28).

2. But many believe that Satan — the enemy of God.

— The Bible is not. This idea is not biblical.

3. Is it true that God gave the earth to Adam, and he sinned, ceded it to Satan?

— The idea is not biblical. God was presented to Adam in the first place, the world of Paradise, and if actually implemented the mechanism of transfer of rights to Satan, the latter would have captured the heavenly abode. The Bible says otherwise: after transgressions God himself ordered and paradise, and the ground. And if Satan uses today in the land rights of the prince, it is God's will.

4. It is sometimes said that the title of Prince of this world, Satan himself to!

— This is not in the Bible, and to think so — it is believing that God is no order. It should be remembered that God created the world is only what God allows, and if Satan really enjoys enormous human prince, therefore, it must be God.

5. They write that the world is a great fight.

— Yes, in the world there is a spiritual battle, and the field of battle — the human heart. The fight is between the forces that impel a man to the good, and the forces that tempt him sinful temptations.

6. But why would God want this fight?

— The Bible teaches that God is not a dictator to the people, He gives everyone the right to choose — to do his commandments, or not to perform. Two opposing forces suggest a person or that, or the other way. Only those who pass with flying colors through the crucible of all kinds of temptations and go through the narrow gate, will inherit eternal life.

6. Is it true that the first is by God, and for the second — Satan?

— None of what a "great struggle" God with Satan or Jehovah or Jesus did not speak. Such faith is actually questioned the omnipotence of the Creator. The Bible repeatedly occurs about such momentum, "God said, and it was so." But Satan, according to some beliefs, it's not that. God is supposedly at war-fighting with supposedly fallen angel, Satan is real and the situation does not change. Judging by the number of human sins, Satan is in an active form. Look around: the vast majority of people to God even directs! If we believe that God Himself is fighting against Satan, it means that if God loses this fight, and loses his angel??

7. But who is on both sides of "the fence"?

— Repeat all of the world defines God Himself, and therefore He defined it as the one and the other contending parties. One way is, in fact, Satan, and who is the other, the Bible does not illuminate this issue. Some believe that this Guardian Angel. And the fact that today, most people go for Satan does not speak about the ineffectiveness of God, and that He is in the gate allows only the most suitable, which could melt down in this spiritual struggle. Spiritual "slackers" or "hooligans" are not necessary.

9. In books written that Jesus was tempted by Satan for his evil will!

— And the Bible tells us otherwise. St Matthew (4:1) says unequivocally: "Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil." So who was raised in the desert Jesus? God's Spirit. For what? To be tempted by Satan. That is, to make the test decided God — before going to the service of the Son. The word temptation, as you know, means the art, testing, testing.

10. But the evil will of Satan says 1Par.21: 1: "And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel."

— Let's compare this text with parallel — 2Tsar.24: 1. "Wrath of God again kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah." It turns out that Satan stood up against Israel, because the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel again. God was angry, and decided to … Satan played. By the way, the Bible repeatedly tells us that God took the "hard" decisions and their execution entrusted to his angels, for example, the destroyer (Iskh.12 23), deceitful spirit (3Tsar.22: 22). Another example: "The man seeketh only rebellion of evil, therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him" (Pritch.17: 11). There is, God has angels, specialized for temptation and retribution!

11. All the main churches are united in the fact that the prophecy of the kings of Tyre and Babylon simultaneously apply to Satan, and there he is shown as lifted up to rebel against God.

— Yes, the Church of the prophecies attributed to Satan, but in the Bible there is no such idea. Prophecies about the kings of Tyre and Babylon was first redirected to Satan church fathers only in the 3rd century after Christ. Bl. Augustine link these predictions with Satan denied, but it was not heeded. In fact, the usual angel who is not "powerful" Angel Slayer or Lies, elevated to the level of a powerful enemy of God. And the Bible is not a single episode that Satan has done something against the will of God. Read Lk.10: 17: "The disciples said to Jesus with joy,'' devils are subject unto us through thy name''." Even students at the mention of the name of Jesus demons obeyed! Moreover, even the demons into the pigs could not materialize without God's consent. And Job says that Satan at every step for permission and punctually fulfilled all that God has spoken.

12. And some believe that God knew that Job was faithful to Him, and agreed to humiliate Satan.

— My God! Forgive our wingless thinking! After all, you credited the "technology" of the communal apartment — how to humiliate this nasty neighbor? It is better to pay attention to the beginning of the conversation! God is keenly interested in the affairs of Satan — which was what I saw … Responding to Job for a reason misadventures, the Lord did not refer to the fact that all the troubles of organizing Satan. No, the Almighty God, and this time showed that he alone decides on how blessings and suffering.

13. But in fact the Apostle Paul in the First Letter to Timothy (3:6) wrote about the servants, "Do not [to be] a novice, lest being lifted up he fall into the condemnation of the devil." That is, he wrote that Satan fell into condemnation, is not it?

— This is an example of how sometimes doing the translation "for themselves." Bishop Cassian this place translated differently: "so, proud, he fall, he prosecuted the devil." This text is precisely expresses the views, which held the Apostle (cf. 1Tim.3: 7). After all, he used this spirit to retreating people can apply later to God (1Kor.5 :3-5 1Tim.1: 20).

14. Some claim that after the fall of Adam, people are living under the curse of Satan.

— APPROVED. The Bible says that the first sin of people cursed God, and it is — God — the curse operates today. But Satan did not curse anyone.

15. But the believers believe that at the dawn of mankind, God cursed Satan, taking the form of a snake!

— We will be accurate: whom God has cursed — so it is a snake, and the curse is still in effect: snakes on the ground to move the belly and man stung in the leg, most people fear them terribly, and seeing, try to kill, brain. But the Bible does not say that God cursed Satan. Do you believe that after cursing Satan moves on its belly?

16. But in Revelation, "the old serpent" and Satan appear as one entity.

— Apparently, it's not quite true. Much later the first transgression in Job shows that God listened quietly Satan gave him permission, set limits. That is, by this time clearly not curse God Satan. We can assume that before the first sin of Satan tempted the snake and managed to convince him daring thought, and he had already tempted by Satan's words, and so John and joined Satan and the serpent. So, anyway, but we believe the Bible, Eve was tempted by the serpent, and that is what God has cursed.

17. Won it at Calvary Jesus Satan?

— In some ways, yes. But not in the sense that they want to invest in the usual words. Jesus said, "I have overcome the world" (Ioan.16: 33). He "was tempted as we are, but do not sin" (Evr.4 15, lies. Translation), and the prince of this world did not have anything in it. In this sense, Jesus conquered: withstood the temptations resisted them, went his way to the end. But Satan is destroyed. Now, every student must repeat the victory of Christ and the feat of Jesus to submit to God and resist the devil, that he ran away.

18. What can we say in verse 1Ioan.3: 8: "For this purpose the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil"? And "as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise partook of the same, in order to deprive the death that had the power of death, that is, the devil" (Evr.2: 14)?

— You can see that it is a victory over the works of the devil, and not over by Satan. What the devil? Astray, to make sin. But Christ has given us the Spirit to us to resist the devil. Jesus went his way, showing us that this is possible. "For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to help tempted" (Evr.2: 18). Thus, he reduced the "effect" of the adversary. Jesus also showed goal — Heaven and life of the world through His resurrection. Because the fear of death is now gone, and who were in bondage to the fear of death, they have gained new strength and future.

19. But for Jesus, when He sent back 70, said (Luk.10: 18): "I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning."

— The Bible does not say that at this time there were any conflicts in the sky. Logical to assume that Satan was once again in the sky, and then went down to his usual "job", "prince of this world." We have these "flights" can not see, but Jesus saw. Perhaps the "prince of this world" was seriously concerned about the activities of 70 students besoizgonyayuschey because hastened to do more to his "earthly affairs."

20. Why did Jehovah spoke quietly with Satan and Jesus rebuked him? One example (In.8: 44): "When he speaks a lie, he speaks his, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

— God and Jesus talked about one thing — the need to resist the sinful passions, but they spoke on various aspects of the problem. If Jehovah, convicting people for following the sin, not touch "technology" a tempting situations, Jesus, living among the people, pay attention to the one who organizes these situations. Yes, Jesus pointed out that the essence of Satan — a liar. And as such, to tempt, Satan lied, and people listen to, while listening is not necessary, and make his case, and do not need them, Satan must be resisted strong faith. Add: Jesus cursed Satan.

21. They say that God does not repress the activity of Satan because they do not want to scare people: He does not want to be feared because of his strength and power, and the simple love waits.

— Yes, some people believe that God creates with an eye on what think about it. The Bible is God to us otherwise. When mankind debauchery, he brought upon them the great flood and was not afraid of anyone's opinion. If His angel of his evil will become fun of his sons, God would only have thought, and Satan would have been somewhere on Venus, or even in some other galaxy.

Secondly, people are actually indifferent to cruel God. Satan, as if making fun of people, and God cares about their "image"? You, too, so think about God?

22. So, is the enemy of God, Satan?

— The thought of man, in the Bible it is not. Link to Matf.13 :36-39 — about the enemy, the devil, to sow tares, and to Deyan.13 8 of the "son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness." Say briefly: it speaks of the enemy is not God, but the people. Jehovah no one said a word that Satan is his enemy. Let us recall the flow of angry words to the Lord overthrew the people when they betrayed their God, but in relation to Satan — no word of reproach. Jesus said of Satan, "the enemy of man" (Mf.13 28).

23. But we are children of God! Is the enemy of the people and not the enemy of God?

— And how are we, the people? When the offense is committed, the police, to some extent the enemies of criminals. But these "enemies" are paid from the state treasury. And we — are all sinners, and has not yet been accomplished God's Judgment, God allows Satan's action in our lives. Yes, today, Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. But with whom he does? To those who can be easily influenced by others', or carnal pleasures puts above all else, or self-love grows to gigantic size, as well as those who do not want to think about the future. In short, the various temptations of Satan to identify those that are able to exchange God for something sweet, serene, enticing. Such people can be sorry, but it is doubtful that they needed God in eternity. Can he rely on them?

24. But in "Revelation" is represented by the epic film "War in Heaven" — Satan is against God's innumerable army forces.

— The real strength of the so-called "enemy of God himself" is well shown in Rev.20: 2. A single angel forge Satan without war. And after that, for a thousand years, it will be idle, "constrained", but then he was suddenly released. Why? Obviously, this is the will of God, he must once again perform their normal work — encourage to action those who oppose God. Apparently, God will give sinners a last chance — to repent and not go over the tempter.

25. And how to explain Rev.12 :7-9? "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought against [them], but not strong enough, and did not find their place in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. "

— This question should be examined in the context of other, similar direction. In a future article, we will discuss it in detail. And while short. Yes, there was war in heaven. But let us remember the first episode of the temptation of people. Satan, according to John, was present in this case, but God, punishing people and the snake, does not show that he had a claim to Satan. So in this case, Satan and his angels were thrown down from the sky, but with Satan, it is written in Job, was well received by God into Heaven.

26. And how to explain that "Revelation" promises in the end times to eliminate Satan?

— Those who believe that God has for thousands of years was engaged in a spiritual battle with Satan, in fact, mean that he would lose her if. And then destroy the enemy physically. Of course, this is not so, and therefore, is not true premise that God struggles with Satan. We can assume that God created this spirit only to work as a tempter, after selecting the desired number of souls Satan will no longer fit.

27. What is that — was not needed, and the lake of fire? The Moor has done his work — the Moor can go?

— The very question suggests that many exaggerate the importance of Satan. Angels — only ministering spirits. Another thing we can be a tremendous service, but when it becomes useless, it is discarded. Longer needed, things do not have to clutter up the apartment, and unwanted spirits — Space.

28. So who is Satan?

— First, let me and you two questions. Do you believe that if Almighty God wanted Satan to tempt anyone? And: Do you perceive as a warning for us to mention the Bible that even the archangel Michael did not dare to utter insulting the court in relation to Satan? (Iud.1 :9-10, Sir.21: 30).

And now the answer to your question. As Jesus said, Satan — our enemy, he tempter, or otherwise — provocateur. Few respectfully say "provocateur." But they do not only benefit the country's leadership, but also ordinary people. For example, because of their work often found tempt the very roots of crime, from which, in general, suffers from the common people.

That's the same job — only to God — making the spirit tempter. And the sentimental lies and priyatnenko temptations, and screaming with pain Satan provokes us to bring Jehovah. As mentioned earlier, in the eternity of God do not need those who can renounce it. So we will humbly accept the will of the Creator, who is experiencing our devotion to Him "by hand" the prince of this world.

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