Scandal in the U.S.: China has received from Pakistans secret Dark Hawk

Scandal in the U.S.: China has received from Pakistan's secret "Black Hawk Down"Hidden Pentagon development into the hands of the Chinese engineers. They got the pieces of the new helicopter, which was destroyed during the liquidation of Bin Laden in Pakistan. Washington asked not to allow anyone to "Black Hawk Down" — the invisible helicopter. But in Islamabad decided differently and gave the pieces to Beijing. History helicopter forced political scientists talk about the brand new alliance.

It looks like a resounding international scandal. Islamabad, which, as you know, was angry that the Americans, without warning, carried out on the territory of Pakistan operation against bin Laden, silent, after almost two and a half months, Washington shows his offense. These pieces are very hidden, for which even came to Pakistan, Senator John Kerry and the like, provided that they return to the owner — the United States of America, in reality, given the Chinese.

"Immediately after the raid, we have given explicitly realize that no one is required to have access to the pieces of the helicopter. South American Senior bureaucrats have reported this to General Ashfaq Kayani, head of Pakistan's Ministry of Defense, but he just did not listen to them," — said Financiall Times source close to the CIA .

It is already clear that the U.S. is considering the answers to the actions of the Pakistani authorities. The Chinese are not just photographed the helicopter, and partly transferred to discover its fragments.

"A source close to the investigation, said the information was based on intercepted negotiations in which the representatives of Pakistan invited Chinese survey the wreckage. According to him, in the intelligence did not slip in the fact that Chinese engineers were able to take samples of the fuselage," — According to the newspaper The New York Times.

We are talking about the latest modification of the helicopter hidden "Dark hawk. "Approximate price — 60 million dollars. machine, according to professionals, is very similar to multi-scouting attack helicopter" Comanche. "For one thing: The new" Dark hawk"Distinguished by special coating" stealth "that hides the machine from all radars.

Not seen helicopter and Pakistani air defenses. And it is not so, as it was considered to be immediately after the operation that the radars only look abroad with its eastern neighbor — India, and just missed a potential threat to the West. The case of South American stealth helicopter is covered with a special radar absorbing materials.

Hidden development and were able to minimize the noise from the propellers. During the May raid at the helicopter-"stealth" appear task. "Dark hawk"Rescuing soldiers of the" 6 ", with difficulty, but put. Order to leave hidden helicopter in the opponent's area, a special detachment of his blows. But it turns out, only destroyed the main part of the body, the tail remaining. With him, apparently, and now the Chinese are working.

"It is not clear why the" seals "is not undermined helicopter completely. But still hard to say how useful information is acquired — all the same most of the helicopter was destroyed, "- said the Financial Times.

In general, the possibilities Beijing has repeatedly demonstrated. The new Chinese aircraft it is very similar to the South American fighter of the fifth generation of "Raptor". And after that, in June the Chinese authorities officially confirmed reports that China has built the first aircraft carrier, more precisely, redesigned it from an old Russian ship "Varyag", there is no hesitation: the Chinese invent how best to use pieces of the "Dark Hawk."

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