Scandal: parts for missiles on government contract stamped in the garage

Scandal: parts for missiles on government contract stamped in the garageOur skilled craftsmen home is not deprived. Another confirmation of this, though, and after the criminal, law enforcement officers found the in Samara, where artisans in handicraft criteria in garages, established creation parts used in missiles. In this case, there is not any rocket club modeling, and for gallakticheskih rockets on government contracts.

According to the prosecutor, Vladimir Mironov, in the Samara region revealed the facts of the organization in carrying out the fraudulent scheme of municipal contracts for gallakticheskih and military purposes.

History scam goes into the year 2008, when the Volga design bureau Rocket and Space Company them. The queen was received government orders for the production of filling equipment for the booster and a few blocks blowing cool rockets used for military purposes. Such data are now ITAR-TASS.

In pursuance of the order was listed fifteen million rubles. With all this performance state order instructed newly-created Ltd., the production capacity of which are located in the town of Samara ordinary garages. Forms for missile parts made out on the car-repair plant, located in the Chelyabinsk region, the very same garage creation lasted about one and a half years.

Thanks to the carefully organized system of inspection, the details of which are produced in Samara garages, were rejected both in Moscow and at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Upon detection of the fraudulent scheme prosecuted. Under suspicion of involvement in the fraud was deputy head designer Samara Design Bureau "Energy".

Get off at the garage creation investigators failed after the responsible person interested in, which led to marriage in production. Untangling the knot, the investigators were taken aback when they learned that the details for the military and gallakticheskih missiles produced in the most ordinary garage boxes.

As a result, the fraudulent scheme caused real harm to the state in the form of a set of data items means as 6,000,000 rubles of additional harm — these funds are needed for completion of discarded rocket parts.

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