Scandal with Serdyukov came to the president

Scandal with Serdyukov came to the presidentThe way the Russian Defense Minister talks to his subordinates, did not like the commander in chief. In a not a nice day for it Serdyukov call from the Kremlin and politely but adamantly claimed "to work towards a more positive view of the military reform," said "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", a source close to the management of the country.

As you know, after nedavneshnih events "close sources" just does not concern beating. Doused with one of these "sources" Yuri Luzhkov icy wave — and washed once unsinkable mayor overboard. Because the head Defense took the "bell" is very serious …


Excerpts from the Appeal of the Union sailors:

"The Minister of Defense misleads management Russia and its people, and falsifying criminal hiding the disastrous state of the armed forces to which they communicated with his particular involvement. Impossible not to build the country's defense to fall unacceptably low level, which threatens the very existence of our country. "

"Destroyed or disorganized military science, military education, governance and communications, fire service, the Ministry of Defense, military medicine … Thrown from the service or resign more independent and competent admirals, generals, officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers, soberly perceiving handicap and crime control activities Ministry of Defense. "

"At the senior and responsible positions apart dropout, hucksters, besprintsipialnye careerists, incidental to the cause of national defense ladies and gentlemen."

About scandal involving a visit to the training center Serdyukov "Seltsy" Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, KM.RU said more than once, including commentaries from professionals. In an open letter to the Union of the Russian Federation Marines are the details of the incident — as minister, cursed obscenities commander Colonel Andrei Krasov School, gave the order to damage the country built on the training center church, and most Krasova threatened to fire. "Who's the boss here? Do you? Dismiss on … this head! Temple carry! Means the center does not give "- then ignites Serdyukov.

Open letter was addressed to the paratroopers, besides other "citizens RF, "And the president of the Russian Federation. And now, apparently, to Dmitry Medvedev came: the troops are not all relaxed. Despite the subsequent denial — say, in the hamlet minister was, as the mat was not, and even more so it does not encroach on the church … For information about the "high-level" personally torn battlefield commander Navy — Hero of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov. Well, the colonel himself Krasov recognized (though not directly to journalists, and even in the retelling of the 1st "source") that the conversation on the excessive colors, with both sides, really took place, but he did not touch the temple, and the dining room renovation in progress and utilities.

Yet, the moral view Serdyukov decided to discuss in the State Duma. But there for the protection of their own cartridge-feeding became his deputy Grigory Naginsky. It was he who told the deputies and other public, "the way things were." According to him, the head of the defense department did not like the huge number of unauthorized operation of the objects in the field. Since the past two years, there are no limits on building in the hamlet Defense Ministry did not allocate, control of illegal launched builders who "have built up there for 180 million rubles.". Special indignation aroused store open on a "closed" areas. As explained Naginsky, "rudeness and mat" in communication was not, but "elevated tone" had taken place, that the situation is "natural." And as if zapravsky spokesman, stressed that "totally in agreement with the Minister of Defense" in his wrath.

A fiery speech Naginsky assured not all. The deputies decided to make a commission, still under the control of the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Misha Babich. It is expected that in the elucidation of the scandal of all events will take about 2-weeks. Then the committee will present their vision of the situation.

Meanwhile "military Riot "is gaining momentum. Marines sailors supported by sending a "black mark", in which the head of the country were asked to "immediately suspend crazy and forcible reforms undertaken by a group of amateurs that are alien to military affairs, able only to destroy, dismember, implement and kill what is left of the Armed Forces" .

The Kremlin did not wait for the occurrence battleship "Potemkin" on the horizon, and urged the minister to the "adjustment of the image." He heard, according to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" Serdyukov immediately organized a meeting with representatives of the Service Inspectors General (GIS), which includes former generals and leaders of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union. The Minister reported to the meeting of the highest achievements of reform and said that his department will be created a special body "to work with veterans and veterans' organizations." Certainly, that fact teach it to write letters …

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