Scientists have confirmed that in 2012 — the most dangerous for mankind

The prophecy of the end of the ancient Maya, it seems, can come true …
Scientists have confirmed that in 2012 — the most dangerous for mankind
Astrophysics fear of future disasters.

The unpredictable 11-year cycle

Despite the skepticism of many scientists who do not trust the prophecies of the ancient Mayan, which ended their calendar year 2012, are confirmation of impending catastrophe. And even — to assert that global cataclysm will look exactly as it showed us In his film "2012" directed by Roland Emmerich

Recall that in the blockbuster it was shown how a solar flare and electromagnetic radiation hit the Earth. Its interior heated, like in a microwave, boil. And the crust begins to crack. Of course, it is a fantasy film director. In fact, that's what will happen. As we explained then Esipov Valentin, head of the astronomy of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg, continents, and so move in a molten substance, which is under the bark. But move very slowly. For example, Europe is coming to America at a rate of 1 mm per year. The movements of continents satellite observed. And they did not record the last time such geotectonic processes that would lead to a dramatic shift of the land. And most importantly, what the filmmakers do not know from the curriculum: Sun affects the Earth only through the atmosphere. And the crust does not affect.

And then, almost two years ago, scientists have reassured: "Light" wakes up ", because it begins the next 11-year cycle of solar activity. But it is low. And by the year 2012 will reach only a small maximum. " But these hopes come true. Sun recently behaves unpredictably. And the data to date show: it will show us his temper, so that will not find it!

Such concern for the "round table" on Space sounded from the lips of an informed source — Academician, Director of the Institute for Space Research, Professor Lev Zeleny, reports

— In 2012, the technological problems can and should expect — solar activity increases, — said the head of SRI. — We know the statistics. In Canada, for example, during similar solar flares really broke down a few transformers.

The scientist also promised that the upcoming summer will start a research station "Radiostron" to help fill the gap in Russia monitor solar activity. But the main thing — Lev Matveevich reassured all present that in that year Russia severe disasters will not be affected.

— In coming years, solar activity will increasingly influence on Canada and the United States — said the Green. — But eventually, after 50-70 years, the activity of the Sun will have an increasing impact on the territory of Russia, including Siberia, which will shift the so-called "geomagnetic hat."

The poles will shift

By the way, the geomagnetic pole concern not only our scientists. Reason to shudder (knowing people, of course) gave little information published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters. A group of French researchers led by the University of Khulo Gauthier Denis Diderot in Paris, which has long been studying the anomalies of the magnetic field of the Earth, said: There is no way to predict exactly when the planet's magnetic poles change places and there will be a so-called inversion. That is, in the literal sense of the North Pole will be, and vice versa.

A computer model based on the current data, showed that predictions for convincing data are missing. Need to gather additionally 20 years. And as a result, French scientists made a disappointing conclusion: inversion can occur. Anytime. Maybe a thousand or so years, as predicted by some of their colleagues. And maybe in a year, how hard predicting others. The words "one year" is just disturbing. After all, come the notorious 2012-th.

Solar War

And the sun scientists really worried. Until two years ago, a report released naimrachneyshy American Academy (NAS): «Space Weather Threats: social and economic consequences." NASA experts have prepared it, studying solar activity. It's the face of global catastrophe. Literally speaking, the end of the world. In a very real sense it — light — will not be on the planet. Will cause geomagnetic storms of unprecedented power, caused enormous flares — the so-called coronal mass ejections

— The consequences of sudden solar storm comparable to nuclear war or the fall of a giant asteroid to Earth — said Professor Daniel Baker, a space weather expert at the University of Colorado and chairman of the committee NAS, responsible for preparing the report.

Beginning of the end scientists promise very beautiful. September 22, 2012 over all the earth burst into bright and colorful flashes of the aurora borealis, which was previously only admired people of the polar regions. It will be visible even in daylight. Then clap 'fireworks' of electrical discharges and sparks — like a Hollywood thriller. Only much worse.

About 90 seconds on the planet passed out light. And the first of the affected areas, which have been provided with electricity better than others. Further nightmare you can imagine — we have all life is based on electricity.

The Americans predict the deaths of millions of his countrymen in the coming year after the disaster. And paint a terrible picture: stop trains, elevators, industrial production, falling satellites, aircraft, stops water and heating. Flow refrigerators. Silent radio, no TV show, cut off communication … The End. No light. And will not.

Wake the volcanoes

In addition, in the same "apocalyptic" expected another attack: can wake up once all the volcanoes. This was the conclusion recently reached by researchers from the Universities of Sydney, Bergen and Hawaii (see "KP" for 01.12.2010). They alerted the world that is a strange pulse of the subsoil. It turned out that in the history of the world there have been periods when the time erupted almost all the volcanoes on it. And there comes a living hell. End of the world for the creatures that lived while on earth. Although someone survived. And life, albeit in a different form, but continued. What is the confirmation. On the one hand: the bones of dinosaurs — those who lived up to one of the massive eruptions. On the other: a diverse creatures, including us. That is, those who live for after — waiting for the next disaster.

Did the Maya did not make a mistake?

Svetlana Kuzina

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