Security agencies receive complexes with UAVs like eagle

Security agencies receive complexes with UAVs like "eagle"Ltd. "Special Technology Center" supplies power structures complexes unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as "eagle" in different versions, said "AviaPort" an informed source in the field of aviation.

According to him, 2011 , implemented delivery Aviation Ministry of the Interior of the 1st set with drones "Orlan-3D "with a gasoline engine. Expected that this year the same will also be delivered to the customer such as a complex.

In 2011 the factory was completed (preliminary) tests complex drones "Orlan-2 "." In the same year, launched in the current year has been completed for the supply of the power structures of complexes 2-UAV "Orlan-2," — said the source.

According to him, the last single from the UAV delivery systems for the implementation of the Defense — planned this year to pass one or two of the complex.

Apart from the "power" in the near future more and more attention is paid to complex UAV civilian structures. If in 2011 there were four civilians customer for the supply of systems, but this year there will be more — only in May at the pre-contract stage has been discussed delivery for 5 complexes. "In addition, made on the basis of the UAV" Orlan-10 " complex aerokartograficheskih to work, of course, will take advantage of the ever-growing demand in the market of the aerial survey, "- said the source.

Responding to a question about the ability of the supply of complexes with a series of UAV "Orlan" over the limit, he explained that a lot of sales outside the formalism and the existing orders inside the Russian Federation allow the company to create one hundred percent load.

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