Security officials in Dagestan searching for Robin Hoods, declared war on militants

Security officials in Dagestan searching for "Robin Hoods", declared war on militants

Interior Ministry wants to clamp down on people's avengers, has promised to independently deal with the bandit underground

Dagestani security officials fear that awaited appearance in the Republic of uncontrolled anti-Wahhabi groups were confirmed. A group of heavily armed men wearing masks via the web called gangsters to surrender, promising to kill them unlikely event along with all the collaborators and property. The appeal is addressed to the so-referred to as the Emir Kizilyurtovsky area Dagestan Temirbekov. Interior Ministry volunteer assistants are not happy and tries to find the creators of the controversial video.

Antivahhabitov video message appeared on the video sharing site YouTube on June 30. At the three-minute recording — a group standing in the mist strong guys in camouflage and black masks with weapons in their hands, some tied with ammunition belts. Signed to the video explains that these people — the militias under the title "Robin Hoods" who oppose the dominance of militants in the area Kizilyurt Dagestan.

— Temirbek, timid jackal — husky voice with the corresponding Caucasian accent refers to a favorite fighters Kizilyurtovsky one of the "Robin Hoods". — For you to turn the inhabitants of Kizilyurt and Kiziyurtovskogo district. We want to bring order to our villages without the help of the police, prosecutors and the FSB, because they are not able to do so by legitimate means.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dagestan, a day video publishing Republican militia along with the soldiers of internal troops found in the woods near the village of Matseevka summer camp, presumably belonging specifically Kizilyurtovsky gang. The camp residents managed to escape a couple of times shot by law enforcement officers. The tents were found weapons and extremist literature.

In the words of "Robin Hoods", they know all the fighters and want to destroy them both in the forest and in the villages Fri conjunction with the property. With all of this militia promise not to touch the ladies and kids, family members of the militants.

— And the rest — are aware of themselves — pointedly adds a masked man — Temirbek you personally go and surrender to the police, and apologize to the people of the town and district.

With all of this folk Avengers identified that they volunteer assistants police and the FSB and do not want any conflict with the security forces of the Republic, and after stripping promise to lay down their weapon on the criteria of anonymity.

The Interior Ministry Dagestan "Volunteers" does not overjoyed.

— We have already seen the video and want to find out who these people are, — said the "News" the official dealer of the republican Interior Ministry Vyacheslav Hasanov. — We are against arbitrariness and urge people not to interfere with the police to do its job. But so far from the clues at our disposal — the only user account.

The forums and blogs, which already began to rapidly open a discussion video message, expressed confidence that under the guise of "Robinhood" hidden fighters of the FSB and the Interior Ministry, many of my colleagues who have suffered at the hands of temirbekovskih underground. Just consider and managing the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsiganok.

— Among antivahhabitov be current and former employees of power structures — some semblance of a fairy "White Arrows", cracking down on militants — said the expert.

This fact, in his opinion, it is very disturbing.

— 1-2 times they can look really involved in the underground, using their connection. But later can affect innocent people, leading to a spiral of escalation newcomer — says Tsiganok.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, a favorite Kizilyurtovsky gang, some "Amir Temirbek" really is suspected in a series of attacks on security forces.

— But in the middle of "The Avengers" in our masks not, — assured the "News" Republican Representative Office Vyacheslav Hasanov. — Militia can pursue militants and during working hours, without hiding the face under the mask.

By the appearance of "Robin Hoods" siloviki republic partially prepared nedavneshnie action. On the night of June 24 this year in Khasavyurt with a difference of 15 minutes unknown thrown into the yards of houses personal 2-local residents explosive devices. Because of the late time (it came out in the 3rd hour of the night), no one was hurt.

After that, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Dagestan Abdurashid Magomedov personally gave an indication understand what happened and to prevent lynching, and militia a day after the explosion released spetsobraschenie to a population in which called for "helpers" do not get up in the ranks of the perpetrators.

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