Security officials scapegoat

Dmitry Medvedev, after a day or two after the attack at the international airport "Domodedovo" made the first dismissal. So, lost his job chief Department of the Interior on the transport for the Central Federal District, three others — Chief LIAD "Domodedovo" and 2-his deputies — fired Interior Minister Rashid Nurshalive. The position of the Nurgaliyeva, like many other people in charge of safety Russian people, the attack did not shake.

The very first spanking by a demonstration of Dmitry Medvedev hit chief Department of Transport Ministry of Interior in the Central Federal District — Andrey Alexeev, who was appointed to this position by the president of only August last year. Why is the president's choice braked specifically on Andrey Alexeev, Dmitry Medvedev himself at the last meeting relating to transportation security, did not explain. Apparently, the president thought it was so natural that waste their time on the explanation for the personnel decision on the resignation he felt worthless. With all this the answer to the question of why people which got his job only 5 months back, suddenly became the main "guilty" in the death of 35 people in "Domodedovo", and was left hanging in the air.

If you examine the biography of Major-General Alexeyev, you will find that it just looks more like a model of the new "Medvedev's policeman" than the role of head villain, who missed the arrivals hall bombing in the capital of the most modern airport. In those moments when the name of the dismissed general Temporary pop-up in the media, all the journalists remembered with pleasure that in 1996, Andrey Alexeev was awarded the Order of Courage, for the release of hostages in the Omsk Drama Theater. Then Alekseev, while still a deputy chief of the local police department, has become a real hero when he changed himself hostage.

As the newspaper "Kommersant", in 2000, after Alekseev headed by the Metropolitan police department in w / d transport, in this administration came centers dog service and special training facilities for training, in which the police worked through different ways, including the prevention of terrorist attacks. At the time, he supported the idea of equipping stations x-ray machines, such as those installed in airports, the introduction of new tools for the detection of explosives and minimize their startling possibilities.

But, even without taking into account the track list of Andrei Alexeyev, head of the country's decision still seems pretty weird. So head to the central office of the Interior Ministry transport is Dmitry Sharobarov that got its own post soon with Alekseev. The question arises why such a severe punishment to understand the specific slave, not his particular chief.

Moreover, when the full extent of the claims (it is recognized fair) that apply to the police, transport management — this is not what business unit that is responsible for the prevention of terrorism in Russia. To do this, in our country there is a Federal Security Service, the activity of which is expressly spelled out in the federal law, which says exactly how the FSB has to fight even what forms of terrorism. Thus, Article 9.1 of the Federal Law stipulates that the fight against terrorism — is an activity aimed at the detection, prevention, suppression and investigation of terrorist acts. It is useful to recall that the attack, which occurred in "Domodedovo" was not identified, warned suppressed and not yet disclosed.

Security officials scapegoat

Maj. Gen. Andrei Alexeyev

What's more, for countering terrorism in Russia is responsible not only the FSB, and made in 2006 NAC (State Counterterrorism Committee), which is headed by the FSB director Alexander Bortnikov. The provisions relating to the committee, is not it spelled out that his main responsibility is the development of measures aimed at combating terrorism, the elimination of the attendant circumstances and criteria, as the protection of objects of possible terrorist attacks. In the end, it appears that NAC did not fulfill their role or in the case of an explosion in "Domodedovo", or in the case of explosions in the Moscow metro. But in this and in another case, the control of the country on the responsibility of NAC prefers to remain silent.

Really expect from today the resignation of the country's management of the FSB, it is still expected that the acquittal of Khodorkovsky. The top of our law enforcement agencies is the untouchable caste, which is not at all uneasy. President Medvedev just can not get to them. Today's Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev has its own post for 7 years, over the years the police not only failed to improve their own ways of working, and brought himself to such a state that Dmitry Medvedev had to quickly start a global reform of the entire department. But at the head of this reform again is still the same Nurgalivev with his deputies, which causes the natural fear for its effectiveness.

During a security meeting held in the Kremlin on January 26, Dmitry Medvedev asked the Interior Minister the question of who has paid position for the attack in "Domodedovo". Nurgaliyev referred to only three — Chief LIAD and 2-his deputies. But the president of the answer seems completely arranged, although in this case refers to the leaders of a rather small level, the resignation which hardly able to change something in the security system of the country.

All the more reason that transport police officers who "slept" appearance in "Domodedovo" terrorists are currently one of the main culprits of the disaster. With all of this virtually no one pays his attention to the fact that the sloppiness of the police vehicle — it's just a personal case of the manifestation of the disease, which shocked the whole system of our country's Interior Ministry. So, it is no secret that our police officers at airports prefer to not search for terrorists, and eviscerate "tepid" visiting guest workers. And this situation is peculiar to all transport hubs on the same / Railway station niskolechko situation is no better. And if a terrorist attack occurred on one of the stations, all rushed to punish police stations, while senior officials, as well as the entire system would remain intact. Because the question hangs in the air, that same change at the department after the police reform ..

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