Seoul: North Korea is trying to fool the world around us

Seoul: North Korea "is trying to fool the world"War on the Korean Peninsula and has not begun. South Korea held on Mon combat artillery firing at the edge of the sea border with North Korea. Pyongyang has previously promised to answer their devastating blow, but a new conflict has not yet happened. In contrast, North Korea has shown a rare chance in the near future peacefulness. But Seoul is confident that "the North just trying to fool the world around us," says now "Kommersant".

Both Koreas were preparing for action. Southerners — for artillery fire into the sea within a yellowish military exercises. Northerners, who promised to aggressively respond to the doctrine, prepared in the mountains for firing artillery bunkers. To the sea pulled some bad batteries with dummy guns, to confuse the southerners. Seoul stated that in the case of a new attack by the DPRK's missile and aviation Southerners immediately will cause pinpoint strikes on military bases in the North.

South Korea conducted a planned exercises, and reactions DPRK not followed. According to "Kommersant" Pyongyang realized that this time you can run into a powerful fight back and go for a full-scale war favorite of Kim Jong Il apparently no plans.

Coupled with the fact just before the shooting broadcaster CNN reported that the DPRK authorities are ready to return to the country to IAEA inspectors, who were expelled in April last year, when Kim Jong-il once again went to the aggravation and refused talks on dismantling its nuclear programs from. The return of inspectors means that Pyongyang would be willing to come back as a series of IAEA and again put their facilities under its control, "Kommersant". Moreover, North Korea announced the ability to begin negotiations for the sale to a third party is likely to Seoul, 12 thousand of its holdings of spent nuclear fuel rods extracted from a single reactor operating in the country. So Makar, Pyongyang said about his own desire to return to negotiations on its nuclear program that were suspended in the fall of 2008.

DPRK earlier via Beijing has already made to realize that this is not averse to resume the six-party dialogue with the role of 2-Korean countries, China, Russia, the USA and Japan. But Washington, Seoul and Tokyo sharply reject "for the sake of discussion, debate," and demand that the DPRK even some real steps towards nuclear disarmament. Meanwhile, another brinkmanship on the views of Pyongyang strengthened his bargaining position, and is now in the process of dialogue, you can try to achieve a resumption of much needed economic aid to North Korea from South Korea and the United States.

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