Serdyukov about reforms in the army

Serdyukov about reforms in the armyLast Tuesday there was a meeting of Governors of the Defense Ministry and the Minister of Defense Serdyukov with representatives of the Public Council under the Ministry. We are talking about the reform of the army, which, according to the minister, it is impossible to carry out without the support of civilian society.

Serdyukov said that in the last time reduced the number of recruits and the number of contractors, on the contrary, increases. Apart from this, the recruits are now close to home.

Meals conscripts also significantly improved. Now in their menu includes juices, fruit, and energy value of our ration is higher than in the armies of NATO countries. Increased significantly and attention to physical fitness fighter: For physical training every day allocated to 4-5 hours. With the increasing physical activity in the afternoon time provides hours of rest, and a night of sleep increased by 30 minutes.

Minister affected and the difficulty the newest form of saying that, in spite of its functionality and convenience to its widespread use still have to insist. For example, do not always put the men issued a set of clothes, or even in the presence of a running shoe, the men often continue to run in the tibia, wiping their feet. And these violations are often detected during the scan.

The proposal to introduce social benefits for young men served in the army provoked a lively response. Namely, the minister was asked to enter the restriction of access to state service for not serving in the army guys, and expand benefits for admission to the University of resignations from the army. Serdyukov, invited the representatives of the Public Council to reflect on the development of the system of benefits promised by their own parties to submit proposals to Prime Minister.

But there is a natural question about the fate of the young men who had not served in the army for health: neuzh, then the restriction of access to the civil service will vserasprostraneno on them, the equating of these people to the deviators conscious?

At the end of the meeting minister asked the audience to make out the problem of drug use in the military. Subject drugs in the last time fueled by alarming reports that the spread of drugs in the army is not confined to only a few soldiers, and some officers.
Social activists have brought proposal about mass drug testing personnel. But the minister is proposal caused another question about how to deal with the military, who perceived the drug earlier. And though to get a clear answer to this complex question failed, all the participants were unanimous in saying that to intercede on combat duty under the influence of drugs soldiers need something to do, as well as with the rest of neuvvyazkami that army fails to resolve on its own, without the support of civilian society.

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