Serdyukov admitted: Funds for no contract

Serdyukov admitted there is no money for contractors

Conscription may conscripts Strength to 800 thousand — if so can catch

September 23, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation met in St. Petersburg with representatives of human rights organizations. They expressed a lot of comments in the address management Defense. Namely, human rights activists have expressed disappointment that despite the proclaimed transition to a professional army, the number of recruits, conscripts constantly grows. In response, the head of the military department made a sensational statement: "We have no means of contract, to the extent in which we would like to," because will increase the number of conscripts conscripts.

It should be recalled. In 2003 she was accepted federal motivated programm "The transition to manning military personnel undergoing military service under the contract, a number of formations and military units." She guesses that the number of soldier and NCO corps in permanent readiness units will increase from 22,100 in 2003 to 147,000 in 2007, and their total number, along with the other parts — from 80 000 to 400 000.

The introduction of this was accompanied by a promotional hype applets that conscripts, they say, is not in a position to solve puzzles modern defense, it is only by professional soldiers. Under these statements were virtually destroyed the old system of army recruitment, which has been built for decades and has been fully effective. A brand new and has not been created.

According to the Center for Military Forecasting, from 2003 to 2008 year to contract acquisition should translate 131.6 thousand military units continued readiness in the Marine Corps, Navy, Army troops, crews of nuclear submarines in the strategic missiles on board, and in parts of the Frontier, Interior and railway troops and FAGCI Spetsstroy RF another 23.7 million people.

Instead of 131.6 thousand fighter and sergeants, four years barely scored only 79 thousand people. Yes, and those are almost always unable to properly serve. The growth of the atrocities in the middle of this category of servicemen is 11.3%. In parts of the same alert — 21.7%. Predominant among them are offenses of evasion of military service (28% of those throws on the run), outrages against the local population, domestic drunkenness.

In March of this year, an expanded meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Defense, which was Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. It summed up the first results of work on the transition to a contract army service. They were deplorable. "We were the results of the applets are not satisfied. We underestimated the situation in several parts — who has to cross to the contract on which the criteria under which currency content "- had to admit Serdyukov.

Defense Minister softened situation. In fact, all significantly worse. Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, a soldier has expressly recognized that the reform, which implies a transition to Prof. army failed. "And we do not run across on a contract basis. Approved were very many mistakes, and that task, which was put — Building Prof. army, has not been solved. Therefore, it was decided that service the call to stay in the army, "- he said — Moreover, call we increase and decrease the portion of the contract. We came to the realization that the contractor should be prepared for very different way than it was before. Because presently on contract we take only the sergeants who train two and a half years. "

Back in March, it was decided to reduce the contract up to 210 thousand people, and increment call. But it soon became clear that this number is very heavy for the Ministry of Defence. In July, there was a brand new "correction" of the plans. Deputy Chief of the General Staff Vasily Smirnov said that contractors in the Russian army will be equipped with 100 thousand soldiers and sergeant positions. According to him, it is assumed that the percentage of contract will be about 20 of the total number of enlisted men. And sweetened the pill: that the funds that become vacant in the process of reducing the number of troops under the contract, it is intended to accumulate foreign exchange to increase their allowances remaining in the army colleagues.

Serdyukov admitted there is no money for contractors

And the sudden recognition Serdyukov that the funds are not enough even for the remaining contract. Where are they?

According to the Center for Military Forecasting, under the Federal motivated applets "Transition to Manning undergoing military service under the contract, a number of formations and military units" have been allocated only for 2004-2007 79 091 650 000 rubles in 2003 prices. Where did they go, is unclear.

What did come out? Disorganized army, allegedly in order to translate it into the contract, squandering billion, and now calmly state that the experience was a failure and the need to increase call. And none of this does not answer. In contrast, in the ever-memorable meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defence of the commander in chief, summing the result, even said that he was satisfied with the progress of army reform.

From the perspective of army these reforms have led to the fact that the contract system did not survive, but the organization of the flash appeal was ruined. During the vernal call 2010 security forces barely scraped 270.6 thousand people, and in fact in May, media reported the Ministry of Defense plans to call a yearly increment of up to 800 thousand people. Where did they pluck if evading service in the country has become a truly mass phenomenon.

September 23 held an enlarged meeting of the capital drafting committee. It was stated that only in Moscow, there are more than 40 thousands of evading military service for young people.

Shortage of personnel in the rank and file personnel exacerbated by the unprecedented confusion in the officer corps. First deputy head of the head of the Personnel Ministry of Defence, Rear Admiral Peter Antipin not so long ago said that due to reduced staffing levels of officers in the Army and Navy to 150 thousand people, today more than 40 thousand officers do not have full-time jobs and are in possession of command. Another five thousand officers put on the sergeant's office. A similar short-sightedness of the reform of the officers, according to the views of Antipina, maybe in a few years to turn that to command positions in the companies and batteries platoon in combat groups surface ships and submarines will be just a place.

Although entirely possible that earlier Serdyukov and his team think up some more experience on the reform of the army, after which the need for manpower in general disappear.

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