Serdyukov did not rule out buying guns in the U.S.

Serdyukov did not rule out the purchase of weapons in the U.S.

In the coming 10 years, Our homeland spendest 19 trillion rub. (Approximately $ 613 billion) to retool their own army, and the first time since the second world war, some military equipment and technology will be purchased in the United States, said Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in an interview with Bloomberg. "The government is ready to offer an almost 46% increase in its defense budget RF for 2011-2020. ", — he said on his return from talks with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

"It's at least from the standpoint of upgrading our modern aircraft systems — said Serdyukov. — We could ask for more, but there is a realization that the budget did not rouse such costs and the 19 trillion rubles. — A severe amount that is eternally secure the booking our defense industry "(quoted by Bloomberg).

In April, the amount of money needed to run programs from the arms (LG-2020), the leaders declared Defense 13 trillion rub., but soon the acting chief weapons Defence Lieutenant General Oleg Frolov announced that to please the needs of all programs to 36 trillion rubles.

In May, President RF Dmitry Medvedev has set a goal to increase the share of modern weapons in the Russian army to 30% by 2015, at the moment Defense proposes to establish a motivated index of 70% by 2020 for this RF will have to resort to the help of former strategic enemies. "We are curious about everything in the main in the area of communication equipment and information technology, as well, perhaps, precision weapons," — said Serdyukov. If in spite of existing bans this proposal is implemented, the legitimate purpose of military supplies from the U.S. to Russia will be the first since the lend-lease, experts say.

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