Serdyukov does an army of Old Rome — the era of decline

Serdyukov creates an army of ancient Rome - the period of declineOn the website of the Ministry of Defence posted a draft presidential decree Russian Federation "On the Introduction of configurations in the Regulations on military service, approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of September 16, 1999 № 1237". The project anticipates the introduction of amendments to various provisions of the said items, which further simplify the flow of the service in the Russian Armed Forces of the people of other countries.

In truth, it is — is not that the freshest innovation. Another 7 (!) Years ago, the government "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" informs, "Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Law of the Russian Federation, which pushes the configuration to the law" On Military Duty and Military Service "and" On the Status of Servicemen ". The essence of amendments — they make the legal framework for the service of foreigners in the Russian army. There is acknowledged and the reason: "For the first time that foreigners will be able to serve in the Russian Armed Forces, representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry announced in March of this (2003) year." A few months mainly organizational and mobilization department of the General Staff, draft legislation, and in October (precise date — October 17) Today, the 400 deputies of the State Duma unanimously passed a law that allowed the military service for foreigners. At the end of the same month the law was approved by the Federation Council and entered the signature of the president of Russia. " The President signed it Nov. 12, 2003.


Federates — at the time of the late Roman Empire tribes joined the army empire and bore it to the limits, for which they received the land for settlement and salary. Often, these measures were required: in this makarom kings paid off by the barbarians, whom the army could not overcome, but at the same time put them out for yourself at the service. The leases were concluded not between states or nations, but in person between the rulers and so after the death of the ruler, has entered into a contract, the alliance usually cease to exist.

For the era of the empire clear distinction between foederati (federates) and socii (allies). It is clear that the latter are usually served in the Roman army, not being a citizen of Rome. Service Barbarians in the Roman army and their resettlement in the Roman countryside contributed to the gradual barbarization both the army and the country.

Even then, commentators have noted that the Defense Ministry is going to recruit contract of former "fraternal" republics of Central Asia, as if a DEZ — janitors guest workers. In this case, the military in general, and did not deny that guided a similar principle.

In the newspaper "Red Star" for November 26, 2003, these innovations were subsequently commented as follows: "the Ministry of Defense RF skidded into the Municipal Duma the draft changes and additions to the existing legislation on military service concerning contract, which has developed Interdepartmental Working Group. This was said at a press conference at the Ministry of Defense Chief of the Head Organization and Mobilization Directorate (Mobilization) — Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel General Vasily Smirnov ". "Today the country flooded the so-called. Migrant workers who are ready for a pittance to do any work. For their volunteer work can be a reliable bridge leading to obtaining Russian citizenship. Three years after the conclusion of the contract the Department of Defense has the right to apply for Russian citizenship to these citizens ", — said Vasily Smirnov. A marking on the contractor "may come on preferential basis at least some municipal university in the country," the general said. In almost all countries, particularly the prospect is often the impetus for the perfect service. "

Most of the states near abroad, by the way, then it is very sweet responded to the Russian defense initiative: the relatively positive responses were received only from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In general, our generals and did not hide that particular experience of the Tajik war 90's inspired them to this experience. Then, indeed, the majority of Russian border guards on the Tajik-Afghan border was composed of Tajiks. Being citizens of Tajikistan, they are, nevertheless, swore allegiance to the Russian flag, wear appropriate chevrons on the sleeve and on the whole were pretty good war.

In general, in the 90 years of the missing and other curiosities: many officers serving at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union outside RF, found themselves citizens of the newly emerging countries. Even after moving to Russia and occupying various positions in our army for years could not get Russian citizenship. Everyone surely remembered teleconference when to Vladimir Putin appealed Ensign 201st division located in Tajikistan, and asked: Why is it almost fighting for Russia, and even awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, can not get Russian citizenship. Putin, who is remembered, then was very embarrassed and has promised to sort out somehow But such cases were thousands of! Many Russian women, whose family moved to the sources of Russian nationalists pripirany newly countries urged the Russian army, they are one hundred percent pass military service — but even on demobilization did not receive Russian citizenship. Surprisingly, it was easier to get it, after serving time in the slammer, a certificate of exemption … In general, we digress from the topic.

It is clear that then, in 2003, when the rate was announced to a contract army, our municipal men figured that this can even save a little. And we decided to go on the "principle of DEZa" — set to allow guest workers. That is, of foreign contractors, it is clear that in the main — from the near abroad.

But it did not go — on a range of circumstances. All this time, the number of foreign contractors in the Russian army fluctuated in the range of 300-350, with most of the service took place outside of — in military units on the territory of the 102nd Russian military base in Armenia and the 201st base in Tajikistan.

According to the General Staff for 2009 year, most in the Russian army has been particularly people of Tajikistan — 103 people. In second place — the citizens of Uzbekistan (69 persons), on the 3rd — Ukraine (42). Apart from them, the Russian Federation are also Belarusians, Kazakhs, Armenians, and even 1 citizen Georgia. Where exactly was his part in an armed conflict, the Russian Federation and Georgia, the Ministry of Defence does not report.

But first, today's spring, as I said KM.RU, the Defense Ministry has recognized the complete failure of the transition to a contract army (what happened to the resources dedicated to this program from the years — another story) and the need for mass appeal all that can get under the gun. But because of the demographic problems of recruiting fund is still limited, and some portion of the personnel will still need to gain the contract. Because the War Department decided to revive the idea of a 7-year-old and even easier way for people to get near abroad countries under the Russian banner.

For example, in an earlier version of the said "Regulations on t
he procedure for military service," the lack of volunteer Russian passport was the first of the possible reasons for refusal to take him to the service under the contract. Now this item is excluded.

Engage the service in the Russian army are foreigners all states without exception in age from 18 to 30 years. No educational qualifications, but you have to prove knowledge of the Russian language and pass of mandatory fingerprinting for all contractors.

In contrast to the Russian people, the foreigner does not swear allegiance to the Russian Federation and does not undertake to "courageously defend freedom, independence and constitutional order of Russia." He only agrees to abide by the Constitution, "adequately perform their military duty" and "execute orders of their commanders."

First a stranger would have to sign a contract for 5 years (the citizens of the Russian Federation — 3 years), and for those who are going to study at the military high school or college — in addition to the same period in the study. After serving the first term foreigner demobilized, if only for that period of time he has not received Russian citizenship (service in the Russian army is entitled to Russian Passport in three years).

At the same time, in contrast to the contract, the Russians, their fellow soldiers of another nationality have the opportunity to save. Any benefits they are not entitled. Housing for foreign contractors to provide the service only and exclusively in the dormitory, stays in motels and camps for children they do not give the tickets to travel on vacation do not pay. Wages mercenary will be the same as that of his Russian colleague (at the moment, depending on the region of 10-12 thousand rubles.).

In fact, there is nothing new under the sun. And defense officials, developing the idea to senior municipal management, will be able to easily refer to the experience of most of the Roman Empire. When most of the Romans chose the military service of "bread and circuses", and long borders have been all the same somehow protect the imperial administration bring forth an identical idea. In the Roman legions began to recruit members of all imperial and adjoining nations — both in person and whole tribes. Many of them, by the way, made a brilliant career, becoming not only a great military commanders, and even emperors — such as Philip the Arab or Maximinus Thracians. And often (as, for example, dalmatiets Diocletian) were bolshennymi patriots of Rome, than most of the native Romans. But all the same, in the end, it's all over for Rome is very sad …

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