Serdyukov rebuked paratroopers put on the Order for the Victory Parade

Serdyukov banned paratroopers put on the Order for the Victory Parade

By order of the Minister of Defense Serdyukov Russian paratroopers not allowed to wear well-deserved awards and medals for parade, days are dedicated to the Victory.

Meanwhile, out of nearly 20 thousand troops to march on May 9 on the pavement of the Red Square, 1600 — specifically fighters airborne.

Representatives of virtually all divisions and separate airborne regiments from March preparing for the parade. Do not regret even a single 45th razvedpolk. Although he was "fighting" and not to engage in combat. Will, in the main, contractors.

But in the "figure" — the newest form field. The one from "Yudashkin." And — most importantly — VDVeshnikam rebuked go with distinguished awards and medals.

"Jarhead, the regiment, even MOE will go in full uniform. With orders and Marines as devils, just not everything. It's shameful, it's shameful! ", — Told whitewrite one of the participating in the parade.

The Defense Ministry official declined to comment on the scandal. At the same time, a source in the Defense Ministry said, "Serdyukov does not forgive scandals. Desantura insulted Minister, so he takes revenge as it may. "

Generally this here pettiness, inherent unless burdened with a whole bunch of complex little man, very annoying. In particular, if the victim such pettiness — municipal leaders. Dissatisfied? Offended? Understand a man. In general, about whom it's me …

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