Serdyukovskaya inspection of the Black Sea Fleet

Serdyukovskaya inspection of the Black Sea Fleet

Almost a month back on our web site have been placed informational materials related to unscheduled Russian Black Sea Fleet. The inspectors included in the consolidated commission identified a series of violations, with virtually all fronts of naval units. But some time no decision from the Ministry of Defence has been taken, and many have thought, that the emperor Serdyukov, as he used to do during the years of his own, so to speak, at the Ministry, all pull on the brakes. But either the new Russian political realities, or the need to make the appearance of the Ministry of Defense, or suddenly awakened sense of responsibility of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov forced to spend days of unscheduled meeting of the Board Defense concerning the results of the test BSF, held from September to the end of October 2011, the .

The speakers at the Board made, except for the Black Sea Fleet commander, Alexander Fedotenko, chief inspector Gennady Borisov, as Commander in Chief of the Navy Admiral Vysotsky, commander of the Southern Military District Alexander Galkin.

Reports of the inspectors found that Black Sea fleet in its own present state is not ready to fully do its objectives. Namely, three of the compounds tested were two compounds "unsatisfactory." In addition to checking specific ship fleet sector, were checked and the Black Sea Fleet of the land: Rocket Artillery Brigade in Natuhaevskoy, the battalions of marines in the town Temruk. And by that, and the other auditors have appeared a whole lot prirekany: the general state of alert to non-compliance with fire safety measures.
After the announcement of the results of inspections and after the meeting the Board will try to give an analytical assessment of what has happened and to understand what caused so close attention specifically to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

As the other "proven" (Black Sea Fleet), it became clear that 80% percent of the officers are going to transfer to the Baltic fleet. In addition, as evidenced by the military sailors, inspection, which was carried out in the fleet, looked, very little unusual. The inspectors conducted themselves in such a Makarov, as if a priori prescription had to recognize the state of the Black Sea Fleet inappropriate realities of modern times. Namely, one of the officers told the newspaper "Izvestia" states that most of the documents available for inspection are not recognized on the move, though, even with all this has not been studied in a generic fashion.

The inspectors decided to have a truly all-out test of physical fitness, knowledge of the Statutes, the strategies and the basics of operational art in the middle of all the polls sailors, sergeants and officers. Even the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral Fedotenko had to take this kind of tests.

Many of the officers who were exposed to large-scale testing, argue that, from their point of view, and mine firing exercises on the high seas have been carried out at a decent level, and that the exhibited Commission estimates do not reflect the true reality. Moreover, some of them even report to that of the commission itself has penetrated the information that Tipo some checking beforehand was said about the fielding of unsatisfactory ratings. Allegedly, the more "dig up", the better.

But if you believe in the Black Sea Fleet officers, then what did relate such large-scale defamation?

According to some reports a large-scale check far not associated with the identification of the real potential of the fleet, and with his financial activities. First "swallow", ushered in cash dilemmas BSF appeared in September, when the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin admitted the facts of embezzlement of funds from the Foundation "Moscow-Sevastopol" which had to deal with the support of Russian sailors, and Russian inhabitants of Crimea. Sobyanin said that he had learned about the theft of money from the fund in the amount of about 54 million. And this despite the fact that the city authorities on the development of the fleet was allocated 74 million just for the near future. It turns out that three quarters of the money went not to the development of infrastructure and readiness Black Sea Fleet, and in pockets or local officials or managers of the Fund, or the high command of the fleet, or all combined.

After the detection of this kind of theft Moscow Government has decided to abandon that part of the financing of the Black Sea Fleet, which is stationed in the Crimea. Unless specifically theft of the Fund became a prerequisite checks besides that part of the fleet, which is based in the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation, it can also be connected to the new attempts to "find" corruption schemes in the activities of the previous Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. After all, it is specifically initiated by Luzhkov fund "Moscow-Sevastopol" was launched in 1994. And if in the first years of the fund are needed to walk only on the purchase of a "civil" for the needs of seafarers equipment (home appliances, hozinventar etc.), for example in the year 2008 in the documents of the Fund was informed that means (nothing less than 160 million rubles) went in, including an increase in the level of combat readiness of RRC "Moscow" and BOD "Kerch" with the possibility of access to the Mediterranean Sea.

It turns out that the emperor Serdyukov again "initiated" test and holding the Board is not to identify the readiness of units of the Black Sea Fleet, and on top of the team to deal with the currency issue and "dig up" dirt on those who crossed the road today's government.

After all, if check concerned only the combat capability of the Navy, why in respect of its management and has not taken any personnel action? The situation appears more than a quixotic: identified, according to the results of the inspection, an unlimited number of violations in all matters conducted checks, and naval commanders as previously remained "at the helm."

It turns out that a sense of responsibility for the quality of the sovereign Serdyukov training naval compound, which was first mentioned article, once again, did not show himself. On the other hand showed a sense of self-preservation at the ministerial post. After all, according to Vladimir Putin during his straight strip to the people is that the change of ministers for the destruction of our country is actually like, like these ministers may work …

Subsequent inspection of the Black Sea Fleet is scheduled for February next year. Earlier time, Vice Admiral Fedotenko ordered to remove the detected defects. Apparently, as the elimination of Fedotenko will retrain Tired, trained body lift on the bar and, most importantly, to find the means by which Luzhkov fine to settle in London.

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