Service and combat reconnaissance vehicle SBRM

The exhibition "Engineering Technologies 2012" was shown the first prototype of the service and combat reconnaissance vehicle SBRM developed by the NGO "Boom" commissioned by the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation and created for completing reconnaissance units.
Machine created on the basis of serial CTC "Tiger"

Now there are municipal tests of the machine, with the January 2013 scheduled batch creation.
A set of equipment and to their role, of course, is impressive

SBRM provides:
search, detection and identification of land (tank, armored personnel carrier, the car, a group of people, single people), surface (boat, motor boat, yacht), and low-flying (helicopter, sport aircraft, UAV) targets in all the criteria of the situation with the introduction of advanced optical, thermal, radar, acoustic, seismic, radiopelengatsionnyh reconnaissance;
determine their own position SBRM and coordinate with the objectives found in the electrical display of the map area;
automatic control of all systems and facilities SBRM using onboard information and control systems, including continuous processing of navigation data;
reception and processing of intelligence video and photo information from remotely piloted aerial vehicle (UAV);
and stable radio transmission data;
firing at targets of days and found NIGHT MODE;
higher mobility;
armor protection of the crew;
blocking of radio controlled improvised explosive devices;
comfortable working conditions for the 4-member crew.

Radar "Headlight-BP" imager and a TV camera. The mast on which they are installed automatically retracts the usual button inside the car driver

Remotely controlled weapons platform. Tele-thermal module with laser rangefinder + gun "Kord"

The platform is cleaned inside knob inside the machine, but before that you need to remove yourself gun, cartridge box and scope. In fact, in combat criteria do not need to remove it, but in a peaceful setting is made in order to machine not enticed to discover special attention when driving on the roads of general use.

Acoustic system intelligence "Owl". Gets the line of fire to within 2 degrees at a distance of up to 1200 meters, even when firing from several directions at once

The driver's seat. In the center of the ceiling — navigation system

Automatic operation place commander. Normally the commander controls the communication, radar and optical system blocker radio controlled improvised explosive devices. In addition, all automatic jobs in a single machine displays information because the commander can take over the function of the same operator, for example.

Automatic operation place arrow

The screen, which displays information from the sight. The shooter just on your own computer sees the information with "Owl" of the shelling machine and can adjust their own fire on these data,

Remote management platform with arms in the stowed position to the right (see picture above), while shooting rearranged on the table next to the keyboard. The remote itself to a powerful magnet, plus inserted into the slots

The platform in the folded position falls between the shooter and the operator and on the assurance of developers they in no way interfere

Radio R-168-25-U2

UAV operator position. Pull-out keyboard, waterproof

The door operator. I recall that on the standard "Tiger" side rear door missing

All equipment (mast, a machine gun, containers with UAVs, etc.) in the stowed position retracted into the luggage compartment. It is also a stand-alone 5kW system power, which, according to developers, is working on the fly

Included with the machine are two drone

A set of intelligence-signaling sensors that are put to a radius of up to 1500 m from the machine

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