Sharks rebelled

Last August many of our compatriots will be remembered not only by how falling cargo ship "Progress" in the Altai forests and how not take off at the MAKS-2011 the new Russian fighter, but also the numerous shark attacks on humans in Primorye.

We can not say that he did not recorded sightings of sharks in this area, but here the attacks, and even with such tragic consequences have never been recorded. According to local ichthyologists sharks not only attacking swimmers in a sea of people, but also tried to stay away from crowds away. What is so wrong in the Primorsky Territory, which caused unprecedented aggression marine predators?

Fisheries experts Primorye in one voice say, it's all about changing the flow of seasonal migration. It should be noted that for decades, observing sharks built a multilevel scheme in which these waters were the way certain subspecies of marine predators. But in recent months off the coast of Vladivostok was recorded appearance of sharks that before in these parts was observed. This has led some researchers to analyze a situation from the point of view of the recent events in Japan.

The whole thing could be that the sharks have decided to migrate out of the places where the radiation level exceeded the water hundreds of times. But how can they determine the level of radiation? It turns out that the body of the shark have special receptors that respond to gamma radiation. If shark endowed by nature with such a "sensor" that can detect even minor variations in background radiation, it is possible that his testimony and have caused an unexpected change in their habitat area for these predators.

Some studies show that, indeed, in the discharge of contaminated water off the coast of Japan in the area of nuclear power plant "Fukushima-2", the number of marine animals has declined. Many of them died from radiation monstrous power, and many, such as sharks, have migrated away from the adverse conditions. If you look at the problem is with an emphasis on environmental conditions, the coastal waters of Russia for the "Japanese" sharks — the most appropriate location of the new dwelling. By the way, do not forget the fact that sharks are poorly known marine life, so the reasons for their activation in the Primorye region one can only guess.

With arguments about changing background radiation and its impact on sharks and agrees that these marine predators preserve immunity to various types of cancer. There is even a mistaken belief that sharks do not get cancer. This is not entirely true. Shark bodies might be subjected to tumors if their habitat is badly polluted. Therefore, sharks and choose clean water. Before the crash the "Fukushima-1" of water off the coast of Japan were clean enough for sharks, but the appearance here of radioactive cesium has made them at the sump for radioactive waste.

In this regard, the authorities understand the position of Primorye, who are eager to find aggressive sharks and "bring them to justice" in the form of harpoons sea hunters. In this situation, killing the shark in any case does not solve the problem. First, a change of residence of sharks in the deep sea has occurred is not their fault, and, secondly, killing a shark, not a fact that the attacks on the people cease. Sensible ichthyologists now calling those who choose to destroy predators off the coast of Vladivostok, to think the situation and stop. In such conditions it is necessary to give the sharks to adapt to new conditions. No living being on earth and in the water initially can not accept the fact that its habitat was not suitable for this very habitat. Is man behaves inappropriately, if he has to urgently "break away" from the place where he lived all his life?

Sharks live in areas other beaches around the world, but that does not mean that they are to immediately get rid of. In any event, to shark attacks on humans should not cause destruction of marine predators. Problem should be solved completely by other means, with the work should not harpooner, and fishery biologists and ecologists Primorye.

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