Sinai as a mirror of politics Mohammed Mursi

On the days of Egyptian President Mursi publicly acknowledged that he was unable to realize all his campaign promises, for the execution of which he took for himself 100 days.

First Emperor July Mursi delivered applets "Hundred Days", consisting of more than sixty-Fri, divided into 5 blocks of problem: Purity on Egyptian streets, vehicular traffic, bread, fuel, internal security.

Sinai as a mirror of politics Mohammed Mursi

"The planned programm partly failed, but I take full responsibility for this deficiency by himself personally," — said Mursi.

We will not write about the mud that Mursi could not overcome, and 40% even taken out of Cairo more than 600,000 tons of garbage, and stop briefly in security issues.

Egyptian President noted that this Fri failed about 70 percent of the promise. Mursi said successful campaign carried out by the army in the Sinai Peninsula and the forces of the Interior Ministry. "The security forces have detained a 75% extremists who were wanted in the Sinai, but operation will continue until such time as the peninsula security and stability are restored completely, "- said the head of the country.

But, as if on purpose to tease not repentant, not showing off Mursi, the bandits came to life in the Sinai Peninsula. On Saturday last week, unknown opened fire with machine guns there. The target was the home of a Coptic Christian in Rafah. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The incident occurred just after a visit to the region's president, who assured the local Christians is that they can now feel safe.

Eyewitnesses told police and reporters that three hijacker, who arrived in a car fired at a house Coptic Maji Niruza, and then promptly left.

Morsi also visited the Sinai Peninsula on Friday. He met with Christian families and assured those who, after receiving threats from Islamists left Rafah and moved to El Arish (30 km from the Rafah) that they may already be relaxed to return home. (According to various reports, the Christians in Egypt, there are between 6 to 10%, and they constantly complain of discrimination).

As we see, Mursi was very unconvincing. His speech outweighed the slight lead.

To try to do everything 100 percent own applets for 100 days, the emperor Mursi in August decided to hold a large army on the peninsula of the stripping operation militants. And to answer here the subsequent public outcry, especially Israel, were built several of the respective statements.

Suitable occasion for the operation "Eagle" was an armed attack carried out by extremists on August 5 near the Rafah border post (16 Egyptian soldiers were killed.)

For a week at Sinai was pulled motorized parts, heavy artillery and tanks. The total number of armored vehicles that participated in the operation, amounted to a few hundred units. From the air, infantry tucked in several Air Force helicopters. Such a strong concentration of military equipment in the Sinai was in 1973 (the date of the armed conflict between Israel and Egypt).

Experts did not agree with the Mursi and the army command, consider that they are rapidly shared with the terrorists, and stated that to establish full control over Sinai will need very little, 6 months.

In addition, the concentration of armor and the highest concentration of troops on the peninsula has not attracted Israel.

September 20 Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed Amr, on the public response to the appeal of Israel in the UN Security Council with a request to see the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula, which forms the Egyptian-Israeli border, said at a news conference in Cairo that the UN Security Council has no right to open a discussion situation on the Sinai Peninsula, as the situation in the Sinai is only an internal affair of Egypt.

"There is no international structure, including the UN Security Council has no right to open a discussion on the situation of the Sinai Peninsula, the Security Council is considering prepyadstviya affecting international security and peace, and the situation in Sinai — Egypt's internal affair, and discussions in the Security Council should not be", — said head of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to him, "Sinai is under the full control of the Egyptian authorities and the international community become known all transactions that are carried out by the Egyptian army and security forces on the peninsula."

Recall force to maintain peace and stability in the Sinai Peninsula were established in 1979 after the signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. The contingent is 1.4 thousand military personnel from Australia, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Uruguay, France, Colombia, Hungary, Italy, of New Zealand and Fiji. Base contingent — Americans (800).

One of the additional wicks for powder keg of the Sinai Peninsula has served not so long ago, the sensational film "Innocence of Muslims." After the Web, press, and then the Egyptian streets flooded with rumors about him, Islamist militants armed to the teeth, took a 50 jeeps stormed the base of the peacekeepers, UN observers in the Sinai. After the attack, which eventually destroyed communications and causing other damage to military bases on the peninsula began to urgently strengthen the fortifications. Profits and revenues.

September 21, it became clear that the Egyptian army has sent to the Sinai peninsula reinforcements. About 50 tanks and armored vehicles were located on the east bank of the Suez Canal and in the town of El-Arish in northern Sinai.

So a massive gain of Sinai would be, in theory, mean the imminent end of the terrorists. But do not forget, from whose ranks came the Tsar himself Mursi. In September the press was not in vain ironic that "the Egyptian army continues counterterrorism operation in the Sinai, but that called for an unhurried fire." By late August, the Egyptian security forces killed 11 terrorists, catch 23 militants from various terrorist groups, and detained the leader of the September 1 Salafi organization. That's all the troops on the peninsula Mursi have gained almost a month operation. Also, as if under pressure from Israel, who accused is not without reason Egypt in violation of the Camp David peace treaty in 1979, Mursi led armored vehicles from the demilitarized zone on the border with Sinai, accompanied by phrases about "tactical retreat."

After a month and a half after the beginning of the "slow" operation in the press have got information that the Egyptian army is going to be used against militants in Sinai chemical weapon.

Israeli resource "Cursor" wrote: "The Egyptian government is planning to use chemical weapon against militants in the Sinai Peninsula. As reported by anonymous sources in the security of Egypt, the authorities want to "smoke out terrorists from their own shelters, so they are easier to catch." It was said that the chemical weapon will be used away from residential areas, and the threat to the inhabitants of Sinai is not a special operation. In general, chemical weapons — the theme of today prestigious. Egyptian security forces have spread this rumor is not like the other in order to dissuade them international society.

As for the Camp David Accords, no amendments to bring them to be inferred. The official dealer of the administration of Egyptian President Yasser Ali in late September, said: "At the moment, there is no need to amend the Camp David Accords."
The Speaker of the presidential administration, said that the military operation in Sinai lasts, and Egypt "has everything in order to gain control and provide security in the Sinai Peninsula." A prerequisite for such statements was that the other day, the head of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel would not agree to a revision of the peace agreements with Egypt. His views on Israel, Sinai is to be demilitarized. In response, Egypt was only repeating what is taken to ensure there safety. But, according to the Egyptian-Israeli peace accords, the military presence Egypt in Sinai strictly limited: on Egypt border area can hold only police officers, armed with small cannon.

After the start of the military operation in August at Sinai some analysts have decided that the world between Israel and Egypt is very fragile. The very small, unreliable.

For example, Itamar Rabinovich directly referred peninsula "Powder keg." According to the views of the journalist, "the switched Egypt's government" is not even able to create alternately policy. He writes:

"… The relationship with Israel, supported by the Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Abdul al-Shisi and top leaders of the military security service who want to firmly maintain peace deal with Israel and to consolidate the power of Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula. From their point of view gangsters Bedouins of Sinai jihadists, "Hamas" and other groups of the Gaza Strip threaten national security of Egypt. But their will and ability to make this a political point of view, the course is limited.

Meanwhile, the Mursi and the "Muslim Brotherhood" are playing a double game. While Mursi nedavneshnie condemned acts of violence (in particular, premeditated murder of Egyptian police officers) and made a hidden danger movement "Hamas", "Muslim Brotherhood" released a statement with the charge of the implementation of this attack the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, and repeated this statement Prime Minister of the Gaza Strip, "Hamas' Ismail Haniya."

Leading a "double game", according to someone Rabinovich, and "Hamas", and also the Egyptian Bedouins. "Hamas" is waiting for help and support from the Egyptian "Muslim Brothers", as part of the Bedouin — generally jihadists who identify with the local design Islamists.

The result: "… the explosive potential of the Sinai Peninsula has increased as a result of the coming to power of the" Muslim Brotherhood. " As for Israel, he sums up the journalist, "will have to behave more prudently."

Vpribavok October 6 Mursi said that Cairo is not only recognizes the rights of the Palestinians of Gaza, and it is not going to limit them.

Referring to the Egyptians on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the "October War" in 1973, Morsi said: "Egypt does not want to restrict the rights of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, we provide them with humanitarian assistance, the ability to move freely across the border with Egypt, but it should not affect on the security of the state of Egypt. "

But perfectly understandable, and in Egypt, and in Israel, that the cases of penetration of Palestinian militants from Gaza through Sinai to Israel terrain just frequent in recent months. Terrorists seek to go there to commit extremist attacks.

According to Mursi, secretly infiltrate the Egyptian land, including Sinai, no one can, "We have always supported and support the Palestinian people, support an early solution to the Palestinian difficulties, but the Sinai Peninsula — the territory of Egypt, and no one can secretly infiltrate to this land without the knowledge the Egyptians. "

Following the logic of the fascinating Mursi, to come to the conclusion that the extremists get on Sinai … apparently. Here's a good example of 21 September, three Palestinian militants fired on a group of Israeli soldiers. All three of the attackers were killed in response. Captain Anna Ukolov, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, said, "Radio" Liberty "," Three terrorists were from areas of the Sinai Peninsula through the Egyptian-Israeli border and opened fire on soldiers who were engaged in patrolling the border. The soldiers called for reinforcements, and between soldiers and terrorists gunfire, as a result of which the militants were killed. We assume that a large terrorist attack was averted because all the terrorists were armed, and were on their belts with explosives. "

So no wonder Israel is worried. Though whatever government was troubled at his place. After the Middle East and North Africa enveloped the "Arab Spring", the main purpose of design guides which — sharia, and not democracy, and after America three months before reversing gratifying recognized democratic elections in Egypt (the results of which are very long counted — probably waiting for the approval of the State Department, and that was something to think about) and valid on the entire broad cosmopolitan heart congratulated Mr. Mursi With the victory, Israel seriously considered. Something else will happen if Syria by the Saudis and the Turks, and with the encouragement of the U.S. and the EU will come to power by "Al-Qaeda"? .. If Assad in the Golan Heights quiet and relaxed, the Islamists come to power, will do everything to disrupt the peace and quiet. In the U.S., the protests and the death that occurred because of the movie "Innocence of Muslims," and Washington have shown how much of the region like the Yankees. Ultimately Israel which win more and difficulties with Iran (Netanyahu believes that there day and night working on a nuclear weapon), perhaps will be in a dense ring of Islamists, and along alone. United States, whose authority (this thing can not be bought for money) in the Islamic world is not even zero, and a large negative value, are afraid to make a mistake now — both in the Middle East and North Africa, where Libyan Jamahiriya live and dead South American salting, Last coordinator of the "rebellion" against Gaddafi — and Israel on Iran, they do not support. With all of this you need to take into account the fact that the Americans as before are interested in toppling Assad, and not so long ago gave "rebels" an additional 45 million dollars — obviously on humanitarian aid. In general, there is a great announcement for the Israelis: Washington has not been considered an ally Cairo — this whole world has notified Barack Obama himself, who decided to look at the behavior of the Mursi in the coming weeks and months. This is the only "positive" for Israel, though modestly.

So Makar, not that taken separately Sinai and Egypt as a whole, managed anyway, the Islamists, and in fact is for Israel "powder keg." But it is unlikely that a barrel at any moment may be undermined. Hurry, it will take away at the powder charges.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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