Singapore autorun Ultimaks -100

Singapore — is one of the "young tigers", which came out firmly on the world market instruments — has made its defense industry. Singaporean products lured extensive attention. The company "Inadstriz Chartered Singapore office" in 1978, commissioned by the Ministry of Defense initiated the establishment of a light machine gun 5.56 mm. The machine gun was intended for infantry units. Managing development has become a recognizable South American designer J. Sullivan. In the 79th year, was presented to experienced Ultimax-100 ("Ultimaks" -100) modified Mk I, a 82-year Mk II has appeared irremovable trunk, soon followed by a modification of the Mk III has a removable barrel (outside this modification differs transferred forward handle). In general, left a successful machine gun, which meets the requirements of firepower, mobility, ease of maintenance, are usually subject to the weapon of the class.

Singapore autorun "Ultimaks" -100

The design traced the impact M16A1 assault rifles and AR-18 (USA), produced by CIS under license. During the development of a machine gun into account the working conditions in South-East Asia, low growth and low enough qualified personnel of the Singapore army. The receiver is made from 2-stamped parts. According to the statement of designers heavy barrel (length 508 mm) can withstand up to 500 shots without the danger of overheating. In general, trunk rapidly replaced and this contributes to the rate of fire without loss of ballistic parameters. To improve the accuracy of fire and reduce the cost of creating the bore chromed steel. Arrester installed on the barrel compensator. To substitute the trunk is a handle on it. The machine gun can be carried out under the cartridge type SS109 or M193.

The work was based on the automatic disqualification of the propellant gas. Because accuracy while firing bursts depends first on the smooth functioning of the automation, the model solution of this problem given a lot of attention. A buffer is very long and move the bolt have allowed much action to reduce the impact on the shooter and the gun. Gas escape hole located closer to the breech and is supplied with gas regulator having 6 fixed positions. The introduction of high-pressure gas motor prevents contamination of the barrel and eliminates the need for an urgent clean-up regulator and the gas piston. The trigger is going downhill with cocking bolt. Driving under the influence of back-and-forth of the mainspring, the bolt remove the cartridge from the magazine. When runaway cartridge into the chamber, reciprocating bolt carrier rotates the bolt that locks the chamber. After which the cartridge primer ignites drummer gate. After passing through the gas outlet openings bullet slide frame moves back under the influence of propellant gas by turning the bolt, the engaging and ejecting the spent case. If the trigger is pressed, the shutter is moving forward again, shall be sent to chamber a cartridge and produces a shot. When the hook is released, the bolt carrier in the rear position stops the sear. When ammunition absolutely exhausted, bolt carrier is fixed in the front position. Reloading handle located on the receiver on the left side, while firing locked in a frontal position.

Singapore autorun "Ultimaks" -100

The accidental discharge if dropped or the wrong tools appeal to him prevents safety system trigger. Available only in continuous mode of fire. Above the trigger guard placed the flag on the left and the fuse has two positions: frontal position — «Fire»; back — «Safe». The trigger is set to «Safe» disunited with the sear and locked, which prevents accidental discharge product.

Front Sight has been moved to the vapor-site back, the sight is mounted on the rear of the receiver. Weight framed Singapore "Ultimaks" -100 with a bipod is 6.5 kg (for comparison weight Belgian "Minimi" with no ammunition is 6.83 kilograms). Relatively small "flicker" when firing machine gun, a low rate of fire and the presence of the front handle can hold lead a rather controlled fire on the move, also aimed fire from a standing position, with emphasis on the shoulder butt.

The machine gun has a telescopic folding bipod, which allow arms to rotate in the transverse plane with respect to them. Dougie reinforce the bipod mount.

Singapore autorun "Ultimaks" -100
Manual gun "Ultimaks" -100 with a shortened barrel

The kit includes a machine gun: spare bipod, gun belt, a device for firing blank ammunition, cleaning kit, mounting bracket for installation on helicopters and ground equipment, spare barrels (for modifying the Mk III). There is a device for connecting the 2-machine guns along, drum shops for all that are deployed in hand — despite the fact that a similar "struggle for rate" itself does not justify the long time, in some cases, such 'Sparky' benefit.

Framework sight has a notch in the spectrum of 100 — 1000 meters in 100, to be placed rear sight is a clip. Front sight adjustable both horizontally and vertically. The simplicity and strength of the trigger, and other fundamental devices provide a machine gun its highest reliability. Thanks to the huge gaps and posted on the guide rod back and mainspring bolt fire from a machine gun can be maintained even after the inside of the receiver gets gryazyuka. Low recoil provides an opportunity to fire without the use of the butt, which makes the gun comfortable for airborne units, as space is limited. Bipod firmly fixed along the receiver and in the lower position, is also quite rapidly adjustable in length.

Singapore machine gun entered the market after the Belgian "Minimi" Company "Factory Nacional". As a result, some of the country whose armed forces to adopt a "Ultimaks", has already received a "Minimi". "Ultimaks" not counting Singapore is used in the Philippines in Zimbabwe, Honduras, acquired a certain amount of nationalistic Croatia. Machine gun "Ultimaks" was used in the fighting in Bosnia.

The order of unloading machine gun "Ultimaks" -100:
1. Remove the magazine.
2. Take the bolt handle back and remove the cartridge is in the chamber.
3. Look around through the window in the receiver chamber.
4. Push the trigger, releasing the bolt handle.

Properties machine gun "Ultimaks" -100:
Cartridge — 5,56 x45;
Weight of the machine gun with bipod — 4.9 kg;
Weight of the machine gun with 100 rounds magazine for — 6.5 kg;
Length of gun — 1024 mm;
Length of gun without stock — 810 mm;
Barrel length — 508 mm;
ifling — 6;
The stroke length of rifling — 305/178 mm;
The initial velocity — 970 m / s;
Rate of fire — 500-540 rounds per minute;
Box magazine capacity — 20 and 30 rounds of ammunition;
Capacity of the disk store — 60 and 100 rounds of ammunition;
Weight-equipped shop at 100 rounds — 1.69 kg;
Weight-equipped shop for 60 rounds — 0.93 kg;
Weight bayonet — 0.44 kg;
Weight bipod — 0.37 kg.

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