Sinkhole in Central China

Giant crater obrazovavshaesya resulting subsidence February 14, 2011. Photo: icpress

Large-scale sinkhole occurred early in the morning on Monday, 14 February, in a mountainous area near the town of Ezhou, Hubei Province in central China, resulting crater 5200 square meters.

Events this did not cause severe damage and loss of life, — the local newspaper Chutianjinbao.

Subsidence occurred in a place where being mining, which probably led to a crater 80 meters long, 65 meters wide and 40 meters deep experts said in the report.

Police cordoned off the area adjacent to the failure within 100 meters from failure because cracks were found in the vicinity.

Who was on duty near the dip guard named Li told the newspaper that on Sunday, at 8:40 pm, from the ground erupted blasting air flow size of a hen's egg, and with the sound came reminiscent whistle. Local residents report that night were woken very loud and trembling of the earth.

Meanwhile, local authorities are planning to evacuate residents whose homes were covered with cracks and repair the road. Near the crater round the clock monitoring, the paper said.

Translation: Faktorvremeni

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