Slavic protection in distant waters off Somalia

Slavic custody in distant waters off Somalia

Boris … (name changed. — Ed.) And his colleagues are very sulky when they are called mercenaries. "Mercenaries are fighting a war for resources. We are not at war — we guard, "- he says, quite sharply. Let it be so. But Boris has to work, where wage war, and shoot himself if the situation asks. In the past, "trip", he guarded against pirates ships off the coast of Somalia. Now he returned to Odessa, but after a few days it is waiting for Afghanistan …

About the work
The main base … — Sultanate of Oman. There is a stream of assembly. The gun is kept in police custody at the port. Came one protection group, has received an instrument — just different. While we were receiving a tool for us lined up. Before us were English, for us — the Russians.

Ships call at the port of Muscat external raid and order protection. The group put on a patrol boat that you dovozit to the ship, you walk on it — and the route begins in the area overestimated risk. My route was from Muscat to the Suez Canal, a degree of Somalia. On the right side — Saudi Arabia, on the left — Preserving the Djibouti.

Slavic custody in distant waters off Somalia

Somali region

We were comped an empty cargo ship, which is the highest rate — 13.5 knots. Speed Conventional their boats — 25-30 knots. At that rate and the rate you do not have time to blink an eye — they will have at your side.

Security group — usually 4 persons, from time to time throw three. There are, of course, the team, but her real hope not. The moment itself: every ship now has a stronghold — a secure room, in most cases, the engine room, where in the case of danger lurking pirate crew. There is in store of provisions and water. But the mainstay is not designed for security group. And if you have the pirates climbed aboard, then no company will pay for the redemption of the guards.

In the middle of the contractors walks legend of the Italian security group that accompanied the ship, which was seized. And these Italians just hung.

There are huge aspects of the ship, which is guarded. Chemical tankers, gas carriers, oil tankers — there is the highest risk of fire, because from time to time guarding a group throwing only with a cool tool. Honestly, I would really not want to get into the security escort chemical tanker. Protect the 235-meter-long trough, stuffed with some strange chemistry, with a blade — well, somehow I'm not a Templar …

About Pirates
Very often there are … attack. January 27 was produced by the capture of the vessel under the Liberian flag, the ship was five Ukrainians. The ship seized 100 miles off the coast of Oman. It's just a sensation. Stomilnaya zone — a zone controlled by the Coast Guard of the Sultanate of Oman, ie this is a very bold step.

Generally pirates systematize conditionally into three groups. First — it everyday thieves: climbed, robbed and left. In the main they attack the container — have opened a couple of containers and all. Second — a more serious groups that work to capture the team, the crew of the ship to ransom.

Slavic custody in distant waters off Somalia

Strongly they say little about the third. They work a point. There were times when they attacked the container with an eye to the container. They did not disturb any ship or crew — they needed a certain container. They dissected the container and left.

It is a small group, maybe a percentage of the total, but they are trained and armed at the highest level. Do they not fishing boats, and military "unicorns" with water-jet installations that reach speeds up to 50 knots per hour — some armies can only dream about it. As they say, if they got on — guys, hung, do not survive. And they say that their former employees are trained hidden services UK …

On the military

By the war … there is no trust no — they say it themselves explorers. Sometimes the military to know that there is eye contact with the pirates, turn around and leave. There were times when as part of a military convoy, which is enormously expensive, were seizures. Imagine for yourself, this convoy in front, behind, on the edges of two small missile cruiser — and in the center of the convoy were invaded.

And if there is already legislation internationalist pirates seized the ship, then no military action can not be created. But because international law is imperfect, each government to decide for itself how it be.

Everyone knows the Russian campaign of intimidation when simply killed the pirates, even when they tried to surrender. Russian flag now for pirates terrible trait: it is better not under any circumstances be approached. In Moscow, were notes of protest, but Moscow has made clear progress, demonstrated by: grab ship with our flag — get the full program there. It is totally the right approach, I think.

There are reports that 3 months on a boat near the hijacked ship with Ukrainians on board were hanging outdoor unit intelligence officers. The boys themselves were that the ship could free up to 6 times a day. Masterfully prepared by frogmen who are engaged in life — for them it's a piece of cake, not even training operation. But they are military: no orders — have no right to act. And the ship remained under the control of pirates …

About Piracy

This is … huge business and it has never closed down. Many are interested in this. For example, the insurance companies that insure Court: Insurance is not for a year, and one transit. The vessel was successful once, twice. On the third — the shipowner already refuses to insure the vessel. Means to intimidate, to maintain demand. Again, these same security companies — an average of 75 thousand dollars worth planting security team on the ship, and how many of these vessels?

Because piracy — a whole industry. Look, as their work is built. Since hotels in Oman, where lodges security team, ending a police station — photographed everywhere, watching, trying to get in touch, eat everywhere is disk imaging. Security team can not know on what kind of boat it is, but the pirates will already know. It got to the point that knew one of us smokes, who is not, who at that allergies.

Slavic custody in distant waters off Somalia

Somali pirates seized the ship off the board

Accordingly, it is ignored. For the body is very hard, but when you're on the ship are very welcome workout outdoors in full ammunition. And there's even 36 degrees Celsius in winter. On to your vest, helmet — later hosed, you lose up to 3 pounds per hour of training. It is desirable that were close to the court — the fishermen, and just pleasure boats. To beheld: there is a security team, she friction, it is ready. It is a pledge of security.

So this is a very serious business, in which a great many very serious interests, and because piracy will never end.

On speculators

There is always a risk … run into. I've got friends — went to the agreement made protective transit and sit for the eighth month in Sri Lanka — neither the means nor the ability to leave. Plus the risk of acting through the embassy, as there may be a variety of pesky questions.

In the sea there is a reddish barge — temporary point of deployment of security groups. I know that there are already 14 months old sits a group of four people from Russia. Russian company sent them, they successfully conducted six transits, after the company was gone — no contact, no nothing. Guys out there eat the fish that are caught. This barge in the sea, even the guys on the saving value can not go, so that through the embassy to return home.

About Slavs

The Slavs are appreciated … — for many reasons. In 1-x, cheaper. Wages Russian, Ukrainian, a native of Eastern Europe ends where the starting salary Englishmen and Yankees.

Later, as regards the criterion of performance. There have been cases when security teams from Western Europe, came to the ship, they asked, is there a "Coca-Cola"? And if not, they do not even podymali on board.

The Slavs in these situations are silent. They are silent about the working conditions, are silent about the difficulties with payment, are silent about the equipment, which is in fact the case is small. According to the documents at the police station we got the night vision device, a satellite phone. In fact — not counting the guns, children's radio station, who did not work on the ship, and frustrated binoculars nothing we did not have.

We were laughed at in Oman when we get weapon: rusted Kalashnikovs 1986 production. They were so rusted that did not even work. Yes, as a joke, with a hammer and chisel, we brought them back to life, and they have earned. We were shocked by the fact that beheld, but there are even worse situation. Russian team came out, and have them in a "zinc" with the gun turned out to trehlineyki — Mosin rifle. It is not funny, here are crying hunt.

The main instrument of the warehouses is still Russian assistance to developing countries of the socialist camp in Africa. The past century! The gun action, but Western Europeans litsezrev it will refuse. A Slavs work.

And of course there is still a psychic moment. So called Russian paradox: in captivity do not give up, as if to die, then take home with them as much as possible to the people. This paradox is known, and even the pirates are trying to Slavic security group not to go: a lot of losses, is unfounded. The British, the Americans, if they are already climbed may lay down weapons and surrender — on their government to worry. We also provide any of the country, we provide ourselves, because we are going through.

The guys are thinking, If I get back in the same region, to bring the flag of the Union of Russian. Russian Alliance remember, and when you try to approach the pirates simply raise the flag of the Union of Russian and demonstrate that they are Slavs. It is a sobering factor is very strong …

About mercenaries

Outputs a contact … with those who suggest you go to really fight a war somewhere, occur constantly. In the ports of shipment, in temporary deployment, transfer Fri contacts occur frequently. It may be appropriate for you, ask for a light and try to have a conversation, but who are you talking about, you'll never know.

There are times when the guys went to guard the ship, and fell to the rebel movement in Sri Lanka — and here already or you, or you. You can engage in the normal operation, and later life thinking: how can I, going to work on the maintenance of ships was in Afghanistan over to the Taliban? You got a ticket agent put you at the airport, and that happens to you on, one agent and the company is clear.

Even on normal tasks, based in camps to come up to you and can offer — and if you wanted to do something here?

I have a contact on the so-called "White Legion". This structure was seen in Zaire — have tried to do there Municipal coup did not work — and have been seen in Libya. And were seen as? The presence of dead bodies, ie lost people. Money matters — I do not know. Yes, I have this contact, but it's a smooth road to the international wanted list. And what is going to happen, so people go there — I do not know. But the market for mercenaries really is, and this market is enormous …

About the Law

We kind of … fall under the article "mercenaries", which is quite heavy (Article 442 of the Criminal Code provides for up to 10 years in prison. — Ed.). On the other hand, the fact that there is Ukraine, even on the personal market — this is a plus for our country, so look through your fingers. Officially, there are moving people instructors watchman. People are working with a gun, but if that — tools they have never beheld. Are you working in a war zone, a watchman guarding the object entrusted to you, but you have no right to work with a tool — it's natural absurd. In the structure of this is meant in this country understand that this is nonsense, but — that's it. Because the situation is two-fold: if we quarrel with our government, we find ourselves under the article does not fall out — everything is normal and even in front of a plus. We do not get medals, but …

On risk

But if you … associate Somali region with Ukraine, I will say that there safer. There you wake up in the workplace and expect danger everywhere, but here — you go out in the evening for ordinary bread, and you can not return home. There is danger everywhere you wait and relaxed because you work. And then you get hit a major drunk — and later prove that you're not a deer north.

And they pay, and pay serious money — 5-7 thousand dollars a month is not hard to get. In Afghanistan, in Iraq — more. For many experts, the officers of the army, which in our country is not necessary to our state — is a way out. Work out a year, two, three, to earn money and try them successfully invest in their own country and forever forgotten about this work. For some, though, it's a way of life: they go from hot to the point of a hot spot. But such units, it is referred to as the military romance. I am one of them, for me at first and it was — it was a military romance. But realistically, there is no romance there — it's just a job …

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