Solotvyno slowly goes underground

Solotvyno slowly leaves the ground. The failures of the soil because of the huge underground caverns close to the residential sector. In the danger zone were three hundred houses, two schools, a hospital with a polyclinic, distribution-voltage … Addresses the issue of resettlement of people. Informational messages from a Carpathian village reminiscent of reports from the disaster zone. Although the element is not to blame.

January 27 near the sinkhole in Solotvyno conducted a visiting session of the State Commission for the techno-ecological security and emergencies under the chairmanship of the Minister of Emergency Situations Viktor Baloha. After that, the press service of the Ministry issued a press release on the decision of the commission "will not allow a man-made disaster and resume in the future work of allergy clinics in Solotvyno." In a bitter twist of fate, it was under the rule in Transcarpathia Baloha Solerudnik be irreversibly on the processes that led to its present sorry state. Although they could have been prevented …

In Solotvin (nine thousandth urban village in Tyachivskom area on the border with Romania) is now sadly joke: "Our salt is needed and the ancient Romans, and dakam, and various empires, which includes Transcarpathia. Not only need an independent Ukraine "
Salt mined in Solotvyno since time immemorial. The village stands on a giant salt dome, which, according to experts, contains 250 million tons of salt. And to which of the surface in some places only a few tens of meters. First conducted open pit mining. Now, on the site of ancient designs — Solotvinskiy famous lake, the water is so saturated with salt that it is impossible to sink. Its medicinal properties Solotvinskiy lake compared to the Dead Sea, it is not surprising that the summer is due to the influx of tourists no room to swing a cat.

Since the second half of the eighteenth century in the village began to build the mine. Since it was put into operation nine mines, although the last decade, there only — the eighth and ninth. During Soviet times, salt mines worked by two thousand people, and in the 60-70's at a depth of 300 meters even opened two allergological hospital. In the underground salt chamber with a unique microclimate come to be treated for asthma and allergy patients from all over the Union. Parallel Solerudnik regularly mined salt.

About the threats that the company is for the village, talking in the late 90's — early 2000's, when the suburbs began intensively to sink Solotvyna land. Water entering a tunnel exhaust, wash the salt, creating huge underground karst cavities in which the collapsing soil. The largest crater was formed above the mine № 7 (pictured). Field visits metropolitan experts have established that the perimeter and depth of failure increase with the speed of 1-2 meters per week. The main threat — an increase of one of the holes in the side of a residential village. Experts warned that if the mine is number 9 will be filled with water to a critical level, it will lead to unpredictable destructive underground processes.

In December 2004, the Cabinet has made the state enterprise "Solotvinskiy pit" to the list of enterprises of strategic importance to the economy and national security. Underground mines have also made the list of high-risk businesses, the discontinuation of which requires special measures to prevent damage to the life and health of citizens and the environment. It was clear that stopping the extraction of salt and prevent flooding of the 8th and 9th of mines can not, it can lead to disaster. However, for the maintenance of the ecological balance that is associated with its activities were necessary funds, which no one stands out.

The result was not long in coming. Three years ago, due to a sharp rise of groundwater extraction of salt in Solotvyno stopped. Allergological hospital continued to function, but not for long. In September 2008, following an outburst in the ventilation shaft, department of the hospital, which had the status of the state, was closed. Patients who have paid a lot of money for permits and that treatment in underground salt chambers brought temporary relief (such as hospitals in Ukraine there are no more), tried to block the highway to protest, but to no avail.

In May last year, after another water break, shut down and a second, a regional allergy, hospital. What is happening in the underground chambers, is unknown, because down the tunnel is prohibited. One thing for sure is clear — to resume the work of hospitals no longer possible.

And that the regional power? In the past five — seven officials regularly raise the issue of accidents salt mines, in the summer of 2008, there had even visiting session of the regional council, the results of which were sent to the numerous appeals to various ministries and departments. But real steps to save the strategic company has not been made. Moreover, around the salt mines did not stop confusing undercover game guide me here almost every year.

Last year, the regional switchgear tested the Solotvinskiy pit. According to his findings, the failure of the Interdepartmental Commission in July 2008 and the non-payment of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration agreed proposals to the relevant ministries and agencies do not allow timely implementation of measures to stabilize the operation of the enterprise, the operation of hospitals and bring allergy territories salt mines in a safe condition.

However, it was clear and without checks. From 2005 to 2009, the first sole "boss" of Transcarpathia was Baloha — first governor of the province, then — Emergencies Minister, finally, the head of the presidential secretariat. He had all the levers to address the pit. Penetration in promoting the interests, however, personal, and not regional, current head of MES demonstrated repeatedly. In December of 2007, when Solotvin loudly warned of the impending disaster, the head of the joint venture has secured Cabinet release 350 hectares of forest in the Mukachevo district under his villa, and alienation in the center of Mukachevo and transmission scheme shadow his wife huge land and buildings of the former military bases.

A controlled Baloha Regional Council in 2008, much more effort exerted not to save the salt mines, and for communalization union sanatoriums and other attractive tourist sites of Transcarpathia with potential for privatization. So today assured the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations prevent man-made disaster and the resumption of the allergy causing hospitals except that a skeptical smile.

Incidentally, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures against the actual decision of the State Commission for the techno-environmental safety and emergency situations that resulted from the field meeting in Solotvyno. They can be briefly summarized in three points:

1. Conservation mines liquidation GP "Solotvinskiy pit."

2. Development under the auspices of the Ministry of Health project to build a new mine to open a new Allergic hospital.

3. Development of a comprehensive rehabilitation program smt Solotvyno (resettlement of people, the transfer of infrastructure that are in the danger zone, etc.).

Implementation of these decisions require astronomical amounts and will take time. Thus, conservation of mines requires a separate state program and can last for about ten years. For the construction and opening of a new mine underground hospital must first conduct a comprehensive study, and then — to develop a project to establish a funding etc. None of this yet, so the second point solutions like conventional populism.

In addition, the situation where ditched inactivity ready hospital, then to spend huge amounts of money to build new looks, to say the least, strange. As for the relocation of people and the transfer of objects, from that, unfortunately, can not escape.

Although three years ago in Solotvyno could maintain and both the hospital and the salt. And it would cost much cheaper than the current "conservation, rehabilitation and liquidation." It was only necessary to have the desire and to do more to defend the interests of Kiev, not their own …

Huge layer of salt, which is located Solotvyno, comes on the Romanian side, which also has a similar Solerudnik with allergic hospital. There, in the same way of mining salt is mined, and the patients come for treatment even from abroad. It is not only health, but also an attractive tourist destination. Deep underground, in vast areas of salt arranged a mini football, table tennis tables are set, there are salt lakes, where patients go boating. There is even an underground church with salt walls. And no one falls to the ground, nothing flooded, no one was resettled. But this is Romania, not Ukraine …

By the way, in Transcarpathia is another strategic object, whose fate resembles fate Solotvinskiy pit — Muzhiyevskoye zolotorudnik in Beregovo district. The former pride of Ukraine, the only gold producer, stopped a few years ago and is now threatening an environmental catastrophe surrounding villages. But this is another subject of conversation …

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