Special Operations Forces of the United States as a tool in the war of the sixth-generation

U.S. special operations forces as a tool in the "war of the sixth-generation"

Special Operations Forces of the United States of America are considered one of the South American government over the existing tools to strengthen their own military and political influence in the "Third World."

This is a form of air, naval and ground forces designed for specific tasks to the merits of the political, military and economic targets in the occupied territories of other States or in areas that are of great enthusiasm for the United States. The feature of these units is that they are in full combat readiness not only in the criteria of warfare, and in times of peace. Often acts Special Operations forces are illegal nature and are specifically under the control of senior military control. Until the end of the 70-ies of the last century, the main task of these units is to maintain a pleasing Yankees modes and elimination of the political forces and governments that hinder the embodiment of U.S. regional interests. Later, due to the growing military presence, the main task of the MTR was the fight against terrorism. Also in the list of tasks and the role of special forces comes in the fight against international drug trafficking and other types of crimes.

The government and the American military establishment led to the circle of main and additional tasks.

The government is considering special operations forces as a very valid tool to conduct counterterrorism operations. They spetsefichesky properly organized, trained and equipped in order to identify, prevent, restrain, locate and eliminate all of the possible danger of terrorists. The fight against terrorism is conducted in 2-versions — a set of measures aimed at reducing vulnerability to possible threats and counterterrorism operations aimed at the destruction of terrorists and their activities.

MTR is also charged on the mission to fight the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to protect the interests of America and its people.

MDA formation may also be involved and to conduct special reconnaissance around the world to collect and process intelligence, which is of strategic or operational significance.

Units can lead and short-term actions designed to capture, disabling or destruction of objects in order to maintain permanent military forces in the process of implementation of the strategic objectives.

They can carry out raids, ambushes, attack objects, lay mines, to put fire strikes from the air, designate targets for precision tools, to support the operation of permanent troops.

Very vserasprostranennym task for the MTR is also conducting "unconventional warfare" in the territories of the enemy. Its essence lies in the fact that the units, focusing on the Yankees priklnnoe local people, organized by the hostile terrain insurgency, providing it the necessary weapons, equipment, providing training and support.

In the near future, and there was another type of tasks performed by special operations forces — is information operations. Its essence is to achieve advantages through the distribution of disk imaging, the impact on the consciousness and system disk imaging opponent.

Very close to this task is the implementation and mental operations, the essence of which is to spread a specially selected disk imaging in order to influence the minds of people, their emotional state and therefore Makar, on their behavior.

These units conduct and operations associated with the civilian administration in the war zones. They anticipate the establishment of an interim administration for solving problems of the population, and their protection and the reduction of military influence in the course of operations.
In addition, the MTR and have a huge number of additional tasks. This role in the coalition assistance, rescue and search operations, humanitarian assistance.

More clearly shows the main principles of the units carrying out their operations in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

After sadly famous September 11, 2001, when New York, eventually bombing killed about five thousand people in front of a South American military department was tasked liquidation international Islamic terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda", and the overthrow of the regime in Afghanistan, which intensively supported it. To this end, the Americans, along with other countries of the coalition have launched military counterterrorism operations on the ground in Afghanistan, received the title of "Enduring Freedom."

The operation meant the highest level of information security. Rate was also made to conduct special operations against militants mental. PsyOps Group in its composition has approximately 1,200 professionals who are responsible for the information support the entire U.S. military.

In order to perform the operation "Enduring Freedom" on the ground in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and was sent to the regional mental operations battalion, reinforced by a group of tactical PSYOPS, as specialists from headquarters and logistics planning.
On the terrain of Uzbekistan were also deployed aircraft EC-1 Zoe, that are equipped with television and radio broadcasting system "Commando Solo", which are also operated from air bases in Pakistan. In addition, there were engaged division commanders civilians due to the administrations of the Army Reserve. Management produced specially made group under the Ministry of Defence, which included representatives of the Municipal Department, the CIA, some media and USIA.

Conducting psychological operations, according to the views of the Yankees, is considered one of the most effective causes in the course of the war, which allow to reduce the level of losses in the middle of the military and the civilian population, also assist in the performance of military tasks.

According to the Doctrine of the combined mental operations, the main objectives of the "Enduring Freedom" is to discredit the management of "Al-Qaeda" and the Taliban, demoralization and termination resistance militias "Al-Qaeda", an explanation of the circumstances of the occurrence of American troops in the Afghan countryside, the introduction of ethnic and religious conflicts peoples of Afghanistan for their own benefit, gain sympathy of the local population and decline to cooperate. Also expected over time to persuade the local political elite to his side in order to establish long-term effects of States in the region.

All operation was conditionally divided into three main steps. In the first step of a more intense act of PSYOPS BBC America and E, which operated from adjacent areas in Afghanistan. The second step, after the retreat of the Taliban from the big cities, focused on the southern and western parts of the country. During this period, the group deployed PSYOPS in the liberated territories. On the 3rd step, the focus shifted to business interaction with the local population, the restoration of the local government, the role of humanitarian organizations.

With the start of operations by aircraft South American military killed broadcasting centers and secured for itself a monopoly in the local radio. But since there was no apparent success, it was put under the swings and the entire operation. In addition, the world was growing public discontent over the U.S. bombing, which resulted in a massive mess with the eastern states. In add
ition, some European countries also condemned the Yankees. The Taliban have begun to admit to their areas of Western journalists that only aggravated the situation of the U.S. military. In the frame were killed by mistake kids and refugees. Even President George W. Bush then sharply criticized the information structures for inefficiency. Official Washington then urged journalists not to succumb to provocations Taliban, and in addition have taken measures pressure in order to completely isolate the Taliban in terms of information. There have been cases and pressure on the media-independent. Channel "Al Jazeera" had to sign a contract with CNN for the so-called exchange of information. In addition, it was expanded broadcasting "Voice of America" and "Radio Liberty" and allocated 20 million dollars for the resumption of broadcasting radio "Free Afghanistan." The post of Assistant Secretary of State for Information Policy was appointed special advertising Sh.Birs. Has been allocated an amount of 400 million dollars for propaganda in 78 countries, first of Oriental. And in Islamabad was created by the press information center, which gave the opportunity to the Western media to be proactive, seize the initiative in the light of events.

Second step was marked by the decision of the Taliban move to guerrilla warfare. It only gave free rein to the Yankees. They stepped up propaganda, calling to join the coalition and for safety to surrender. In rather short period such offers are luring a growing number of the rank and file militants and warlords "Al-Qaeda". Apart from the defeat of the remnants of the Taliban and "Al Qaeda", the South American military forces were to provide information support to enter the international peacekeeping contingent and political reconstruction of Afghanistan under the control of States. The main task at this stage was the agitation of the local population to support the interim government and peacekeepers United States and Britain.

On the 3rd step in the process of establishing contacts with local authorities on first priority was the restoration of infrastructure — hospitals, schools, television and radio, as the provision of humanitarian assistance. Apart from this, the United States wanted to secure for himself a pro-American Afghan war coverage in the Western media disk imaging. For this purpose, created by the press center for the Western media, which pointed Media support, provides a means of communication and access to the collection of disk imaging during surgery, took away the arrested Taliban control, helped to carry out propaganda in the middle of the local population.

Experts agreed that the criteria of Afghanistan more effective way of promotion. Broadcasting lasted up to 10 hours a day. And because the country lacked radios, then were dropped 100 thousand units at a fixed frequency. The information transmitted is aimed to discredit favorite fighters. For this South American experts at picking texts from the Koran, by which denied theses Taliban propaganda. First, and at the end of broadcasting sound folk music Afghanistan.

A more effective means of propaganda and was printed, which was at the time of surgery vserasprostraneno about 18 million copies. And since most of the population was not highly educated, the emphasis on the visual effect of agitation. The texts were the most ordinary. These Americans explained their goals more and showed goodwill towards the local population and tried to discredit the Taliban regime.

Was also used and humanitarian assistance to the American symbols and propaganda pictures. There were dropped about 1 million ppodpaketov. But such kind of propaganda was the low efficiency, because most of it is dumped or over deserts, or on parts of the Taliban. And only when the food started to deliver by land, the attitude has changed a little.

Have been applied and creative ways to publicize. For example, in Kabul, a meeting was organized relatives of the victims in New York, and relatives of those Afghans who were killed during the U.S. bombing. The purpose of this meeting was to demonstrate that the blame for terrorism, namely "Al-Qaeda".

Now mental operations of U.S. forces in Afghanistan last, and read about their results early. Newly any case, the South American government is unlikely to achieve a full turn of success, as the social institutions of Afghanistan are very conservative and are not easily accessible for outdoor exposure.

Conducted operations in Iraq.

In the spring of 2004 from the United States in Iraq was sent marine troops, whose task was to fight against the growing insurgency, namely, finding and binding settlement of the main links in the structure of the insurgency.

One operation was carried out in May of that year. Then a group of "Raider" has developed an operation to identify the 1st of intermediaries rebel, who was given the code name of "X", which attracted attention to himself after his accomplice was captured. It was found that this person plays an important role in organizing the insurgency against coalition forces. "X" made with them by the organization for a long time were in early development, but he was so cunning that a significant period of time avoiding arrest and surveillance, which has given an opportunity to present his involvement to the intelligence services. As it turns out later — it was true.

"Raider" conducted several operations, but no result they brought. A constant harassment forced the "X" lie low, and in this position he finished insurgency. In addition, the difficulty was also in the fact that no one could identify him. In the end, it was decided to hold a series of raids against the same "X" and the coming of his entourage, that such makarom force them to make mistakes. In addition, it was planned to make a close contact with the local authorities for more disk imaging. As a result, in view of several groups got the van, which was installed for surveillance. As a result, MTR were able to establish the seat of the 1st of the closest associates of the "X" that should be allowed to neutralize the object.

Need to see that until such time as the South American government launched a war in Iraq, the MTR did not participate in such long operations. In Somalia, Bosnia and act groups have been focused in the main on the adjustment of artillery or aviation or intelligence gathering. The Crucible awaited war in Afghanistan, but there they were in fact acts such as temper. And only in Iraq, the situation has changed.
After the regular Iraqi forces were defeated, and most of its territory was in the hands of the coalition, the country began mass guerrilla movement. A more effective weapon against them and became America's special operations forces. But, despite the predictions, not military action took place in the desert, and the streets of the town.

Final confrontation itself was hard to predict, because if the South American "Delta" or the SAS had the experience of operations in enclosed areas, the "Green Berets" were prepared specifically for special operations in the mountains and desert. Accordingly, the loss was very significant. South American military had to learn on the go features the introduction of a fight in the criteria of the town. Prepyadstviya were with the gun. As it turns out, the M16 rifle, the usual for the South American commando is not very effective at conducting combat at close range in the criteria of constant dust. Because very often had to exchange them for Kalashnikov assault rifles or machine guns.

Another operation by the forces of the MTR, had the title of "Marlboro". Its essence is to track and eliminate the suicide bombers in Iraq. Naturally, this operation, both in general and all the others, was kept secret, so find out the details of its implementation does not seem
likely. But, from publicly available information, you can draw some conclusions. Operation distinguished by good organization and cooperation of all parties and groups, disk imaging accuracy, and compliance measures for its concealment. Despite the lack of time for good training, the soldiers worked very effectively. The only disadvantage of the operation can be considered that in the safety net was only one sniper, and the other three have acted individually.

After the end of hostilities in the country of Iraq, when the bulk of the state army was defeated, the coalition countries did so referred to as "the Black group" composed of special forces and South American operations. The main objective was to capture the squad and the elimination of the surviving terrorist favorites, and the fight against suicide. By the way, this particular team has conducted an operation to search and eliminate Hussein's sons.

For a long time South American and British governments through their own intelligence agencies were preparing a "democratic revolution" in Libya, although the entire civilized world prefers a different name — the coup. But, as a voluntary transfer of power and out of question, the security forces have deployed active in the formation of the opposition to Gaddafi as the Libyan countryside and beyond. A similar operation was carried out in other Middle Eastern and North African countries. It is clear that similar activities are not publicized by the authorities.

In 2008, the command of the MTR process of building a special "Africa Command" which has been called «SOCAFRICA» and was completed in 2009. The main tasks of command meant a rapid response in the event of a crisis holding special operations, cooperation in the civilian administration, as well holding mental operations. In fact, from the early days of the formation on the command was entrusted the task of conducting 40 events in 13 African countries. Moreover, the unit began to implement a program from life for the free courses and seminars for the military of some African states. In conjunction with this event, and were aimed at establishing links with local authorities and undermine support for terrorist groups from the social side. Some work was carried out, and to discredit America objectionable regimes. The main activity of the formation has been deployed in the north and in the center of Africa.

The first results of its operations emerged in Tunisia and Egypt, where it was possible to shift regimes without bloodshed. But such a scenario in Libya has not passed, as evidenced by the seven-month confrontation between the active Army and the NTC forces supporting Gaddafi. The trouble at first associated with a highest level of Libyans living in comparison with the adjacent states. Social policy, which was held by the Gaddafi regime, gave the indigenous populations of many benefits, among which the possibility to receive free housing and municipal grants. In addition, the indigenous population of the Libyan — Bedouins — has long been recognized as the best warriors. But the permanent base of Libyan troops are not they, and foreign workers who come to Libya to work, as the urban population, which has long lost all their fighting ability. On the military training of the army itself does not have to read. Yet, a few months specifically with them in their hands were the reins of the state, and the insurgents turned into a massive military force. It is clear that without the help of foreign countries, there has not been.

An important role was played in this incarnation British MI-6 and the unit SAS. It is not a secret of the fact that the 3rd Battalion of the British royal troops with experience in the war in Afghanistan, was in a state of full combat readiness for the transfer to the Libyan countryside. May first English ship with commandos arrived in Libya, which by that time were warriors SAS, and the gun was stashed in the English office. But specifically in Benghazi, the British landing site, and started a revolution … But the British military was not alone, though Western governments strongly disavowed military presence in Libya. And this despite the fact that from the very first days of the coup Libyan rebels had to join the military fight SS unknown military units. All doubts are completely dispelled in 2011, when a representative of one of their human rights organizations, Peter Bouckaert, said that the sappers of the PNS could defuse pass near Ajdabiya, with 50 mines have been neutralized by foreign production. Naturally, it is possible to believe that a person can be trained to shoot in a few months, but prepare Prof. engineers — is unrealistic.

And after a UN resolution it need to take all possible measures almost completely untied the hands of the Yankees for the application of point air strikes on government targets. The main objectives of blows was destruction of air defense, military bases, and Fri accommodate armored vehicles. Already at the initial stage of the operation coalition troops were able to reach virtually all of their combat missions. According to the South American command, the Libyan Air Force actually ended its existence, and air defense system was so weak that South American planes feel completely safe. The only plane that lost the coalition troops, broke up a technical fault.

As a result, the liquidation technology of the government troops, they lost their advantages, that in fact even the odds between the opponents. And the armed conflict itself transformed into local battles in individual communities pt.

British special forces intensively helping the rebels in the organization and conduct of operations, and a number of special forces from some Western countries is accompanied by Libyan rebel areas. One of the main objectives of commandos was to provide communications during the storm Tripoli. This is a definite confirmation of the special operation of the land on which management has been refusing since NATO. Despite the fact that Americans shall be removed from their own role in the ongoing situation on the ground Libya, Snow White House more than once expressed the conjecture over the hearth use of U.S. special operations forces to help the Libyan rebels. It was assumed that they will adjust air strikes.
Manage CIA sent to the area of the country the Libyan several groups to support the rebels in their ground operations only in February, although there is evidence that these groups were present there much earlier.

In order to be more aware of the U.S. role in the Libyan events, you should remember the Yankees offense in Afghanistan. Then the newcomer was worked out strategy of engagement when massive air strikes combined with the actions of special operations forces troops on the ground. The main objective of these units was in the direction of air strikes and the greatest help the anti-Taliban forces. Americans pursued the very ordinariness of the goal — forcing the Afghans to fight against each other, so they reduced their own loss. Then this strategy has brought positive results. Now it wanted to use the terrain and Libya. From the beginning, the South American troops and the alliance publicly renounced forceful regime change, though, and it was clear to all that there is no other way. The situation changed when the governments of France, Britain and Italy were sent to Libya's own special adviser and began shipping tools, and create effective communication system. Then they began to stuff the rebels of intelligence, and to coordinate attacks NATO troops in places deployment of government troops. This half-hearted action stems from the fact that not all the countries of the Union, supported the holding of a ground operation in Libya. However, the victory of the alliance's Libyan state gave its participants the opportunity once again to believe in themselves, which have been significantly eroded after failures in Afghanistan. But, on the other hand
, a similar policy leads to aggravation of anti-American and anti-NATO sentiment in the global society. Well, some of your favorites are seriously considering working to be armed with weapon of mass destruction.

After the war in Libya, some experts consider Syria and Iran as the next victims of the U.S. and NATO, who developed and intensively introduce the principles of "unconventional warfare." This concept is very invested a huge amount of military and political objectives, designed for a long period of time. Such a war is very comfortable to the states, like America, because you can not advertise their presence on the territory of the enemy, and in those areas that are of greater economic or political enthusiasm. Military actions are carried out with the help of the local population, forming the guerrilla groups, which are based on the MTR and make a coup.

Exactly as in Afghanistan, to conduct outreach activities used radio broadcasts and leaflets, in what was said about the sins of Gaddafi and his supporters against the Libyan population. In addition, demands were made for the immediate surrender of weapons and the cessation of hostilities.

In addition, as part of America's special operations forces can be distinguished naval commandos, which received the title of "seals" or "seals". This group was formed in 1962 and took an active role in the conduct of combat operations not only in Vietnam but also in Afghanistan and Iraq. Seals on the right number of one of the stronger U.S. special forces. Moreover, it specifically some military experts attribute operation in Angola, in the port of Namibe, sinking cargo ship Cuban "Havana" and damage to the Russian transport ships, "Captain Teals" and "Captain Vislobokov."

So Makar, learning strategy of fighting the Yankees, we can conclude that the United States are increasingly began to use the strategy of waging a "war of the sixth generation," when there is no defined boundaries of the front, and the army is doing all only security function. At the same time, the major military action in the hostile terrain make the special forces mission.

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