Squirrel invasion in Kharkov

Of protein.  Photo: best-flickr.ru"Squirrel invasion" see people from different regions of Kharkiv. If a meeting with the red beast in the ravine or Sarzhinom Park. Gorky's no surprise, then whites, jumping on high-rise buildings in the yards or gardens Alekseyevka on HTZ, Bavaria, Saltovka — it is something out of the ordinary.
— We have dozens Grigorovski forest climbs and they are waiting for the people of their right to be hand fed, — says a resident of October district Svetlana Boiko. — Earlier proteins across there in one copy, and now they have a really pilgrimage for drying and nuts. Residents of nearby houses, even the feeder for them installed.
Zoologists unexpected increase in the number of red-tailed in the city of joy. Experts explain: this means that the environmental situation in our favorable.
— Feed protein — is one thing, but to catch them, paw — is another. This is a wild animal and could easily bite — warns biologist KNU them. Karazin Victor Tokarsky.
Epidemiologists also strongly recommend not to give the kids to feed the animals with careless hands.
— Unfortunately, there are cases where the proteins carry rabies. They do not just live in the trees and running around everywhere. All at the same time it happens. Say, a fox bitten, infected. A plant is not possible, because the animals are wild — explains the head of the Department of Epidemiology of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ivan Kratenko. — When dealing with proteins need to be careful. If the protein is healthy, she will take away with nuts and patient is aggressive and can even attack itself.
In addition to rabies, animals can carry about a dozen less serious diseases, so extra vigilance will be.
Yuri Zinenkov

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