St. John of Shanghai. Talks about the Last Judgment

That day, no one knows only God knows the Father, but the signs of its approach, and given in the Gospels, and Revelation of St. an. John. Revelation speaks of the events at the end of the world and the Last Judgement primarily in images and intimate, but St. Fathers have explained it, and there is a genuine church tradition which tells us about the signs of the approaching end of the world and the Last Judgment.
Before the end of life on earth it will be confusion, war, civil strife, famine, earthquakes.
People will suffer from fear, will fail them for looking after those. Would not be life without the joy of life and the painful state of falling away from life. But there will be a falling away not only from life, but from the faith, and the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?
People will be proud, ungrateful, denying the divine law: together with the falling away from the living will and the diminishing moral life. Depletion of good will and the growing evil.
About this time, and says St. an. St. John the Evangelist, in his God-inspired creation, called Revelation. He himself says that he "was in the Spirit," that means that the Holy Spirit Himself in him, when he opened up various images fate of the Church and the world, and because it is God's revelation.
The fate of the Church, he is in the image of a woman who is hiding in those days in the wilderness, it does not manifest itself in life, as now in Russia.
In life, will have the leading role of the forces which are preparing the appearance of Antichrist. The Antichrist will be a man, and not the devil incarnate. "Anti" — a word that means "old", or does it mean "for" or "against." He wants to be the place of Christ, to take his place and to have something that would have to be the Christ. He wants to have the same charm and power over the world.
And he will receive the power before his death and the world. He will be an assistant magician who force false miracles will do his will, and do not recognize the authority to kill the Antichrist. Before the death of the Antichrist yavyatsya two righteous that will expose him. Mage will kill them, and for three days their bodies will lie unburied, and will limit the jubilation of the Antichrist and his servants, and all of a sudden those resurrected righteous, and all the host of the Antichrist will be in confusion, terror, and the Antichrist will suddenly fall dead, killed by the power of the Spirit.
But what is known about the man, the Antichrist? The exact origin is unknown. Father — is completely unknown, and his mother loyal imaginary girl. He will be a Jew of the tribe of Dan. An indication of the fact that Jacob was dying, said he, in his progeny, "the serpent in a way that will impress the horse and then the rider shall fall backward." This is a figurative statement that he would act cunning and evil.
Evangelist John in Revelation speaks of the salvation of the children of Israel, that before the end of the world many Jews will turn to Christ, but in the list of tribes fleeing no tribe of Dan. The Antichrist will be a very intelligent and gifted with the ability to deal with people. It will obvorozhitelen and affectionate. Philosopher Vladimir Soloviev worked hard to provide the identity and coming of Antichrist. He carefully used all the material on the subject, not only the Holy Fathers, but also Muslim, and has developed such a vivid picture.
Before the coming of the Antichrist in the world is already preparing his appearance. "The secret is in action," and the forces preparing his appearance, especially fighting against the legitimate royal authority. Of St.. John says that "can not be the Antichrist, will not be eliminated until the retainer." John Chrysostom explains that "hold" — a legitimate godly power.
Such a power struggle with evil. "The Secret", operating in the world, does not want to, do not want to fight the evil force of power: on the contrary, it wants power of lawlessness, and when to achieve, then nothing will prevent the rise of the Antichrist. It will not only smart and obvorozhitelen: it will zhalostliv will do mercy and kindness, in order to strengthen his power. And when he has strengthened so much that the whole world recognizes it, then he will reveal his face.
The capital of his he shall choose Jerusalem, because it is here revealed the divine teachings of the Savior and his personality, and the whole world was called to the bliss of the good and salvation. But the world did not accept Christ and Him crucified in Jerusalem, and in Jerusalem, the Antichrist will be the capital of the world, recognize the power of the Antichrist.
Having reached the pinnacle of power, the Antichrist will require recognition of the people that he has achieved what no earthly power and no one could reach, and require worship of himself as a higher being as a god.
Soloviev well describes its nature as the Supreme Ruler. It will do all pleasant, while recognizing its supreme authority. It will offer the Church, will allow her to worship, to promise the construction of beautiful temples while recognizing his "Supreme Being" and worship. He will have a personal hatred for Christ. He will live and enjoy this hatred of people escape from Christ and the Church. Will be mass defection from the faith, and faith will change many bishops and the justification point to a brilliant position of the Church.
The search for a compromise will characterize the attitude of people. Straightforwardness confession disappears. People will be refined to justify his fall, and the beautiful evil will support such a general mood, and in the people skill will retreat from the truth and the sweetness of compromise and sin.
Antichrist will permit all people, if only they "fall down and worship him." This is not a new attitude to the people: The Roman emperors were also willing to give freedom to the Christians, but they admitted their divinity and divine sovereignty, and they tortured the Christians because they stood for, "You shall worship the Lord and serve him only."
The whole world is subjected to him, then he will face the hatred of Christ and Christianity. St. John the Evangelist says that all bowed to him is a sign on the forehead and right hand. It is not known whether this is really a mark on the body, or is it a figure of speech that people will and mind to recognize the need to worship the Antichrist and will be completely subordinate to it. During this full — will and consciousness — the subordination of the world and said two yavyatsya righteous and will fearlessly preach faith and denounce the Antichrist.
Holy Scripture tells us that before the coming of the Savior yavyatsya two "light", two "burning; olives", "two-righteous." They will kill the Antichrist by the Magician. Who are the righteous? According to Church tradition, the two righteous who did not taste of death: and the prophet Elijah, Enoch. There is a prophecy that the righteous shall not taste of death, they ate it for three days, and after three days rise.
Their death will be a great joy Antichrist and his servants. Their rebellion in three days will bring them in unspeakable horror, fear, confusion. Here then comes the death of the world.
Peter says that the first world was created out of the water and was lost water. "Out of water" is also an image of the physical mass of chaos and death — water flood. "And now the world is saved for the fire." "The earth and all the works that are therein shall be burned up." All the elements will ignite. This present world will perish in an instant. At the moment, everything changes.
And the sign of the Son of God will be — that is the sign of the cross. The whole world, rather to obey the Antichrist, "weep." It's over. Antichrist killed. The end of his kingdom, fighting with Christ. The end and the responsibility for the whole life, the answer is the true God.
Then, from the Palestinian mountains will be the Ark — the prophet Jeremiah hid the Ark and the Holy Fire in the deep well. When taken out of the well water — it caught fire. But most of the Ark was found.
When we now look at life, which may see — see that everything foretold the end of the world — is executed.
Who is this man, the Antichrist? St. John the Evangelist figuratively give his name 666, but all attempts to understand this designation were in vain.
The life of the modern world gives us a pretty clear notion of the possibility of combustion of the world, when "all the elements to catch fire." That gives us the concept of the expansion of the atom.
End of the world does not mean its destruction, but the change. All change suddenly, in a flash. The dead will be resurrected in new bodies — their own, but updated, as the Savior was resurrected in his body, wearing marks of the nails and the spear, but it has new properties and in that sense, it was a new body.
Unclear — whether it be an entirely new body, or the way in which man was created.
And the glory of the Lord will be on the cloud. How to see? Of spirituality. Now, at the death of the righteous people see what you do not see the other people around.
Blow the trumpet loudly and authoritatively. They sounded the trumpet in the souls and consciences. All will become clear in the human conscience.
The prophet Daniel, speaking of the Last Judgment, the story that the elder Judge on the throne, and before him the fiery river. Fire — it's cleaning element. Fire set on fire sin burns it, and woe if sin natural to the person, then it burns, and the man himself.
The fire kindled within man: seeing the Cross, some will rejoice, and others — will come to despair, confusion, fear. So people immediately divided: the Gospel narrative to the Judge alone are right, the other to the left — they split the inner consciousness.
Very state of the soul of man throws it in either direction, left or right. The more consciously and persistently sought a man in her life to God, the greater will be his joy when he hears the word "Come unto me, ye blessed," and vice versa, the same words will cause the fire of horror and anguish in those who did not want him, avoided or fought and blasphemed in life.
Judgement does not know the witnesses or the minutes. Everything is written in the hearts of men, and these records, these "books" are revealed. Everything becomes clear to everyone and himself, and the state of the soul of man determines his right or left. Are Going to joy, others in horror.
Unfold when the "book", it will be clear that the roots of all evil in the human soul. Here is a drunkard, a lecher — when the body is dead, someone will think — died and sin. No, my soul was bent, and the soul the sin was sweet.
And if it is not repented of sin, not free of it, she will come to Judgment with the same desire sweetness of sin and never satisfy his desire. It is the suffering of hatred and malice. It's a hell of a state.
"Gehenna" — this is an internal fire, this flame of vice, weakness and fierce anger, and "there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth" impotent rage.

LEE revive the bones of men?

There was no limit of grief and sadness of the ancient Jews, when Jerusalem was destroyed and they themselves were withdrawn in the Babylonian slavery. "Where are the mercy of Your Ancient, O Lord, thou hast sworn imizhe David" (Psalm 88, 5), — they cried. "But now thou hast cast off, and hast shamed us … hate us raskhischahu yourself … and the town scattered HN Thou" (Psalm 43, 10-15). But when it seemed that there was no hope of rescue, is also in the capture of the prophet Ezekiel received a wondrous vision. "I fast on hand of the Lord," — he said about that. The Invisible Hand of the Lord placed him among a field full of human bones. Inquired of his Lord: 'Son of man' will live a bone And this? ". "Lord God, Thou knowest Sia" — meets a prophet. Then the voice of the Lord commanded the Prophet to say the bones, which the Lord will give them a breath of life, have put their veins, flesh, skin. The prophet has spoken the word of God, there was the voice, the earth shook, and the bones were copulating, bone to bone, each to its composition, appeared to them veins, flesh came up, and covered with skin, so that the whole field was full of bodies of men, but the soul was not in the them. Again, the prophet of the Lord hears, and at the command of His prophesied the word of the Lord, and from the four countries flock to the soul is the spirit of life in the body, they get up, and the field is filled with meeting many people.
And the Lord said, "Son of man ', the bones And this whole house of Israel … glagolyut — killed our hope, to be slain byhom Az … ce he opened your graves and hassle you from your graves, O PEOPLE mine, and I will give my spirit in you, and will live, and will set you on your land. "
So the Lord God revealed to Ezekiel that His promises are steadfast and seemingly impossible for the human mind takes the power of God.
That vision meant that Israel, freed from captivity, returned to their own land, in the highest sense, a check-point to spiritual Israel into the eternal heavenly kingdom of Christ. At the same time, there predobrazhalos and the future general resurrection of all the dead.
Therefore these things prophecy of Ezekiel is read at Matins of Holy Saturday, when Christ, by his death, broken the gates of death, opens the coffins of the dead.
Belief in the resurrection is the cornerstone of our faith. "If there is no resurrection, then is Christ not risen: And if Christ be not raised, your faith is useless and so is" (1 Cor. 15, 13-14). If there is no resurrection, all the false Christian doctrine. That's why it fought against the belief in the resurrection of the enemies of Christianity, and also the faith in the resurrection of the Church of Christ. Not once rose high waves of disbelief, but retreated before the new signs, are really the resurrection, God ozhivotvoreniya recognized for the dead.
In the V-th century during the reign of Emperor Theodosius the Younger has been expanding strongly questioned the resurrection of the dead, so that even the churches that were controversial. And just at that time, there was a marvelous event, the reliability of which is confirmed by a number of historical records.
In the middle of III-century, during the reign of the emperor Decius (249-251), by his order in a cave near the city of Ephesus were filled with stones seven young men. The son of the governor of Ephesus, Maximilian, and six of his friends — Jamblicus, Dionysius, John, Antonin, and Martinian Eksakustodian confessed themselves Christians and refused to offer sacrifice to idols. Then using the time given to them to reflect and time of departure of the emperor, they were gone from Ephesus and hid in a cave in the surrounding mountains. When Decius returned, he learned that he gave orders to cover the entrance to the cave stones, to the young men, deprived of food and air flow, there have been buried alive. When Decius orders executed, two secret Christian, Theodore and Rufinus, the event is recorded on tin boards, which are hidden between the rocks at the entrance to the cave.
The young men were in the cave, however, did not know what happened. The day before they learned of the arrival to the city of Decius and praying fervently to God, fell into a profound sleep extraordinary, which lasted about 172 years. They awoke to a reign of Theodosius the Younger, even as were disputes about the resurrection. At the time, the then owner of the place made out rejector cave entrance stones and used them to build, completely unaware that there are children in the cave, which has all been forgotten. Awakened the young men thought they slept one night, because they do not see any change in the cave and they themselves are not at all changed. One of them, the youngest, Jamblicus, who went before the city for food, prayed to God with your friends, just go to Ephesus to find out whether they are searching for, and buy themselves victuals. He was struck by the change, seeing non-existent yesterday, as he thought, the church and hearing the spoken name of Christ. Thinking that he was in error was in another city, he decided to still buy bread here, but as for this bread, he gave a coin hlebotorgovets began to examine it closely and asked where he had found a treasure. Jamblicus vain insisted that he did not find the treasure and that the money he received from his parents, and people began to flock to seek, where he found the old money. Jamblicus called the names of their parents and friends, nobody knew them, and finally Jamblicus heard from the audience that he really is in Ephesus, but the emperor's long gone, reigning Christ-Feodosia.
About the incident heard the mayor and the bishop, and to check Iamvliha words with him, they went to the cave and found six other young men, and at the entrance to the cave and found a tin timber of them know when and how the young men were in the cave. About all that the mayor immediately told the king, who personally came to Ephesus, and talked with the boy. During one of our conversations, they bowed their heads and went to sleep a perpetual sleep. The king wanted to bring them to the capital, but his dreams which were the young men commanded him bury them in a cave, where they slept for many years a marvelous dream. That was done, and for centuries their power rested in the cave — XII century Russian pilgrim Anthony describes how to worship them.
The wonderful awakening youths were taken then as a prototype and proof of resurrection. Throughout the news spread about: mention a few contemporaries and historians, it was suggested by the former soon in City III Ecumenical Council. That astounding miracle then reinforced the belief in the resurrection. Clearly manifested the power of God, which has preserved over the years is solid and incorruptible apparel youths. As they raised the Lord from his sleep, so he will collect the bones and raise the dead, by the vision of the prophet Ezekiel.
Prophecy is not only predznamenuyuschee resurrection, but also the preservation of the death of God's law which stores people, also clearly marked on the Russian land.
At the beginning of XVII century on the termination of the reigning kind in Russia it is the hard times. Russian land was left without power, torn by internal turmoil, attacked by the heathen, who have seized many of the Russian region and even the heart of Russia — Moscow. Izmalodushestvovalis Russian people lost hope that there will be a Russian kingdom, many sought favors from foreign rulers, others pestered various impostors and thieves posing as princes.
When it seemed that there is no longer Russia, few still hope in saving her, came from the cave monastery Chudova last call umorennogo there Patriarch Hermogenes. The letter with the message of his Archimandrite Trinity-Sergius Monastery Dionysus and cellarer Abraham Palitsina reached Nizhny Novgorod. It Russian people were called to defend the holy places of Moscow and the House of the Mother of God.
The letter stirred the heart and citizen Cosmas Minin from the porch of the cathedral turned to fellow citizens with fiery call to give everything for the fatherland. Immediately poured donations was collected militia. Led him to be called a valiant governor Prince Dimitry Pozharsky, barely recovered from his wounds. But, aware of the forces of human frailty, the Russian people had placed themselves under the protection of Thee the Champion Leader, and as a great treasure to have an army of Kazan that the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, that there is no time out of the ground podyal holy Patriarch Hermogenes, while still a presbyter Yermolai.
Russian militia marched, relying not on their weak force, and the almighty God's help. In fact, doing the things that we could not still make no effort. In a short time, Moscow was liberated, and in this day of memory of the seven youths of Ephesus Russian militia solemn procession entered the Kremlin, where to meet them, was another procession, with the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, which remained in a trapped hail.
Russian land was cleared of the enemy and impostors, was restored Russian kingdom, who ascended to the throne of the young Michael Feodorovich Romanov. Revived Russia, heal the wounds of her, and she went from glory to glory. Image of Our Lady of Kazan, which was released on Moscow and with it the entire Russian land, became the greatest relic of the Russian people. Lists it set in the ancient capital Moscow and then in the new royal city of St. Peter, also famous for many miracles. Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is found in each City, village, and almost every house, and the holiday Kazan icon of the Mother of God was celebrated in all of Russia as a great holiday.
Now again shaken to the foundations of Russian land, highly filled with waves of disbelief. Grief covers heart, and temptations prepared Russian people, like the captive Israelites cry out, "Suha our things were made of bone, was lost hope byhom Slain." But memory sedmi after awakening youths with Candlemas Lady of Kazan broadcast on the right hand of the almighty God, and the verb of Ezekiel from the past thundering voice of the Lord: — "Behold your az opened the coffins and hassle you from your graves, O PEOPLE are mine, and you shall put on your land and take away, like a Az Lord verbs and make, saith the Lord Adonai! " (Ezekiel 37,12-14).

Shanghai 1948

TEA resurrection and the life to come

Inconsolable and boundless should have had to be our grief for the dying of our loved ones, if not for God has given us eternal life. Meaningless would our life be like if it ended with death. What is the use then of the virtues of good deeds? Right then speaking "let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!" But man was created for immortality, and by His resurrection Christ rend the gates of the celestial kingdom of eternal bliss, and believeth on Him who lived righteously. The Earth is our life — a preparation for the future, and death is the end of our training. "A man once to die, but after this the judgment." Then the man leaves all his earthly care, splits the body to rise again in the general resurrection. But his soul lives on and never once stops its existence. Many phenomena of the dead is given to us in part to know what happens to the soul when it leaves the body. By stopping her vision bodily eyes, then opened her spiritual vision. It often begins in the dying even before his death, and they are seeing around them and even talking to them, seeing what others do not. Coming out of the same body, the soul finds itself among other spirits, good and evil. Usually it tends to those that are more akin to the spirit, and if, while in the body, it has been influenced by some, it remains dependent on them, coming out of the body, as unpleasant as they may have been at the meeting.
For two days the soul enjoys relative freedom and can visit places on earth, she loved, and the third day is sent to the other spaces. While it goes through the hordes of evil spirits, barring her way and accusing her of various sins, which they themselves had tempted. According to Revelation, there are twenty such obstacles, the so-called ordeal, each of them with a searching one or another kind of sin, passing through one, the soul goes to the next, and only well after going through all the soul can continue on its way, and not be immediately cast into hell. How terrible those demons and their ordeals, shows that the Virgin, notices about upcoming Angel Gabriel's death, begged his Son to save her from the demons, and granted her prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ came from heaven to the soul of His Blessed Mother and ascend to heaven. Frightening is the third day for the souls of the deceased, and therefore in particular need it then to pray for her. Successfully passing ordeals and worshiped God, the soul for another thirty-seven days of visiting the village of heaven and the abyss of hell, not knowing where it would be, and only on the fortieth day is its place to the Resurrection of the Dead. Some souls are in anticipation of eternal joy and bliss, and others — in the fear of eternal torment that fully occurring after the Last Judgement. Until then, may be more changes in the condition of souls, especially through offering for Bloodless Sacrifice (commemoration at the Liturgy), as well as other prayers. How important is it for this commemoration at the Liturgy, shows the following event. Before the opening of the relics of St. Theodosius of Chernigov (1896) commits pereoblachenie relics priest, to kill, sitting near the relics, dozed off and saw the bishop, who told him, "Thank you, that bothered me. Yet I ask you, when you're liturgy, remember my parents' — and gave their names (Priest Nikita and Maria). "How are you, Saint, ask my prayers, when he stand before the throne of heaven and grant people the grace of God?" — Asked the priest. "Yes, it is true, — said S.. Feodosia — but offering the liturgy more powerful than my prayer."
Therefore useful to the deceased and funeral services, and home prayer for the dead, and good deeds being committed in their memory, such as a charity, the victims of the church, but especially helpful for them commemoration at the Divine Liturgy. There were many dead and the effects of other events, confirming how charitably commemoration of the dead. Many died in repentance, but not in time to show it in life freed from the pains to give repose. The church has always prayers are offered for the repose of the dead, and even on the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit in the kneeling prayers at vespers, there is a special prayer "of contents of hedgehog in hell." Each of us, wanting to show their love for the deceased and to give them real help, the best it can do a prayer for them, especially the commemoration of the liturgy, when taken out for the living and the dead particles sink into the blood of the Lord with the words "Otmy, O Lord, the sins of those commemorated by the blood of thy zde Honestly, the prayers of Thy saints. " Nothing better, and no longer can we do for the dead, how to pray for them, giving them a commemoration at the Liturgy. In this, they are always in need, especially during those forty days, in which the soul of the deceased, working their way up to eternal mansions. Do not feel anything when the body does not see the assembled family, does not smell the fragrance of flowers, does not hear the funeral orations. But the soul feels heave of her prayers, is grateful to those who create them, and is spiritually close to them.
Relatives and friends of the dead! Do to them what they need and what you can. Spend money than external decoration coffin, grave, and to help the needy in memory of deceased loved ones, to the church, where they ascend to the prayer. Show kindness deceased, take care of his soul. We all need to be that way, as we will then want to prayerfully commemorated us! Let us be kind to yourself and the dead. Once someone passed away, call me immediately or notify the priest's "The Service of the end for the soul" which should read over all Orthodox as soon as they end. Try to, if possible, the funeral took place in the church and to the funeral of the deceased was read Psalms. The funeral service can take place and magnificent, but always full, without reduction, not think about themselves and their comfort, and the deceased, with whom say goodbye forever. If both the number of the dead in the church, do not give up to their funeral together. Better to let the burial service at once two or more dead and will be even hotter prayer gathering all their loved ones, what will be their funeral service at a time and not having the time and effort, will reduce the service, when every word of prayer for the dead is like a drop of water thirsty. Be sure to take care of immediately committing Prayers, ie commemoration daily for 40 days at the Liturgy. Usually, in the churches, where the daily priesthood, the dead are remembered inveterate there for forty days and more. If the burial service at the church, where there is a daily service, relatives should take care and order Prayers where daily service. Well as to send a remembrance to the monasteries in Jerusalem, where the permanent service of the holy places. But we must begin Prayers immediately after the death, when the soul is particularly in need of prayer help, and thus begin the commemoration of the nearest place where the daily service.
We will take care of escaping into another world before us, so for them to do the best we can, remembering that "Blessed are the merciful, for through TII clemency will be."

HOW DO we can best the deceased CLOSE OUR MAIL?

We often see the desire kin of the deceased as may be richer and arrange to hold a funeral grave. Much money is spent on luxury sometimes monuments.
Spend a lot of money to relatives and friends wreaths and flowers, the latter has to be removed from the coffin before it was closed, so they do not accelerate the decomposition of the body.
Others want ads in print pay their respects the dead and their sympathy to his family, even though this method is the identification of the feelings shows their shallow, and sometimes lying, because honestly grieving will not expose your grief show, to express their sympathy may also much warmer in person .
But that would be one of these things we make, the deceased did not receive any benefit from that. Dead body lying in the same poor or rich tomb, luxurious or modest grave. It does not smell brought flowers, do not need him feigned expression of grief. The body shall be made to decay, the soul lives, but does not feel more sensations perceived through bodily organs. Another life has come to her, and another to have it.
Here's what you need it to, and should we do, if you really love the deceased and wish to bring him their gifts! What exactly will bring joy to the soul of the deceased? First of all, sincere prayers of it as personal and household prayer, and, in particular, the prayers of the Church, coupled with the bloodless sacrifice, ie commemoration at the Liturgy.
Many of the phenomena of the dead and other visions shown the great benefits that are departed from praying for them and by offering for the Bloodless Sacrifice.
Another thing that brings great joy to the souls of the dead, — solubility for alms. Nourish the hungry in the name of the deceased, to help the poor — would be like to do that to him.
St Athanasius (memory April 12) before his death bequeathed to feed the poor in memory of her for forty days, but the sisters of the monastery negligently performed then only nine days.
Then it was the saint with two angels and said, "Why have you forgotten my will? Know that priestly charity and prayer, offered for the soul of the forty days, propitiate God, if the soul of the dead were sinners, the Lord will grant them absolution, if they are right, then pray for their good deeds will be rewarded. "
Especially these, heavy all day madly spending money on useless things and affairs, when, having used them for the poor, you can simultaneously make two good things: and the dead himself, and those who will be helped.
But if the prayer for the deceased will be given poor food, they will be filled physically and spiritually deceased engorged.

Week 7 of Pascha, 1941 in Shanghai.

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