St. Seraphim Vyritsa. Prophecies and teachings Elder

Seraphim has undeniable gift for prophecy. This was eloquently many living testimony. Some of the prophecies of the great old man has already been fulfilled.


Predicting the Elder in 1927 patriarchal service Hutynsky Archbishop Alexy (Simansky) and approaching severe persecution, the prophecy of the coming of the ascetic of the Great Patriotic War and the victory of our arms in it; foresight father died Archpriest Seraphim Alexis Kibardina fifteen years after their own, as well as insight into the exact fate Many people have now become an indisputable fact.

Deeply prophetic lines are written by the elder in 1939 poem "The storm will pass over Russian ground …" In the years of bloody persecution, when it seemed that the Church is doomed to a speedy and complete destruction, Father Seraphim says about her upcoming revival — the resumption of proscribed then the bells, the opening of the ruined temple of God and the holy monasteries. Father constantly reminded his many visitors about the invincibility of the promise of God Church the gates of hell. Seraphim told about the revival of specific monasteries — Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, Diveevo and others. It is noteworthy that, predicting the recovery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, the old man said that the state will return the first church as a parish church of Holy Trinity Cathedral, and only then, after many years, all the monks give Laura. Father also predicted that over time, will be based in the monastery and Vyritsa and Leningrad will again renamed St. Petersburg.

Said Father Seraphim, the time will come when, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia will act Orthodox radio broadcasts in which to hear inspirational exhortations, prayers, and hymns …

On the question of the spiritual son of Russia's future, an old man asked him to look out the window, overlooking the Gulf of Finland. He saw a large sail ships under different flags. — What does it mean? — He asked the priest. The elder replied: "There will come a time when the spiritual blossoming in Russia. Will open many temples and monasteries, even the Gentiles will come to us baptized on such ships. But it's not for long — for 15 years, then the Antichrist is coming."

He said that when the East takes hold, everything becomes stable. Number — on their side, but not only that: they work sober and industrious people, and we have a drink …

Another told how the old man said: "The East will be baptized in Russia. Worldwide heaven pray for enlightenment of the East.

The time will come when Russia will tear apart. First, it will be shared, and then begin to plunder the wealth. West will encourage the destruction of Russia and give her time to the eastern part of China. Far East will be assumed control of the Japanese, and Siberia — the Chinese, who will move to Russia to marry the Russian and in the end guile and cunning take the territory of Siberia to the Urals. When China wish to go further, and oppose the West will not allow. "

Many countries opolchatsya to Russia, but it will stand, having lost most of their land. It is a war about which the Holy Scripture and the prophets said would cause the unification of mankind. People will realize that it is impossible to live on, or all life will die — it will be the eve of the reign of the Antichrist.

Then there shall be a persecution of Christians, when they leave the trains to Russia from the cities, we must hurry to be among the first, as many of those who are left, will be lost.

Relatives and friends of spiritual children of Father Seraphim noted that not all seen the old man in the rainbow colors …

"There will come a time when no persecution, and the money and the charm of this world turn people away from God and die to more souls than in the days of open rebellion, — said my father — on the one hand, will erect crosses and gilded dome, and the other — comes the kingdom of lies and evil. True Church will always be persecuted, and escape can only be sorrows and diseases. Persecution also will receive the most sophisticated, unpredictable. Scary will live up to these times. We, thank God, not live, but at the same time of Kazan Cathedral, the procession will go to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. "

Some predictions Vyritsky Elder sound rather alarming tone. "If the Russian people do not come to repentance, — said my father — may happen to arise again brother against brother."

Several important predictions Father Seraphim Vyritsky was written by Maria Georgievna Transfiguration, a niece of St. Theophan of Poltava.

…It was right after the war. I sang in the choir of the church of the village Vyritsa Paul. Often we are singers from our church came to Father Seraphim blessing. Once one of the singers said: "My dear sir, how well is now — the war was over, the bell rang again in the churches …" And the old man answered: "No, that's not all. Yet the fear is greater than it was. You may notice this. Would be very difficult youth pereobmundirovyvatsya. Anyone who did survive? Who only remain alive? (These words Seraphim repeated three times) . But who will remain alive — what would that have a good life … " After a pause, the priest again mused: "If the people of the world, all to a man (again, as a chant, the old man repeated these words several times), at one and the same time, would get up on my knees and prayed to God while if only for five minutes in order to extend the life of the Lord has given all the time to repent … "

Arguing about the prophecies of St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) says, "God changed his definition, declaration and through the holy prophets, such as Jonah's prophecy of Nineveh (Iona. 3:10), Elijah of Ahab (3 Sam. 21:29), Isaiah of Hezekiah (4 Kings. 20:1-11.) Who gave himself and all the will of God, that does not need to know in advance. " In all these cases, the St. Ignatius God changed temper justice with mercy when, as individuals or a whole people were brought into subjection to Him, left a life of sin and entered the path of repentance.

God gifts to Father Seraphim Vyritsky many gracious revelations. Describing one of his spiritual intuitions, ascetic nun told Seraphim (Morozova)

"I've been in all countries. Better our country and I did not find better than our faith, I did not see. Our faith — above all. This is the Orthodox faith, the true. Of all the beliefs she alone brought to earth the Son of God made man. Please, Mother Seraphim, tell everyone that our faith no retreat! "

Vyritsa old man used to say that Russia has a priceless treasure — it is the guardian of the Holy Orthodox faith. True education is the enlightenment of the soul the light of Orthodoxy. Not prosperous West, where the ultimate goal of all existence is earthly well-being, and Russ, blessed Russia, which adopted an infant his foolishness of the cross, saved in the depths of his vast soul the image of Christ crucified and carrying him in her heart is the true light of the world. That Holy Russia, which has always lived forefeeling heavenly, was looking for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and was in the living communion with the sky. Eternal power and beauty of Orthodoxy is the marvelous unity of heaven and earth. In Russia, the sky was inseparable from the land. "Man Holy Rus always knew what the meaning of life eternal and the main purpose was for him the acquisition of heavenly blessings," — reminded the pupils Seraphim.

Vyritsky ascetic life — this is a whole epoch in the life of Russia. For several decades, the old man took place in front of a significant event in the life of Russian society, find a ready response in his pure heart. Seraphim was his earthly journey, knowing that there is no salvation outside of Orthodoxy, there is no resurrection and immortality. "Only God will never forget: Keep the sacred truths of the Orthodox faith, with all my heart love the Lord Jesus Christ!" — Neighbors often heard these words from the mouth of the blessed old man.

Connect with your breath the sweetest name of Jesus, Father Seraphim seen in mental prayer invaluable tool for acquiring spiritual peace and salvation:

"In the worst of times it will be convenient to escape the one who to the best of their will to fight the Jesus prayer, rising from the frequent invocation of the name of the Son of God, to pray without ceasing."

In the words of the holy fathers doing it not only protects the person from all the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil, but may shew to runneth living temple of God, where God is chanted silently. Such a devotee is in the earth's life through the power of God becomes unfathomable qualities necessary for future life.

Many spiritual children Vyritsa elder advised as often as possible to read the prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian, "O Lord and Master of my life …" "In this prayer, the whole essence of Orthodoxy, the whole Gospel. She we ask the Lord for help to acquire the properties of the new man," — said the priest.

"Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own faults and not to judge my brother …" Sin condemnation Seraphim called one of the greatest spiritual ills of our time! "We have the right to judge but yourself. Even arguing about any man, we have unwittingly condemn it," — said Vyritsa elder. He particularly recalled the inadmissibility of condemnation of the priesthood: "Personal human weakness can not take away the grace of ordination. During the sacraments the priest is only an instrument in God's hands. Invisibly all sacraments makes Christ himself. Whatever sinful father, even if he is prepared to fire gehenna only light through it, we can get permission from our own sins. "

Father Seraphim was deeply convinced that one must prepare ourselves for eternity. Once the soul is separated from his body, she soon realizes that the knowledge and experience of all its previous life became nothing. Those objects, images and ideas that the earth represents a person the most valuable and important, would be meaningless, as well as the events that occupied his mind and heart, and seemed most important. Moreover, the properties and qualities that sang and brought the world, will be harmful and precisely the opposite, which should have a resident blissful eternity. The only earthly experience that a person will need in the next life — it is the experience of knowing Christ as a holy and Divine Truth. "Earth — the country crying Sky — land of fun. Heavenly joy grows from seed posevaemyh on earth. These seeds: prayer and tears on the ground … no greater happiness than to know God and cling to Him with all my soul. This union of the now and forever. This alliance — a condition of true bliss eternal, anticipation is already beginning here on earth … " — In full agreement with these words of St. Ignatius stayed Seraphim. In this case, the old man urged all runneth not in any way take no visions, events, and voices from the other world. Only holy by the grace of God are able to distinguish bright angels from demons. The latter, being the people who take on the appearance of the angels of light, surround themselves with all sorts of plausible and speak the truth visible to seduce and destroy the inexperienced, careless and curious. "Carnal, sinful man worthy to see angels and saints. They tend to communicate only with the fallen dark spirits, which, as a rule, is the cause of death. Let us pray that the Lord will deliver us from the temptations of the evil one" — Edify near Father Seraphim.

Vyritsa ascetic their lives answered many questions that trouble seeking salvation in today's stormy world. "Things are committed to the spirit of this world, to the detriment of his own soul and conviction and shower neighbor, flowing like clockwork. Closest to you to see it: you see how fast the subject of the book, and ruining the faith and morals, which are made at the cost of being printed how zealously some try to make them, and others are buying. How do you think what it is before the eyes of God? And what should be expected for this on the judgment of God? unbelievers cry out that there is no God, there is no judgment. Due to such a shout that corruption increases stifle submission of conscience, God has not ceased to exist. he is and always will render to every man according to his works. apostasy predicted most clearly Scripture and is testimony to how much is true and true all the things in the Bible … But God gave each man during his earthly life to arbitrarily do good, or do not do it. " These lines, as if the people of our time, have been written by St. Ignatius in 1864. With the death of the individual soul begins the death of an entire people. Salvation is of the people depends on the mites, which would in this case every single person.

Life of Elder Vyritsky Lord gives wonderful way of salvation in such a difficult time for the Russian people. Sanctifying every serious a step blessing and prayer of the Mother of the Church, for many years was undetectable by Seraphim, everyday heroism. It is hidden from the public eye feat, performed in the inner solitude, there is no room flushed and irritability, depression and despair. It is a daily feat of active repentance, prayer and fasting, a feat of real and manageable cases committed for the sake of Christ and the love of neighbor. It's quiet, but firm standing in faith, which requires a lot more courage than momentary goryachenie and the loudest cries of patriotism. Where the raging passions, will never grace the peace of Christ, which is a witness to the truth.

Ascetic always remember that "our war is not against flesh and blood, but … against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Eph. 6:12). It means real fight does not bring success. Patience, humility, meekness, repentance, contrition of heart and prayer, charity, love and gentleness — is the main weapon in the invisible battle. This is stated clearly centuries of patristic experience. "All evil must be covered with kindness and love, humbly accepting the temptation sent us by God's — said Father Seraphim Vyritsa — responding to evil with evil, we only come to its multiplication in the universe." The main properties that have learned the enemy of the salvation of the human race, are the pride and hatred. You can only defeat them with their opposite virtues — humility and love, which attract all-powerful grace. From it in terror flee evil spirits.

Summarizing the words of the ancient fathers, addressed to the devotees of our time, St. Ignatius writes: "Those who truly work to God, prudently conceal themselves from people and will not engage in the midst of signs and wonders … They will go through the work, which dissolved humility and in the kingdom of heaven will be great fathers, renowned for miracles. " It is this way — the way of doing dissolved humility was decades Seraphim Vyritsa, his whole life without thinking much about himself, but being in obedience to the Mother Church.

"Go, go terrifying waves of the Flood, to exterminate the entire human race, are the wave of lies and darkness, surrounded on all sides are willing to absorb the universe, destroying the faith of Christ, destroy His kingdom on earth, suppress his teaching, damaging habits, dull, destroy conscience, establish dominion vsezlobnogo miroderzhtsa. means of salvation in our Lord used the commanded flight (Matthew 24:16) — calls St. Ignatius. — Where is the blessed ark like Noah's ark righteous, where one could escape from the waves everywhere enveloping where you can find a safe escape? Ark — The Holy Church, above the rushing waves of the flood of moral, and in a dark, violent, terrible night, with complacency, the hardness in his way, guided by the host of heaven: the writings of the saints. Radiance these luminaries slack hide no haze, no clouds. Ark reached a haven of blissful eternity, will bring back all those entrusted to them his salvation. "

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