Students will be fined and have to judge

Catherine Gerasimchik and Olga Bogdanovich, students Grodno Medical University, the decision of the administrative committee of Leninsky district of Hrodna fined ten basic units for each alleged violation dobravparadkavanastsi city.

Catherine Gerasimchik and Olga executive committee arrested on the night of 11 to 12 February, about the second hour in the center of Grodno near the monument to Lenin, to whom pastamentse was made inscription "Luke flour."

During their detention, girls were carrying labels of "Young Front", and print with the words "Freedom Kirkevich," "Freedom Nyakleevu," "Freedom Fyaduta!." These stickers were pasted on the center of the city.

However, the two girls did not agree with the decision of the administrative committee. They say they are not related to putting up stickers.

Also, the girl refused his dachynnasts to the inscription on the monument to Lenin pastamentse. Later, Catherine Gerasimchik found the remains of paint on her hand, which was made, but she told police that only lifted from the ground spray paint, which was lying on the ground next to the monument.

However tomorrow Kasya Gerasimchik a trial — it is accused that she did sign it.

In the dorm rooms where the girls live, the police raided and confiscated a computer, books, promotional materials, "Young Front" and the "Tell the truth."

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