Syria: Americans scare themselves, and Asma al-Assad buys chairs

Syria: Americans are afraid of themselves, and Asma al-Assad buys chairs

I. These creepy Russian tankers

All over the world so afraid of Russian, which confused the days of newsboys Russian tanker "Iman" — a ship auxiliary fleet in the port of Tartus — the flotilla, as if stuffed armed to the teeth thugs commandos and marines, who arrived by order of the Kremlin to protect Bashar al-Assad and his 330000th army of world democracy.

"On arrival in Syria warships with detachments of special forces handed the South American television network ABC, and the TV channel" Al Arabiya ". According to one source, has already arrived in Tartus two Russian warships with special forces, and on the other — the second ship was headed for Tartous in Syria and will arrive in the coming days "(source:

"TV channel" Al Arabiya "… citing sources in the ranks of the Syrian opposition said that the profits of Tartus Russian military special units" (The Russian service of the "Bi-bi-si").

"Reports of the presence in Syria Russian counterterrorism forces raises new questions about what contributes to our homeland, even indirectly or directly fierce suppression of the protests in Syria. Our homeland is a loyal ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It causes resentment among his own colleagues in the UN Security Council, will block multiple samples to end the violence in Syria "(" Fox News "- translated as "Inosmi"). And from there: "The Source of the Security Council told ABC News, the arrival in Syria Russian military — is an information" bomb ", which certainly would have serious consequences."


"According to Russian media, the military branch of the country came to Syria. As ABC News said a source in the UN Security Council, this news was "the bomb", which, of course, will have serious consequences.

Our homeland, one of the staunch supporters of President Bashar al-Assad, despite international condemnation of violent oppression by the government of Syria uprising, not once blocked the sample UN Security Council to end the violence, accusing the U.S. and its allies in an attempt to unleash another war.

Now, according to news agency "Interfax", the Black Sea Fleet tanker "Iman" has arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus in the Mediterranean Sea with the counterterrorism group of Marines on board. The government of Bashar al-Assad insists that he is fighting a terrorist rebellion. Russian sources do not report any details about the mission of Russian troops in Syria, nor that if they are going to leave the port.

According to Mark Galeotti, a professional in the security industry, specializing in the Russian Federation, the presence of Russian troops in Syria can be considered "quite clear" sign of support for the regime. "Everyone thinks that the Russians — not that different, as the latest Friends of Bashar al-Assad," — said Dr. international relations at New York Institute of Mark Galeotti "(source: "InoTV").

Moving large units of special forces who are going under cover to clean up the country taken separately, on the tanker — is, of course, the latest word in military strategy. Follow-up "information bomb" of global media will probably Russian Marines in caps with earflaps, disguised as fishermen and trying to swim across the Atlantic on motorboats to invade US Because there specifically, and not in Syria, flowers and smells approximate kingdom of democracy, which do not like this ruthless Russian.

With regard to the question raised again about the ruthlessness with which suppressed the protests in Syria, because the theme of spiritual kindness media has long been not interested. There is no demand for it. But on the ruthlessness of the demand is there — and if so, let's learn a little more about them.

"RBC" reported:

"The human rights organization Human Rights Watch has accused the Syrian opposition of massive violations of human rights. HRW has sent a corresponding letter to the Syrian National Council, which acts against President Bashar al-Assad.

The statement stressed that the opposition did not once kidnapped, tortured and cruelly murdered supporters of B. al-Assad, the military, the police officers. "The brutal strategy of the Syrian army can justify such acts of opposition" — human rights activists. "

An excerpt from an article by Catherine Zabrodina, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta":

"His hands were tied, and the person — in the blood. He denied all charges. Then the person who conducted the interrogation, claimed to bring a stun … "- such evidence outrages Syrian rebels released the human rights organization Human Rights Watch.

An open letter in which human rights activists appealed to favorites opposition, became a sensation. After all, so far in human rights abuses blamed only the Syrian government. But now the observers for the first time acknowledged: fighters, fighting on the side of the opposition, every day is kidnapped, brutally tortured and killed not only professional soldiers and security officials, and ordinary people, even the slightest sympathetic to the authorities. According to human rights, violence, are also members of religious minorities in Syria, in particular the members of the Shia Alawite sect, to which belong to President Bashar al-Assad and the ruling elite of almost all. "

Do you see how? Better not to incriminate one side, you can not pass for biased — or, at least, is very democratic. And even better — it does not incriminate anyone, but to understand what is happening. It is not that one side will haunt tankers and sailors in caps with ear-flaps and on the other — the suppression of genuine democracy in the dungeons of Stalin's Russian-Syrian regime.

These nightmarish fantasy, inspired by the South American stereotypes about the Russian border on some stories, drunken given out by some media — right in the spirit of marktvenovskoy "Journalism in Tennessee." Here, for example, Mixednews — From

"Informed diplomatic sources said Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), that Bahrain, representing Cooperation Council states of the Persian Gulf, the Russian Federation offered a bribe of five billion dollars if it does not use its veto in the UN Security Council for the Arab League-sponsored resolution calling for the resignation of Syrian President Ashara Bassada. " (As in the translated text. — A. Ch.)

Next said the proposal "a bribe of 5 billion dollars to Russia for a positive vote on the resolution of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, during his visit to Moscow before the vote in the UN Security Council. Our sources report that in the Russian government flatly refused to funds that have been proposed by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

WMR also learned that such a bribe from these states have also been offered to
China. The proposal, on which the Chinese government plenty to laugh, apparently, was made during a visit on January 18, Prime Minister of China Wei Jiabao in Qatar's capital Doha. " (End of quote).

Felt that the media have hit in "yellow" writing. Why? Syria is no longer subject because until then, shakes readers. Global public realized that the West will stick to the strategy of waiting — and then accept at least some version of the final military action in Syria: Assad to victory, a defeat there. The first option will give reason genuinely democratic governments and the media gossip about human rights violations in Syria, and at the same time in Moscow, the second … second America hardly wait. Bashar Assad is stubbornly bends the line. The meeting also "Friends of Syria", which is already the world's democratic forces in the second transfer time — at first she was appointed on March 24, and later on April 2, now here on the 1st — not that other, as April Fools' political rally, had started in order to celebrate the start of the summer season in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the opposition, which still did not realize that it will not allow guns and military intervention will not support it continues to insist on the "Libyan scenario" ("")

"In Damascus on Saturday, two massive explosions rocked. One of the terrorists, car bombs were detonated near the headquarters of the Air Force Intelligence, between the streets of Baghdad and a block to bite. Another explosion occurred at the roundabout near the area of the Umayyad where the two day or reversed held a mass rally public support for President Bashar Assad. Most of the victims as a result of terrorist attacks — the peaceful inhabitants. This was stated by the Minister of Health Syria Wael Nader al-Halak. "As a result, 2-bombings by terrorists have been killed 27 people, in the main peaceful inhabitants, and 97 injured," — quoted Minister of the Syrian state television.

Yet, despite the ongoing efforts of members of the international community, the Syrian opposition is ready to resolve the crisis in the country only on the "Libyan scenario." This was stated by the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (LAS), Nabil al-Arabi. "The Syrian opposition says that the way out of the conflict is likely only on the" Libyan scenario "and a sample of negotiations with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad to peacefully resolve the situation or lead to nothing" — quoted Moussa Egyptian newspaper "Al-Ahram" . Al-Arabi added that the opposition "candidates are not military intervention in an internal conflict."

Logical: if he wins the army of terrorists not pat on the head. "If we knew that it came earlier, we maybe would not have ventured — admitted the 30-year-old Bassel Fouad, an activist, who escaped the attack against the opposition in Bab Amr in the town of Homs this month and is now in Lebanon . — But we did it and now can not the brakes, because if we create so that they will destroy us all "("Washington Post", March 14, the article "The anniversary of the uprising, the Syrian protesters they say that they do not give up." Creator — Liz Sly, reporting from Beirut).

All seekers of light for democracy "Libyan scenario" warned the head of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: "If there is a violation of inter-ethnic, inter-religious nature of Syrian country, which is very difficult to design, I'm afraid at this point just breaks crisis that is brewing, unfortunately, inside the Islamic world between Sunnis and Shiites. And if so, then not only can the situation around Iran to swap — it could change around and inside Iraq, where Sunnis feel aggrieved. And all those who are on these processes can exert some influence, need to feel the fullness of self-responsibility '(S. Brilev, "Vesti").

And another quote from Lavrov: "Kofi Annan handed over the management of the Syrian proposals — told the chief of Russian diplomacy. — I can assure you that they are not talking about leaving Bashar al-Assad. I believe that the future of Syria must face the Syrians themselves. Our homeland will support any agreement made following obschesiriyskogo political dialogue between the government and all opposition groups "("News").

Meanwhile, information bombers continue their work. "Free Press" (Creator of reportage — Victor Savenkov) about their activities writes:

"From Damascus again come alarming announcements. Do not have time to come to the capital of Syria itself from the double bombing, which occurred on March 17 that killed 27 people, the media once again report a bloodbath. "," with reference to the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" writes that on the night of 18 to 19 March in a high security area of Damascus killed more than 80 government army soldier and injured at least 200 local residents. "The battle began at midnight and lasted about 4 hours. According to witnesses the incident, during the fight use small weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. The intensity of the fire, according to this disk imaging, there was only a high. "

With all of this, particularly if we go to the website, "Yediot Ahronot" possible to see, Israeli publication that refers to the well-known Qatari television channel "Al Jazeera" which in turn refers to "sources in the opposition."

"Al-Jazeera" in recent weeks, was at the center of several scandals, when a channel with noise It took Several journalists have declared that this channel is engaged in willful distortion of the situation in Syria and its biased coverage. In the middle of the departed chief executive's office, "Al-Jazeera" in Beirut, Hassan Shaaban, who said, that resigned because of "biased and inflammatory position" Al-Jazeera "in the coverage of the events of the" Arab Spring ", particularly in Bahrain and Syria.

Such incidents raise serious doubts about the reliability of disk imaging, which report to the world's media and rebroadcast Russian edition. Because the evidence (or disprove) the disk imaging of the death of a huge number of troops in Syria last NIGHT MODE until now not received, we contacted the orientalist and journalist Anhar Kochneva, who lives in the center of Damascus. "

A piece of dialogue "SP" and Anhar Kochneva, which over the phone rang her friend who lives in the area where the collision happened, gives an indication of how things are done "Journalism in Tennessee."

"He called me at about 2:00 am and told about what is happening. I heard shooting right out of the tube. But reports that there was a very bloody battle that lasted all night, do not correspond to reality. Official information is as follows: 13 bandits were killed, 10 taken prisoner, one soldier died and three wounded. "

When the journalist asked, "But about 80 dead fighters leads" Yediot Ahronot "referring to the witnesses' Kochneva said," Well, of course, from Tel Aviv seen better than Damascus. Al-Mezze — this is not a suburb of Damascus, and specifically its neighborhood. There are agricultural fields and gardens, and any specially protected area it is not. It is curious that after all this is over, "local media" or witnesses who do not know exactly where the action takes place. According to our d
isk imaging, the fight was due to the fact that the gunmen tried to kidnap the officer, and the army gave the rebuff. Other details of the incident so far "(source:

Also Anhar Kochneva said: "With food no problems there, as Syria feeds the entire region: Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey earlier. Due to this we have the cheapest kind fruits and vegetables in the region. Quite the contrary, in this matter at this time begin prepyadstviya in adjacent countries: not so long ago I was in Jordan, so there they say that all the food before it went out of Syria, and at the moment just bad luck. We know some products prices rose, but overall acceptable "(same source).

Let's return to the Russian tanker — the next scarecrow latest cool war generated by those who lust not frighten, not to be afraid. March 19 RIA "Novosti" said: "No Russian warships performing tasks off the coast of Syria, no. In the Syrian port of Tartus 10 days of the ship auxiliary fleet tanker "Iman", which makes the puzzles logistics — replenishment of supplies of fuel and food — of the Black Sea and Northern Fleets that ensure the safety of navigation in the Gulf of Aden anti-piracy ", — told RIA" Novosti " representative of management info and the Defense Ministry. "

As noted by Konstantin Bogdanov, military Browser RIA "News", "in a visit to the tanker in Tartus two layers: Moscow points out that did not go out of the region and is not going away, and its opponents are making every effort to isolate Russia, presenting her sensitive to any interventionist role in support of the regime Bashar al-Assad. The case is not the first, and obviously not the last: Syrian positional chess game continues. "

With regard to the latest developments in Syria, "the government forces completely released Tuesday by armed extremists city of Idlib in the north-west (320 km from Damascus). According to the newspaper "Al-Watan", the inhabitants thank troops for the restoration of peace. In addition, earlier in the liberated town of Homs (165 km north of the capital), security forces resumed the special operation after the test to assure entrenched in some quarters terrorists lay down their weapon have failed. In Khalidi Bab Sebaal-Watani militants were again erect barricades and partition off the street. From their hands the day killed 5 civilians inhabitants and more than 25 soldiers "(ITAR-TASS, Alexander Kozin from Tunisia).

Not knowing what else dopech hard Bashar al-Assad, the Western countries have decided to include his wife, Asma al-Assad, in the sanctions list of the European Union. To do this, sensation seekers had to censor correspondence of members of the Assad family. I can not judge whether it's true or yet another fabrication.

"Last week in the hands of journalists from The Guardian has got electric correspondence between the members of the family of the Syrian president. According to the newspaper, out of it, it became clear that Assad had bought in London jewelery, a vase of 2,650 pounds, and chandeliers, chairs and chandeliers for 10 thousand pounds.

The newspaper said that reports of extravagance presidential couple on the background of the crisis in the country could be a catalyst for the inclusion of Asma in the "black list" of the EU. Sanctions divine prohibition on arrival in the EU, as the freezing of bank accounts "("Sight").

And in the West began to utter that Bashar Assad is going to move to Moscow — at constant residence. As the saying goes, loose tongue, but buying Asma chairs and chandelier leads to think about …

II. Whichever way you turn, everywhere wedge

In "Los Angeles Times" Was posted on March 18, reporting from Beirut Patrick J. McDonnell "Conflict Syria has a value far beyond its borders."

The reporter said that the Syrian conflict will be a prerequisite for the spread of war and impermanence far beyond the Syrian borders. At the same time a South American journalist fears and rise in the world in the spirit of enmity cool war. Specifically about it, writes McDonnell, warn international experts, including Kofi Annan.

Creator reportage reports that "Syria — a kind of strategic chessboard on which huge and small interests are playing for their future benefits." After telling briefly about the Alevis and Sunnis in general and about the "explosive mixture" of religious and ethnic groups in Syria, McDonnell notes that "Iran sees Syria as the main Arab ally." He further writes: "In the meantime, Israeli officials have expressed concern about whether it's better or worse for their country will Asadovskaya post-administration."

Then a journalist runs across to Washington and Moscow, which are strained because of Syria's case and the conduct rhetoric "in the style of cool Wars: Municipal Secretary Hillary Clinton Named joint Russian-Chinese veto at the UN Security Council resolution on Syria" despicable "and the minister of foreign affairs Russia expressed his regret over the "hysterical" reaction of the West. "

According to the journalist, Moscow was "still smarting from the fact that she could not stop bombing campaign under the control of the West", to eliminate Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Now Moscow, says McDonnell, tries "not to let the same scenario was played out in Syria, which is its last major Arab ally."

Later, McDonnell vorachivaetsya to Israel.

"In the meantime, Israel is looking for developments in Syria with increasing alarm." The point is that even "Assad is not a friend of Israel," but for all that he had "seen by Israelis as predictable and optimal opponent." Israel, like the long-standing silence on the Syrian border: "With few exceptions, on the Syrian border along the occupied Golan Heights was quiet for many years."

Meanwhile, the military bureaucracy in Israel "are concerned about Syrian weapons supplies, including chemical".

In general, where throw everywhere wedge.

The creator says that if Iran is firmly established "in the camp of al-Assad," that Syria would be possible "battleground" between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the last — to get the support of other Sunni Gulf states.

In the capital reportage Ellen Barry («New York Times» on March 20, 2012) entitled, "It seems our homeland reduces its support for Syria," said the minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, "the strongest supporter of the Syrian government," on Tuesday sharply criticized President Assad, saying that "Mr. Assad made a lot of mistakes and that "no one invited him to Moscow" if he resigns. The article gives expression Lavrov on the capital's press conference and later radio interview, "Kommersant FM».

Ellen Barry concludes his article thus: "Some political analysts say that the Russian has no incentive to go against Mr. Assad. Peter Harling, Project Manager on Syria has an international Crisis Group, said that the support of Russia, Mr. Assad gives it a "huge role" and leverage against the West. "If they go against the regime more strongly, then lost all leverage and soon will be ignored by all, including the West," — he said. "

Reporting Anne Barnard from Beirut («New York Times» on March 19, 2012), named "The Syrian defectors faced with security forces in the capital", is dedicated nedavn
eshnim Damascus armed clashes.

"But the timing, location, and intensity of the Damascus clashes — says creator — are forced to imagine that diplomacy is not a lot of progress in resolving the conflict. In contrast, the Syrian army appears to be significant progress in the last days of the rebels against the enclaves in the country, from the northern town of Idlib to Daraa in the south — the birthplace of the protests that began in March of last year. "

From the following passage can understand the origin of the difference in numbers, "Syrian point of human rights observers — opposition group, based in London, — said her informants passed: the very few 18 members of the security forces were killed in Damascus collision. The official news agency SANA led by losses are much lower, one employee of the security forces and the two opposition were killed during the assault "sheltering armed terrorist groups" in an affluent area. "

Finally reportage — with reference to the channel ABC, — said a Russian military ship, "arrived in Tartus with Russian counter-terrorist team of Marines." In the message, says Anne Barnard, it was suggested that "Russia intensively helps to Mr. Assad, sending him to military experts."

The journalist quotes "Interfax" to a representative of the Ministry of Defense, who said that "he was puzzled by the message, in which, according to him, may have been mentioned" Iman " Russian tanker, which arrived in Tartus 10 days back. He said that on board the "Iman" was a guard, so it delivers fuel Russian vessels participating in the international anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden. "

Another report Beirut Anne Barnard called "For the Syrians, there is no easy way out of the conflict" («New York Times» from 20 March).

According to the creator, with "firepower and the willingness to kill President Bashar al-Assad may delay power for many months or even years, preventing the opposition to manage at least some territory and not letting her catch her breath in order to create a consistent effective governance — on beliefs analysts, diplomats and Syrians involved in the uprising. "

According to analysts and Syrians, "power alone for themselves almost eradicate what turned into widespread and unpredictable rebellion that can strike even after the government used crushing force against centers of resistance — such as Homs, Idlib and Daraa. Broad areas of the country — an aggressive territory for the government forces and the attackers were able to hit the centers of power even in the capital — Damascus ".

Deadlock diplomacy and gushing blood distinguishes Syria among those states that were marked "Arab spring." Anne Barnard says about the "war of attrition", which "becomes all the more insecure than lasts longer."

Journalism writes:

"Many Syrians they say that Mr. Assad can not allow myself to stop shooting and never be able to return to the management that he made before, when his power came from sectarian ties, business interests and horror. If he cancels their repression, as they say with certainty Syrians of different political views, citizens will demand his resignation.

"We will see millions of protesters in the streets, not hundreds, — said the engineer Christian in the ancient town of Damascus, which, Like many people interviewed not long ago in Syria, refused to name the name of fear of reprisals. — And the government knows it. "

Analysts believe, according to Barnard, that the most high-spirited way-Assad's resignation or municipal upheaval that could arrange insiders — seem to be "highly unlikely". "Isolated from everyone, save for the coming of his entourage, Mr. Assad appears to believe that his strategy is successful.

Heads of security — continues the journalist — who could overthrow him at the moment, behold the their fates are intertwined with it. The public has suffered very much to be satisfied with only one revolution, they will seek to crush the entire security system and, perhaps, for revenge. "

Next Barnard writes: "Some members of the electoral districts, which expects Mr. Assad — the business elite is Sunni Muslim, Christian minority, municipal employees and principled young citizens — said last week in Syria that they have lost faith in the government and more do not believe his claims of victory. "

Then South American journalist gives a few examples — says about the people who are disillusioned with politics Assad.

"I'm not against Assad, but I can not support the government of President Bashar al-Assad, who offers me nothing," — said Yusef, 40, a municipal employee. He said that in the old days out of his mind by asking the owner of the store price of oil, and he took their own mobile phones to ask the dollar exchange rate — an ordinary practice now.

Yusef said he and his wife together earn 35,000 Syrian pounds per month, which was $ 729 first of March, and about half of that last week, when a buck jumped up in price. "

Another example:

"Bilal, a businessman, a Sunni Muslim, proudly shows a photo of his father next to the former president Hafez al-Assad, on his expensive leather sofas. He says: "We need to decide whether we should keep President Assad in power or not. We do not want to spend our lives by organizing a demonstration for Assad. "

And another example:

"… The rich Sunni Muslim, a student of the Institute of Aleppo, said via Skype, that his father, who opposed his role at the moment is his protest.

Last week, he said that the protesters watched the guys at the institute — a commercial Syria, long been a mainstay of state support — come under government fire. "They were not afraid, — he said. — They attacked the security officer and thrashed and threw stones and more stones at him until he died. Do you think these people would stop now? "

But the report from Beirut "Chicago Tribune" March 21: "Entrepreneurs use the economy Syrian uprising." Creator — Oliver Wendell Holmes, "Reuters":

"While the economy as a whole undermined Syria's powerful mess, there were some people for whom the uprising made business skills.

Take building contractor Ahmed, who asked his name-by-name — from the horror of being arrested. Without a license, he skillfully builds a small house, while the authorities are distracted more urgent suppression of the uprising.

"Yes, yes, I'm exploiting the revolution. The government has a lot of trouble, he said, 48-year-old at his home in Aleppo — the northern Syrian town of broader trade with a population of 2.5 million people. — Before that, I was doing some buildings in secret, but I'm open to some extent, "- added the entrepreneur."

"Adventurers builders — writes on journalist — loan sharks and black market importers — all did well during the uprising, said the Syrians."

Surveillance cameras and thick metal doors — Running the product in today's Syria. At the central markets of Damascus moneychangers are trading currency — dollars. Take out a bank loan practically impossible, that opens the ability for lenders.

"34-year-old Ali is working on his own father, a farmer, who is fighting to save a home business, but has been denied loans and municipal, and private banks.

"My father was ended by a loan shark to borrow money," — said Ali, adding that the loan was given for three months at 50 per cent, payable in advance, with a 25 percent surcharge for late payment. "

Another Hot products are reported in the report, were drugs.

"Lama, a 25-year-old pharmacist Capital, says that
on the black market experienced remarkable growth in the drug trade.

"We were bound to the pharmacy to deal with smugglers. The medicine is not something that can be postponed. If we do not create a purchase using illegal means, then customers, especially with acquired disease, try to get smuggled drugs themselves. "

Here is another method to earn extra money on the mess:

"And because the queue for heating oil and gasoline are getting longer and the government raises the official price of fuel, the citizens all over and more than go towards the thriving black market.

Issa, 20, a student with excessive, from Damascus, said that he saw the changed business practices at a gas station where he works part-day.

"With the increase in fuel prices my boss has hired more people, so they went along the lines of cars waiting for gasoline. When they behold the people are going to leave, not waiting, then stop them and ask if they would like to buy fuel at a highest price, "said Issa.

"Queues are longish that people are willing to pay extortionate prices."

At the end of the reporting Oliver Holmes reports:

"The government has warned people about the ability of the broader energy rationing, blaming terrorists to sabotage on power plants, as economists and business leaders, they say that it is an attempt to save scarce fuel. The Syrian government says that these "armed terrorists" killed more than 2,000 fighter and police during the unrest.

And if the value of the Syrian pound fell sharply, the cost of living soared. Many Syrians are not able to buy anything, except for the most necessary. The official inflation rate was 15 percent in January, some staples such as sugar, butter, vegetable oil and eggs, rose by as much as 100 percent.

"It may be, correctly, that the Syrian foreign offices have less competition, but if the Syrians do not acquire even products and all costs — double, what does it matter anyway," — said the inhabitant of Damascus.

"You do what you can, but still suffer."

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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