Syria: Assads outlook on the situation, the escalation of the conflict

Syria: Assad's view of the situation, the escalation of the conflict Syrian President Bashar al-Assad confident that Western military intervention would lead to the dismemberment of the country and the complete destabilization of the entire Middle East region.

October 30 Syrian president in an interview with the English edition of Sunday Telegraph referred to possible NATO intervention in the internal conflict in the Syrian state attempt "to dismember the country." According to the views of al-Assad, Syria is a special state, the center Near East and any internal upheavals in it affect the stability of the entire region. The President noted that the intervention of the Western world in the internal conflict would lead to "an earthquake" across the region and in the country will repeat the "Afghan scenario."

According to him, Western management continues to increase pressure on his home and did not take into account the fact that the Syrian government in all different from Tunisia, Egypt or Yemen. In Syria, there was a "fault line breed." The desire to act in the Syrian state, as in Libya, will cause "tens of Afghanistan."

He acknowledged that Syrian security forces "made many mistakes" in the initial stage of events, but at the present time are the only target of extremists. Assad highlighted that, unlike the rulers of other countries, which toppled during the so-called. "Arab spring", he promised reforms in the country as early as 6 days after the start of the mass protests. In addition, there is a struggle between Islamism and constructive secular pan-Arabism, and fight "Muslim Brotherhood" is from 1950.

On the same day showed his interview with the Russian "First Channel". While Assad has accused the Western media of "bias" and said that their bias is evident not only in times of crisis, and in ordinary times. Assad said that Western journalists "do not analyze it deeply, or other phenomenon."

The Syrian president said he expects to support the Russian Federation, which not so long ago, "played an important role" in resolving the Syrian issue to the UN Security Council vote. Then the representatives of Moscow and Beijing have blocked Western draft resolution on Syria which foresaw the possibility of imposing additional sanctions and military intervention if Damascus does not finish force to suppress protests in the country. Assad expressed the hope that our homeland will continue to support Syria and advocate "for the stabilization of the situation in the world."

Bashar Assad also stressed that the Syrian authorities are interacting with all legitimate political forces in the state. The president said that in February 2012 in Syria a general election, which will give an accurate answer to the question, what movements and parties actually have the support of the people.

Earlier, on October 28 to support the Syrian control of the Russian Federation says Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria, Faisal Muqdad. In an interview with "Voice of Russia", he saw that Our homeland "undoubtedly under pressure in the context of the global political competition", but in Libya leave no hesitation, that military intervention — is a means of "promoting Western interests" in the Arab world.

October 30, in the country to operate a national economic forum, its main objective to develop a "shared vision necessary economic and political reforms" in Syria. According to media reports, the forum will involve more than 300 professionals in the field of economics and representatives of all social groups of Syrian society. Immediately begin work on the project the latest constitution, which should consolidate new business principles between the authorities and society.

The escalation of the conflict

October 29, in the town of Homs came a new clash of the Syrian government army and the opposition, which defected to the side of some military deserters from the armed forces. According disk imaging the human rights organization "The Syrian Observatory on Human Rights» (OSDH), in these clashes killed 20 soldiers and 53 were injured. Also there is information about the death of 10 civilian persons. A 28th as a result of collisions of Syrian security forces and protesters in the cities of Homs and Nahal killed 40 people. In this day Syrian opposition called on the international community to establish a "no-fly zone" over Syria, order to protect civilian populations.

After which the Arab League (LAS) condemned the act and called on Damascus to "stop the use of force" against protesters and to "protect civilians."

In turn, the Syrian Foreign Ministry advised the Arab League's actions on Syria on the basis of official data, rather than anecdotal disk imaging various 'activists' and human rights organizations. Although in general the role of Damascus against the Arab League in helping to normalize the situation and find a solution that will help strengthen stability and security in the state.

October 30 British Foreign Office said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost legitimacy absolutely, and in this connection it must immediately comply with the requirements and the opposition to resign. The statement said that Assad uses brutal military force against the Syrian people, and one hundred percent responsible for the current situation. Because it is completely lost legitimacy and is no longer able to lead Syria to represent the Syrian people.

England also urged the Syrian administration to suspend immediately the violence in the country, namely, large-scale violations of human rights chief, who in recent months make Bashar al-Assad and other senior Syrian bureaucrats.

London also called on Damascus to release immediately all Syrian human rights activists, opposition figures and provide open access to the country for the observers from the UN Commission of Inquiry on violations. The Syrian administration and security forces, according to the views of the British, must comply with the main civilian rights of innocent people and their right to freedom of expression and assembly.

In Syria itself begins to grow very negative trend: the protesters are increasingly inclined to forcibly holding action against the security forces of the country. This fact, and they say the news about the various news agencies Increased attacks on the army and security officers, with application, including rocket-propelled grenades, machine-guns. In particular, such a transition swept away in the suburbs of the Syrian capital to Deraa. Very violent clashes unfolding in the town of Homs and Surrounding districts. Authorities to protect peaceful demonstrators began to form armed security detachments. They not only protect peaceful demonstrators, and must resist the provocateurs snipers.

At present, the base of the armed opposition — it deserters from the Syrian armed forces, which have merged into so-called. "Free Army Syria, "Which is based on the terrain of Turkey. Gangs use the strategy of personal and melkogruppovogo terror.

Lasts worse financial situation. So runs the "flight of capital", there is information that only Syrian businessmen in Russia in the near future ferried up to 16 billion dollars. euro.

Apparently Assad and his supporters in the nation, took into account the experience of Libya, where
many mistakes and failures have been associated with the activities of the "fifth column." So marked constant shuffling in the military-political party elite of the country. The last head of the armed forces, Ali Habib and former Chief of General Staff died of "heart attacks" and a number of senior officials were "under house arrest". It should be noted that both of these high-ranking military had a very tight fit and trustful contacts with Western and Saudi military since the time of the total operation against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. In addition, the country is preparing additional mobilization of reservists and recruits that can be read as a lack of reliable military resources and the need to strengthen the defense in strategic areas (Israel, Turkey). As required immediately flip the most reliable units, crushing pockets of rebellion.

We should also note a "apathy" Kurds, who apparently has not yet determine that they are profitable — to participate in the destabilization of the country, or go to a meeting with Assad his reforms. In addition, while "asleep" and the center of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the commercial bourgeoisie.

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