Syria carried out large-scale military exercises

Syria carried out large-scale military exercisesRIA "Announcements", referring to the media Syria, reports that on Tuesday, the Syrian armed forces conducted maneuvers whose main objective was to test the readiness of air defense and air force to prevent at least some probable invasion of the sea or the air space of the country. These maneuvers were accompanied firings.

The exercises used anti-aircraft batteries, fighter-bombers and fighters, attack helicopters, there have been dropping special forces. In the criteria close to the fighting, the Navy launched the anti-ship missiles.

Recall that Syria first month has held military maneuvers in what used rocket systems and armored troops participated. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdessi country, they "do not contain within themselves and no message was routine." Makdessi with all this said that Syria today is "in a very difficult situation."

We remind the authorities Syria recently signed a protocol allowing the admission of observers' mission from the Arab League (League of Arab States) in the country. Observers should make sure that the Syrian government is really trying to solve the crisis by peaceful means and end the bloodshed.

Also, the contract meant the withdrawal of troops from the cities, who opposed the regime of Bashar Assad, President Syria, release of political prisoners, and the start of negotiations with the opposition.

Syria "Road map" of the Arab League has not been completely abandoned, but she insisted that the unchanging monitoring would violate the country's sovereignty.

From March 2011 to Syria held anti-government protests. Opposition forces with the support of the EU and the United States asks for the resignation of President Bashar Assad. According to the UN conflict to a true moment of killed about five thousand people.

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