Syria — evidence of witnesses

Syria - eyewitness

Sources disk imaging — as sources of drinking water.

Will "drink" data from a BBC BBC, Al Jazeera or any "independent-new" newspaper — "become a kid."
One of my friends — an active blogger and more active parent organizer of the movement against the introduction of juvenile justice in Russia, the party rally in St. Petersburg Mikhail Bogdanov received opportunity contact with friends who live in Damascus.

Here information about the events in Syria, "first-hand" …


"The events in Syria, so very disturbing" world civilized society "is now out on the first plan in the news feeds of news. We are told that the indignant "unjust and oppressive regime" people trying to overthrow this regime the most.

But, recalling the history of Libya and some other countries in the north of the African continent, the statements of politicians and the media cause more fluctuations in the audience. The main question which appears here — why is it that "the people rebelled against the government." Previously lived quietly for 30 years, and came out here on the street with a gun in his hand. And by the way, where did the "people" very specific tool, such as grenade launchers and sniper rifles that show on TV?

To try to understand what is happening and to make sure that information coming from Syria is true, try to capture the action, receiving information from a variety of sources: from the inhabitants of Damascus and the media of the above, the benefit of the opportunity we have right now …
So, let's begin.

According disk imaging of our compatriot, now working specifically in Damascus (his title and name will not be called until), the situation in the town of measured, and only occasionally heard gunfire — it is military formations "smoke" provocateurs — fighters from county residential areas of the town.

The strategy of these men armed with machine guns and sniper rifles of the ordinary: they are in groups of 50 — 100 fighters fall into the residential area, wander through the streets and start shooting at the military, whom they see: at roadblocks on patrols, separated by moving the military.

It should explain what a "residential district areas" of Damascus. Remember the episode with the hero Andrei Mironov in the "Diamond Hand" when he get lost in the Mediterranean town? He's out there running around the streets, where two cyclists do not disperse, and where one of the first house you can go to the other, located on the adjacent street? This is a common eastern city — As well arranged, for example, the old Jerusalem, and such Damascus. Accordingly, in such areas is not difficult to hide, move around unnoticed, and to arrange any kind of ambush.

So, for example, the place of ambush for the 1st of snipers in the old days was the minaret of the parish on the outskirts of Damascus, where thriller conducted some time aimed fire on members of the "murderous regime." Sniper vytselivat their victims until such time as it is not planted on the tank — the most effective, though nebogougodny method to neutralize not only fighting unit, and the very pillbox. Now minaret shines a big hole in the "workplace" muezzin and, most likely, not be restored.

To my question about why the militants organize these ambushes and armed clashes, my companion said that, apparently, their objective is to destabilize the situation in the town, forcing the situation. And totally perhaps most importantly — to show the world that "fighting is already in the Damascus." The effectiveness of these "battles" virtually no, especially after the new Minister of Defence announced the latest strategy to combat terrorism: Denuded areas where they are found. Past leaders of military operations, who died as a result of the terrorist attack on the 18th, tried to "negotiate" with the rebels and "smoked" them out of residential areas only with spot work. Brand new strategy of the government troops is to ensure that the quarter in which the militants were found locked out of him evacuate the inhabitants, then flogged to death by firing points reconnaissance fighters start working tanks, specially introduced for this at this point in city. And no ability to "come to terms" — only the full sweep of the quarter.

This, of course is not the peace process, but in peaceful conditions militants do not go, citing the fact that they are not going to put up "with the Assad regime." And as Assad — none other than the country as a legitimate manager and his "regime" is legitimate power, the inhabitants of Damascus, who have to talk to my companion, not against such tough measures. By the way, the Russians and the position of the Russian Federation in relation to the conflict in Syria, the locals are with obvious reverence, and Assad portraits hang in virtually all public places, cafes, shops, hairdressers …

That's the situation in the "flaming war" Damascus is observed in the eyes of the subject there my old comrade and friend now. He and I agreed that we would call up every day and he, in power, will speak what he had seen — heard — vyznat over time. Since he is not a journalist, he refused to write, but to share their experiences on the phone promised to once a day. Well, I'll try to expose it to text and send stories to readers in Russia It will be a kind of response to the message "unnamed inhabitants of Damascus," in whose "opinion" based information policy of "independent media" telling about the fears of "crimes Assad and his military junta. "
The subsequent session — 23.07.2012 in the evening. "

PS I'd add — absolutely agree that the main objective of "cannon fodder", which was thrown into the streets of Damascus insurgents is to create visibility of the "struggle" and "rebellion" of the people. Fool and mercenaries are killed in the streets of the Syrian capital … for the sake of the drawings in the western tele wimp. But in the end — for the sake of forcing a resolution of the UN resolution intervention.

Remember stuffing-independent journalists to flee Gaddafi of Libya and mass transition Libyan army soldier "on the side of the people." After the terrorist attack in Damascus a wave of such a heresy: Tipo B. Assad has fled, and the army of "transition" to another camp. "

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