Syria: Friends again met

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The first of April in Istanbul hosted the second conference of the "Friends of Syria". Date of the meeting coincided with the opening of a Turkish holiday season and happy all liars.

Was not invited to the meeting of Iran, as it incorrectly friends with Syria, and still interested in what's inside the atom, and Syria too, was not invited because she can not be friends with the world democracy. Russia and China have been invited to the forum, and even Hillary Clinton responded disapprovingly about Mitt Romney — a candidate for U.S. president, who blurted out not so long ago, something about the "enemy number one", entrenched in the Kremlin must have hatched a secret plan to annex Michigan in favor of Siberia — but Moscow and Beijing have made reference to employment and not have to waste traveling to friendship with those who usually pretends to be a good boy, but think about the warheads.

Syria: 'Friends' meet again

"Meeting friends" was launched against a truly democratic environment in Turkey:

"He opened the second conference of" Friends of Syria "Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who in recent months has turned into a champion of the head of Syrian opposition. "For Turkey, though what is not acceptable settlement plan if it involves maintaining in power in Syria, a regime that suppresses its people," — he has set the tone for the event. At this time, with the introduction of the Istanbul police tear gas and truncheons dispersed the supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, had organized a rally at the building where the conference was held. Smallest 50 people chanting "Down with the USA," "God, Syria, Bashar," and waving portraits of Syrian favorite, the flags of Russia and China … "(source: "Kommersant", A. Reutov).

In the "Meeting" attended by about 70 countries (according to some sources — a little more than sixty, on the other, in the principal South American — 83) and 10 international organizations. The protagonists of the Istanbul conference, except vsesuschey Hillary Clinton were the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the head of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi, and obviously the favorite Syrian State Council Burhan Latrine.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "If the UN Security Council again failed to take advantage of the historic opportunity, then the international community will have no choice, except how to support the right to legitimate defense of the Syrian people, who became victims of mass killings by the armed forces of the regime" (source : "Interfax"). According to the views of the head of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi, the participants "must unanimously to urge the UN Security Council to ensure that measures are taken, restraining the violence in Syria" (same source).

And that's what Hillary Clinton said: "The international community will increase pressure on the regime of Bashar Assad. The Syrian president is mistaken if he believes that he can overcome the opposition. As I understand it, the opposition has only increased, and we'll support it "("First Channel"), "Almost a week has passed [since the approval of the Annan Plan Damascus], and we have to make a finding — the Syrian regime continues to fill the list and did not keep the promise" ("Kiev Telegraph"), "Our message must be clear to those who give orders and those who make them: finished killing their own people, or you will face serious consequences" ("Rosbalt"), "It has been done a lot of hard work in order to assist those Syrians who at the moment feel all the ruthlessness of the Assad regime. And the Syrian State Council made very many Syrians to unite for a common cause. Because we will continue to support it, it will be humanitarian aid. I think everything said at the meeting should put pressure on the Assad regime "("").

In al-Assad, according to the views of Clinton, the words crawl the case: the regime of the Syrian president, she said, "is coming to the new Syrian towns and villages. Replaced in order to provide access for humanitarian assistance to the population, security forces are tightening control over Homs and other settlements. Instead to develop a political dialogue, the government dispersing peaceful demonstrations "("RBC").

On "Meet friends," U.S. Secretary of State announced an increase in aid the Syrian opposition twice — another 12 million bucks. America also plans to supply the rebels means of communication — probably for remote control of the future municipal coup that, as has long been the State Department hopes will produce at the end of the SNA.

Burhan Latrine, a French sociologist of Syrian origin, the creator of the book "Manifesto for Democracy" (1978), and since August 2011 — Chairman of the Syrian State Council, asked the "Friends" does not skimp and increment help Syrian fighters for democracy: "We demand serious action. The regime in Syria will inevitably fall. Not Renew disaster. The opposition has already merged, it is time for all to merge and to support the Syrian opposition "("RBC"). And he gave a promise: "The Syrian state board will pay a fixed salary officers, soldiers and other members of the Free Syrian Army" (same source).

After hearing the fiery speeches of French fighter for the Syrian justice, foreign "Friends of Syria" was entirely predictable political decision announced SNA legitimate representative of the Syrian people and vowed to support the Council and the morally and materially. Quote: "… conference of the" Friends of Syria "recognized the opposition Syrian State Council (SNC) as "the only (legal) representative of the Syrian people" and decided to make a working group to develop sanctions against the Assad regime, a fund to support the Syrian opposition "("Rosbalt"). And Bashar al-Assad "friends" threatened to intensify the sanctions and the introduction of new ones.

That does not seem unfounded, gentlemen April Fools Democrats, fantasy which sanctions prohibiting dried up on Assad to visit the Summer Olympics in London, decided to make a special working group. It's the invention will further sanctions. Draw up a list of their group will be in Paris. That's what the foreign minister said Alain Juppe: "Provided for the establishment of the working group for the preparation of sanctions, it will meet in Paris' ("Interfax"). Place of developing a list of sanctions unlikely event: Paris in general — the cradle of the emigrant, the opposition of thought, and, in addition, there is registered Burhan Latrine — today vseoppozitsionny favorite, ready to pay their armed supporters, including the bearded warriors from the Syrian Free Army, currency allowances Western media.

In general, speech, speeches and promises promises, and while in Syria the strategic initiative belongs to Bashar al-Assad.

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