Syria has received from the RF anti-complexes Bastion

Syria has received from the Russian anti-complexes "Bastion"

As reported by "Interfax" (a reference to the information of the military-diplomatic source), the Russian Federation has put in Syria anti coastal complexes of the "Bastion" and supersonic cruise missile "Yakhont". Delivery times, as their volume source is not referred to at all noting that it is too early talk about the performance of the contract in full. "It takes time to learn how to Syrian personnel operating systems."
According to data provided by the agency, the Syrians are planning to get a 2-"bastions", in which the ammunition comes 36 missile "Yakhont". Experts believe that this purchase will allow thoroughly cover the entire coastline of Syria. The estimated price of the contract, according to some reports, approximately 300 million dollars SSHA.

Back in 2010, Anatoly Serdyukov (Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation) said that Russia wants to arm Syria complexes "Bastion". And this despite the protests of Israel and the United States, who believe that the sale of such weapons to Damascus could be catastrophic if the rocket fell into the hands of terrorists.
It is clear that the complexes of the "Bastion" were designed to protect the coast for 600 miles. In addition, they can be used to destroy surface ships and vessels of different types, and also for радиолокационноконтрастных objectives, criteria for electronic and fire resistance. Complexes are able to produce rockets every 2.5 seconds.

It should be noted that the structure of the complex included missiles being placed in the transport and launch container machine command, control, self-propelled launchers, freight-loading machine, Helicopter complex targeting, as machines for combat duty. To deploy complex from the stowed position, will be less than 5 minutes.

Self-guided cruise missiles of the "Yakhont" reach speeds of up to 750 meters per second, and hit targets at a distance of 300 km.

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