Syria: interview with the President and the information war

Syria: interview with the President and the information warIn the near future, and president Syria's Bashar al-Assad, and the "world society", controlled by the United States, which opposes Syria activated on the information front.

For example, President Syria immediately gave two intervyu — June 29 Iranian television on June 3 and the Turkish newspaper "Cumhuriyet".

In an interview with Iranian TV channel, Bashar al-Assad said: "There is a confrontation between the idea of resistance to the hegemony of the West and the new colonial project of the New Near East. But we will not allow projects that are contrary to our interests."

Assad said that these actions have international, regional and domestic nuances.

"International nuances associated with the history of colonization. Colonial countries only changed the shape, moving from direct occupation to political pressure and diktat in the independent state, defending their interests and show independence." But Syria will resist, "Syrians are unacceptable antipatriotic model solution to the crisis. We can not accept the" nesiriysky option. "Only the Syrians know how to resolve the crisis."

Regional nuances connected, as the president noted, the fact that some countries in the region, which are controlled by the West, do not accept Syria's position on Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and they decided to use the moment to try to correct the Syrian state. Speaking of countries, the Arab League, he said that "the imperialist powers do not allow the Arab League to play a positive role in protecting the interests of the Arab states."

Domestic same nuances related to the fact that "Syria is and no matter what other country, faces a number of problems and challenges to the decision which has always sought control of the country and that should not be a prerequisite for fratricide. "

Talking about the fight against terrorism Syria, the president said: "Under the Constitution, the government is responsible for the security of its own people. Government has a moral obligation to destroy the terrorists in order to save thousands of lives."

"The atrocities committed against the Syrian people, extremists, insurgents" al-Qaeda "and its related movements that have received financial support from the outside," For all this, I saw the President, chosen for the attacks are moments when the UN or other international organization is preparing for the next debate the situation in Syria.

Bashar al-Assad said that Syrian security authorities detained members of "Al Qaeda" who admitted to committing terrible crimes — acts of terrorism and murder. The President also stressed that the U.S. attitude to the "Al-Qaeda" is a matter against whom it directs its actions. "The U.S. is putting up with her attacks on those countries that they do not like."

Assad also praised the position of Russia and China on the Syrian issue.

More fascinating was the president of Syria, and interviews the Turkish press. Thus, for an interview to Bashar al-Assad addressed some Turkish media, and he was willing to meet all. But a trip to Syria failed only members of the newspaper "Cumhuriyet" — the rest of the ride rebuked the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which occupies the anti-Syrian stance.

But this interview was president repeatedly distorted by many global media disk imaging. It says that on the information front began another aggravation.

For example, many media said as if Bashar Assad apologized to the Turkish side for the shooting down of the plane F4, which flew to the area of Syria.
But nothing like that happened. In fact, Bashar al-Assad said that "If our defense aircraft shot down by mistake or not in the Syrian countryside, then Syria would not have been the problem formally apologize." In other words, the apology could be brought only in this case, if the plane, according to Turkey, was hit in the international space, not over the territory of Syria. And because he was shot down over the territory of Syria, "Our defense responded to the invasion of air space on the site …. In a similar situation, though what the object invading the air space of the country would have been destroyed." I think it happened would in any country of the world, "- he said.

But, although not to spoil things with the people of Turkey, with which the people of Syria were always neighborly affairs, Bashar al-Assad expressed regret over the incident and the death of 2-pilots, but urged not to exaggerate the incident. "Until now, Syria is confident that the incident with the Turkish plane was a mistake, not malicious intent of the Turkish side — said Assad — Syria does not apply to Turkey as an enemy, but we knew that the Erdogan government will take advantage of the incident to the creation of an aggressive public presentation against Syria. "

The world's media have gone even further. They even said, as if in an interview Bashar Assad "For the first time agreed to his resignation." Like, all Syria gives up, the goal is achieved. Well, in the spirit of Nazi propaganda: "Surrender, Russian, your commissioner has thrown you." That after all was said in effect?

"We do not apply anything that arises outside — said Bashar al-Assad. — If people do not want me, then this is the election. If people wish, he will send me to retire. "

Same Bashar al-Assad and read half a year back, in a meeting with the Russian delegation in November 2011.

In other words, the president is not going to go under external pressure. There are choices, and it's a legitimate right of the Syrian people. Fully adequate statement of policy, which relies on its own people and does not lend itself to the danger of those who offer it just like that, without any elections, without listening to the will of the people, and take a step down, just as longs as the U.S. administration.

Bashar al-Assad went even further in exposing the hypocrisy of U.S. policy: "If I were in greedy for holding on a chair, he did a South American teachings and guidance would be running in pursuit of oil dollars, declined from its principles and state and establish the position on the Syrian countryside any part of the U.S. missile defense system. "

With these words, he clearly showed why the U.S. is against Syria and him personally. He did not want to become an American puppet, and specifically for it and took on the role of the moment "enemy number one", specifically for this subject Straseni demonization and pressure.

He was not the first one who was in that position. Suffice it to recall Yugoslavia to NATO aggression in 1999. Military experts at the Russian Federation says that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic had a chance to sit relaxed on his own post, if he agreed to have the early 90's at the request of the Yankees. A "request" was this: to allow the Yankees to their bases in the 3 towns of Yugoslavia — which Urosevac and Krusevac. But for Slobodan Milosevic's sovereignty was important, and he did not want to become a puppet of the West. For which he paid the full program there, going way of the cross of Calvary Hague.

In Syria, we litsezreem almost the same. President Bashar Al-Assad does not want to be someone's puppet. It protects the sovereignty o
f the country. For which he is under attack, for which he has openly threatened and the Hague Court, and even the fate of Gaddafi (who was killed in general even without any court in this case with brutal ruthlessness subjected to horrible torture).

But there is one difference from those times. For Syria got our homeland. And, if the position of the Russian Federation will not change under pressure from the West, if it will be pretty tough — that Syria has a chance to defend its sovereignty. Syria's wish to survive and overcome!

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