Syria is fighting with the barbarians, and Carla Del Ponte is not a lot of 1st murdered favorite

Syria is fighting with the barbarians, and Carla Del Ponte little one slain leaderTerrorists operating in the area of Syria, made another barbaric. In the town of Aleppo, they burned the market "sukkah al-Medina", built in the time of Alexander the Great. This large indoor market came in number of historical monuments under UNESCO protection.

However, the management of UNESCO afraid to openly condemn the barbaric Syrian "opposition" and issued a statement in the spirit of "At the moment, and we shall understand how to punish anybody." In general, the blame for the destruction of the monument is assigned stories on the Syrian government and the barbarian terrorists, which is struggling Syria.

But is it the Syrian government announced a "last decisive coming to Aleppo?" Is the government destroys as monuments of history and modern houses? No! The Syrian government has always done everything possible to and in order to keep the historical monuments and tourist attractions, and in order to build new neighborhoods and give people a home. The militants are now brand new strategy, "If you can not keep under control — Burns."

After such strategy, "opposition" in Aleppo suffered a 70% historical part of the town, and 30% new residential neighborhoods …

…The lady, a resident of Aleppo, Syrian soldiers handing out apples. Citizens who live in the town, welcomed the army to free them areas. Street by street, block by block clean Syrian soldiers suffering city. All thanks to the army, which removes people from the barbarians.
Market "sukkah al-Madina" — is not the first monument history, has suffered harm. The barbarians are stealing artifacts from the old and Palmyra.

Director of the Department of Antiquities and Museums Maamuna Abdel Kerim said that antiquity — is the property of Syria, which is even more important than oil and gas supplies from other countries. Naturally, Syria, and previously encountered neuvvyazkami illegal excavations, but now the country has international mafia which not so long ago to cash in on stolen relics from Iraq and Libya. Kerim stressed that it — seasoned offenders are perfectly aware of what and where to find. Removal of relics through Turkish and Jordanian border.

So, in the town Nekhel during outrages barbarians "opposition" of the city museum stole a gold statuette of King Aramaic, which belongs to the 8th century BC

Abdel Kerim also stressed that suspend the process can be, but winning the battle against terror.

In addition, the rebels have caused damage to the Roman amphitheater in Bosra, Crusader castles, such as the "Crac des Chevaliers" and Tsitadeti Aleppo, Christian monastery in Seydnae.

Barbarians still bloody disgrace not only against the monuments. and yes — the worst — against people. On 30 September, they attacked the peaceful village of Al-Haidari in the province of Homs, shelled it with mortars and machine guns. 17 man were killed. Several more were taken hostage. The militants also looted the homes of local residents.

Western human rights activists are silent, the UN was silent, silent "world society"!

Or Massacre "is not on the same scale," or at the "opposition," the presumption of innocence, or the fact that the victims were Alawites, "and they are not sorry" …
Who is responsible for the death of these 17 man? Who is responsible for Abused barbarian village?

At a meeting of the UN Council on Human Rights was adopted by the anti-Syrian resolution, in which deliberately concealed the crime fighters, but all violations of human rights, of course, borne by the Syrian authorities. Our homeland, China and Cuba voted against the lime in the spirit of the document, but he was adopted by a simple majority vote. In addition, a commission of inquiry into human rights violations in Syria enters notorious Carla del Ponte.

The commission was created in September 2011, and now the Human Rights Council extended its work until March 2013. The representative of Syria referred to it biased decision, which is good for only the "Al-Qaeda", as the report it was very one-sided and biased, blaming only one side — control of Syria.

Speaking at the meeting, the chairman of the UN Council on Human Rights Laura Lasserre said: "I propose to strengthen the Commission with 2 new members: Carla Del Ponte and Muntarbhorn Vivita."

As for the latter — it's last special rapporteur on human rights in North Korea. Apparently own activities against the Korean people won for themselves the latest post.

What's all the same for Carla Del Ponte, the prosecutor's office so she headed called "Hague Court" in charge of "investigating crimes on the territory of the former Yugoslavia", from 1999 to 2007 and then from 2008 to 2010, was the Swiss ambassador to Argentina . Its mandate ended in connection with his retirement.

And now this mossy pensioner dragged into the light of God and put engage the Syrian issue.

Let's go back to 12 years ago. Bleeds torn apart by some countries of Yugoslavia, with the connivance of the rest of the "world community."
Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic struggled decides Huge effort trying to save the country. But "the Hague tribunal," writes a warrant for his arrest — and after udavshegosya "Bulldozer Revolution", carried out by the western scenario, under the threat of NATO bombing — Yugoslav President arrested. Next it, in violation of all laws and moral norms, issued in the so-called "Hague tribunal," which then rules Carla Del Ponte. Oh, how happy ecstatic solicitor!

Slobodan Milosevic, after 5 years of torture in the dungeons of Mrs. Del Ponte died … That's when the solicitor and was removed from her post.

But now that an old vampire got back from the dusty shelves of the new stories. And pochetaemye readers, allow me to doubt that, with respect to the President Syria with an old lady that has a peaceful intentions …

Not quite her 1st destroyed favorite! Naturally, she would occasionally not mind playing in the "objectivity". For example, in regard to Kosovo, she even sputter something about the sins of the Albanian terrorists. Even released a book in which it confirmed that Albanian gunmen kidnapped people and cut out of their bodies to the next trade. But after its affairs are such that these Albanian gangsters in power today in the pseudo Kosovo — on the ground, to secede from Serbia in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244. And the President Milosevic, which wrestled with these bandits — brutally murdered and lies at the family crypt in the town of Pozarevac ….

Why is this lady charge the Syrian issue?

Maybe sometime later she would write about the 17 people killed by militants, and the burning monuments of history and culture — but at the moment it is apparently going to be engaged in the activities of the anti-Syrian and protect these barbarians, as once she defended her by their actions Albanian gangsters, cut people on the organs …

But, the fact that the West can no longer find new hangers to perform his will, and so gets compromised figures, says about his bankruptcy, and degeneracy. One may shuffle such "ladies" of the greasy deck — but the victory over Syria they can not see! After all, whe
n Belgrade was one, and now for Damascus — Moscow! Of course, Western figures such as Hillary Clinton can defiantly out of the UN General Assembly hall, where there appears Lavrov, but that such a gesture of despair, as the purpose of the vampire Del Ponte at the newest post. Our homeland — this is not the kind of power that world can be ignored. Unipolar world comes deserved end.

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