Syria opposes saboteurs and traitors

Syria opposes saboteurs and traitors

Terrorists in Syria continue to destroy the country's infrastructure. February 4, in the evening they made an armed assault on a substation-2 Midan in Damascus. As a result, half of the city remained without electricity. On the same day a bandit attack was made and the substation Kabun-2, and remained without electricity for the eastern suburbs of Damascus. And Western leaders again utter the rebels Tipo act in the interests of the people … Only here at the end of their acts people in a rather cold weather sits without power.

Repair crews immediately started to liquidate the consequences of terrorist attacks. One can not say a few words of thanks to the address of the people who are at least some weather conditions, often risking their lives to the bullets of snipers, working tirelessly and efficiently recovers all corrupted thugs to Damascus window again shone comfortable, struggling with the night mist, and sluggish from happening families could include electric heaters to keep warm in the chilly weather.

Syrian Defense Minister Gen. Fahed al-Jasem Freydzh gave an interview to Syrian television municipality. He said that all soldiers know that no matter what kind of war OUTDOOR easier inside. Syria is faced with a terrorist war, which cleverly planned and painstakingly prepared the logistics side. The main goal of its organizers — to damage the country's infrastructure. Because terrorists commit their crimes against the power plants of water supply systems, as hospitals, schools, factories, roads. The terrorists are waging war not only against the army. The main focus of their attack targeted against the civilian population in order to disrupt the normal everyday lives of people. They are not only destroying the true fundamental objects not only undermine the road, creating obstacles to the normal transportation of fuel and food. They are interfering in any district, the inhabitants driven out from their homes or use them as human shields, mine house, and even the door handles to prevent people from returning home. Because identified Al-Freydzh, debt Syrian army — to protect civilians and their normal lives.
Speaking of nedavneshney direct Israeli aggression against the research center in the suburbs of Damascus Dzhamrae, Defence Minister pointed out that the facility earlier 10's once tried to take the gunmen. But they always remained with nothing more than that — suffered huge losses in manpower. And now, after the servants had failed attack, the owner — an Israeli enemy — he decided to strike for this property.

But such an attack would have been completely impossible if not for the acts of terrorists who attacked more than once on the Syrian air defense facilities. As a result, there was a gap in the protection of the radar, and this used external enemy.

Add on my own — how to characterize such acts that weaken national defense? Just as treason — one of the most serious crimes for which in most states should be the death penalty. And not only the execution or indefinite detention — and the contempt of the people! Since such a vile betrayal has never been found excuses. But West believes these traitors almost the only representatives of the Syrian people! It seems that the people have reacted the same U.S. and Europe, if they as managers would impose outright traitors?

Sober voices heard in Europe itself. Thus, MEP from the Czech Republic Jiri Mashtalka said specifically that West Syrian support of terrorists, pushing them to new crimes against the civilian inhabitants. He condemned the attitude of the West, which interferes with the peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis on the basis of national dialogue and promotes the continuation of bloodshed. The MP also stressed that security and peace in the Middle East and in the world can be only subject to the rules of international law and the UN Charter. In addition, MEP accused the West is that he always kept a policy of double standards, whether Yugoslavia or Libya, Syria or Mali.

Would be more honest and sober-minded deputies to the European Parliament and the same in the Western world — and, perhaps, many of the crises on the planet would not have happened. It's a pity just to vote such politicians are often buried in a sea of heresy, innuendo and brutal rhetoric concealed the mottoes of "struggle for freedom."
Syria is still not only fight the terrorists on their own land, and to act on a diplomatic front. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the CAP Faisal al-Mekdad visited China. At a meeting with his co-worker Zhang Zhijun, he thanked the country for its friendly attitude, consisting in opposition to military intervention in the internal affairs of Syria, and informed about the program there a political settlement of Syrian crisis, launched by President Bashar al-Assad, as the steps taken by the management of CAP to its implementation. The diplomats also discussed the issues of bilateral relations in all fields, and the Chinese side reiterated its position on the need to respect the United Nations Charter and observance of the Geneva agreements in order to come back to Syria peace and normal life.

And in the Syrian Economy Minister held a meeting with Ambassador Mohammed Mhabbaka friendly Belarus — Oleg Ermolovich. Open a discussion issues of bilateral relations in the field of economy and trade. Mhabbak said that Syria longs to join the Customs Union and hopes that Belarus will support this move.

If Syria joins the Customs Alliance, it's almost all over will allow it to overcome the negative consequences of one-sided sanctions imposed by Western countries against it and the puppet of the Arab League, in addition, it would open up wider horizons for cooperation between our two countries. Specifically, such a step would be a harsh slap in the face to the West, which trying to isolate not only Syria, and Russia itself.

Not only of the country lives in politics. Against the odds, she finds the strength within himself to spend and cultural events. The library name of Hafez al-Assad in Damascus was an exhibition of photos. Subject — the flag of the motherland. A huge number of photographers took part in the event. The voting for the best performance. Patriotic action was initiated in the web of the youth event and ended in the real world. It was possible to create Syrian flag in the most unusual ways. Here it is — in the hands of the Syrian malehankih girls. Here — free flying over Damascus. There are harrowing photographs — coffins covered with banners — country farewell to the heroes of patriots who gave their life for it … The best recognized photo on which fighter, defender of Syria, makes a jump. He holds a machine gun in one hand, in the other — the flag of the Motherland and as if flying in the cloudy sky anxiously. And the hunt to call this picture "The Syrian Icarus."

The cultural center of Damascus opened another exhibition — entitled "Memory of the motherland." The exhibition features paintings, photographs, books, newspapers, historical documents and other exhibits on the history of Syria against its people for their independence and freedom. The exhibition was attended by the Minister of Culture CAP Luba Mshavvah and many cultural figures. Organizer of the exhibition was the Alliance of Syrian women. Many of the guests in the interview we talk about the fact that the memory of the homeland and help overcome today's test, from which the country will only stronger.

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