Syria: reports falsehoods

There is such a blog — Its creator (let's call him Fitz) has set for itself goal: Sheer heresy to criticize and expose fakes, which he found in the political media disk imaging.


I. Lying lyrics

In This Section own blog Fitz offers a critical analysis of a number of texts on the Western press the Syrian conflict.

"Harsh repression" — the main argument of Article Phyllis Bennis "Can we stop plainclothes war in Syria?" According to the views of Fitz, the creator of articles are inclined to think that Syria — not Libya, and agrees with the views of Kofi Annan: the conflict can go beyond the country's borders. Because "normal human reaction" is "do something." Yes, the South American / NATO military intervention did not bring stability, democracy or security in Libya, and therefore do not need to do the same with respect to Syria.

Having said that, F. Bennis suddenly runs across to the "brutal repression" in Syria, which are the main refrain of her article. With all of this "opposition movement for freedom and democracy," characterized it as a "non-violent". Not enough of this peaceful movement "still rejects calls for military intervention"!

And so on, and so similar.

No, this is not an article from the past year. It is dated June 28, 2012

In his short criticality analysis of this pearl of manipulative art companion Fitz comes to the conclusion that, according to Bennis, the war would have been worse for the Syrians, but note journalist, filled with "repression" is constructed so that … justify the war. Fitz gives the following confirmation:

— The latest "brutal repression" in Syria has been 30 years since reversed;

— Bashar's support not only of the business elite and some religious minorities, but a significant portion of the people, can not be said about the opposition, which, according to the blogger, "almost does not exist among the people";

— Not hard to figure out who is responsible for every attack, according to F. Bennis, — you only need to "open your eyes";

— America, according to Bennis, would prefer to Syria "less repressive government because the latter generates the protesters on the streets, creating a threatening instability". Bennis incredibly naive, says blogger. Clinton, he says, boasts the support of the opposition, and this support causes instability;

— Etc.

The blog Fitz also dismantled a longish open letter to the organization «Human Rights Watch», dated March 20, 2012 and addressed to favorites Syrian opposition. Subject of the letter — the most that neither is relevant: human rights violations members of the armed opposition.

But worrying about the alleged violations, a popular human rights organization has increasingly criticized the Assad government, if the opposition forces. It is not good, he says — and shows through in the letter — myagenkoy opposition and shaggy look to Assad's ruthless companion: it «Human Rights Watch» more than once extensively documented and condemned widespread violations by Syrian security forces and government bureaucrats human rights. And lists the sins of government: the disappearance, torture, including fatal finale, televised confession, arrest without cause — and even the "indiscriminate shelling of neighborhoods." And so something «HRW» is asking leading opposition groups condemn such illegal methods and to try to achieve that armed opposition has prevented their use. On certain "applications" (kidnappings, torture, including members of the security services, and vengeful executions) further explains in the letter «HRW». And it concludes: "In the light of these reports, we urge you to bezotstupno publicly condemn the abduction, torture and implementation of executions by armed members of the Syrian opposition and reach the assurance that all the opposition parties are not involved in these illegal practices."

Blogger Fitz did not agree with certain letters Fri.

He did not like the fact that the opposition to the "methods" as if only mimic Assad's security officials. Then he does not agree with the fact that government forces are "indiscriminate shelling" — submitted one of the world all the media blew a few minutes later. There were no such attacks. "The detentions without cause," according to Fitz, "witty": what kind of country would let the rebels, wearing a grenade?

Speaking about the torture and murder of opposition government supporters, «HRW» strategy does not mention murder and shooting from cover, designed on purpose — to cause a fear of the government and religious violence. Human rights activists dodge followed by: "Some of the messages acquired," Human Rights Watch ", indicate that in addition to the armed groups with political motivations on behalf of the opposition from time to time act criminal gang that can perform some of these crimes." That's right, reads comrade Fitz, the myth persists, telling the rebels — a generous and peaceful agents of change.

Also a blogger do not like the fact that "Human Rights Watch" is not mentioned in his letter to the periodic videos of alleged falsification of the protests, the government's actions and activities of the rebels. (He gives examples of the video, in which the rebels are recognized in their own fraud and heresy).

The letter, according to the blogger, "varnishes" the rebels, making them "natural" (we would add: with their little peccadilloes and democratic errors). Also letter implies that in the kidnapping and extortion are responsible criminal gang operating under the guise of the rebels. After all, in an open letter intentionally omitted information that "this so-called peace opposition — Armed brigades, supported, armed and trained by the U.S., France, Turkey and some Arab countries in order to change the government. "

Comrade Fitz on his blog criticizing even the decision of the UN Security Council on Syria on March 21, 2012. (Recall adopted unanimously).

The decision states the political transition to a "democratic, pluralistic political system." But after all the Syrians, says blogger has a democratically elected their own way — in a referendum.

The fact that there is an appeal, "… to the legitimate zeal and dilemmas of the Syrian people," does not correspond to reality. Indeed, it appears that the zeal of a few hundred agitators (many of whom are not even Syrian citizens) are more important than the beliefs of millions of people.

Among the rest of the blogger does not endorse and demanding guarantees of freedom of movement throughout the country, which should be given to journalists. This is after a Libyan-journalism, approved the CIA, says Fitz, and after the employees of "Al-Jazeera" resigned because of "bias" of this channel? .. Curiously, reflects Fitz would have reacted like in America or Britain configured to pro-Iranian journalist, try to get its proper visa to arrival?

After all, someone does not like Fitz and the requirement to reverence the freedom of assembly and legally guaranteed right to peaceful demonstration. Why not to like? Yes, as a similar law is not legally guaranteed, for example, in England, Australia, or the United States. For example, in Australia, remembers blogger, all demonstrations require police permission, and the meeting of three or m
ore persons already illegal — permission can usually get only the members of the union.

Our homeland and China, according to the views of the blogger made a mistake by signing this Security Council decision.

II. Fake pictures

In This section of the blog creator knows about the Syrian photos, which he considers a fake — and the publication of which is aimed at the manipulation of consciousness and the information war with the Assad government.

Syria: reports falsehoods

For example, the newspaper «The Daily Star» July 1 has placed a note referring to "Reuters" and the photo of «BBC Online». According to the newspaper disk imaging, Syrian troops had reached the point that the fire at a funeral procession in Damascus — and a mortar. The publication refers to the statement of "opposition activists".

Syria: reports falsehoods

The same picture creator of the blog found on the website of "Reuters" — but in a report dated 13 November 2011. Here is told that at the pro-government demonstrations, security forces shot and killed four people: law enforcement officers, according to "Reuters", did not like that the four shouted slogans against Bashar al-Assad. The case occurred in Tipo Nekhel.

Syria: reports falsehoods

The blogger has found a third version of the report from the photo — from December 4, 2011 («BBC News»). And the photo is dated November 4, 2011 Here, the action is already in the Hula, and visible demonstration Syrian state flag, not the opposition version. Interestingly, when you hover the mouse cursor over the photo appears phony "hint": "The protests of demonstrators against President Bashar al-Assad in Hula, near Homs."

Another shot criticized tireless Fitz — from an English newspaper «The Telegraph». Increased piece of the image indicates that the fingers of the young men in yellow T-shirt does not embrace the flag pole, and are close with him, most likely, this hand in the original holding a balloon. This boy grins blogger must have "incredibly strong for his own age — can be such a huge flag waving, holding it in his hand outstretched absolutely …"

In other notes concerning the "negligence" of Western photographers of the blogger notes the repainting of the national flag of Syria in the opposition banner of struggle, borrowing fotoepizodov untidy and hurried them to overlay installation. For example, the mass of the Syrian opposition in the foreground shows a lady in torn jeans. "In Syria? — Surprised blogger. — Mmmm ».

Motion pictures published in the Western press, as opposed to "photographs" are a distortion of reality by changing the disk imaging: for example, a bus set on fire and black smoke chamber is removed, and then reported "a mortar attack on the city."

III. Photos that will never appear in the Western press

Comrade Fitz found on the Web and published in his blog here is a picture:

Syria: reports falsehoods

Fitz title of the note: "The Syrian rebels robbed the Christian church." Date of adding notes: June 30, 2012.

Thanks blogger source «The Daily Cheese» for verbovanie attention to the material. Naturally, says Fitz, such images do not appear in the Western media, supported by the U.S., NATO and "coalition of the willing", for example, Australia.

Full original article Paul Joseph Watson with this and other photos: (English).. Date of publication — June 27, 2012 Paul Joseph Watson — the editor and creator of the resource


Thanks to you for your work, comrades!

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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